Loose cannon at the DSWD


    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte does not suffer fools gladly.

    This evident quality in the character of the man, however, seemed to have been lost on Lorraine Marie Badoy, an assistant secretary at the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

    Obviously wanting to ingratiate herself with the President, Badoy advised Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo and Senator Antonio Trillanes 4th via a post on social media last Sunday to “form a knitting club” and “bake red velvet cupcakes” instead of criticizing Duterte 24/7, especially on the alleged extra-judicial killings under the administration.

    Robredo and Trillanes, along with now detained Senator Leila de Lima, are seen as the severest critics of the President, zeroing in on alleged summary executions in the first nine months in office of the hugely popular leader.

    Apparently saving the best low blow for last, Badoy, supposedly a “human rights advocate,” socked it to the European Union (EU), seemingly one of the most outspoken foreign impalers of the Duterte administration, also over such killings.

    Via the same social media post, the DSWD assistant secretary told members of the EU in Filipino: “Just engage in online child porn. That’s what you are all good at.”

    It looked like Badoy just incriminated herself, for how did she know that the 28-strong bloc (27, when Britain will have completed its formal exit) “engages” in child pornography and being “good at” it to boot?

    Does she study obscene stuff as a scholar or does she view it online to broaden her grasp and understanding of such a delicate subject?

    But any which way, the DSWD assistant secretary’s answers to these questions will not matter to perhaps the Federal Bureau of Investigation or Interpol whose agents may just come knocking on Badoy’s door to invite her to testify before some international keepers of the moral flame on what she knows about “child pornography” in the European Union.

    Badoy’s boss was quick to defend her subordinate, who was “just being obviously sarcastic… or making light of it [child pornography]as an important social problem that should be addressed.”

    For the information of Social Welfare Secretary Judy Taguiwalo, “sarcasm” is different from a statement of what Badoy had decided as fact that the European Union is made up of a bunch of perverts and lowlifes who deserve to be in jail for child pornography, a criminal offense.

    One definition of sarcasm is “ironically scornful language,” Miss Taguiwalo, and pay attention to “ironically.”

    The DSWD chief clearly does not know how to count, ruing that “it is unfair that [Badoy’s] personal character is being questioned because of one sarcastic sentence she wrote in her own social networking page.”

    The DSWD assistant secretary, according to Taguiwalo, “loves children and cares about their welfare, so to even imply that she trivializes the issue [of child pornography]is unfair and misleading.”

    Well, with the flak that the DSWD is getting over Badoy’s stupid and apparently baseless remarks, Taguiwalo could even say that her assistant secretary is den mother to a million orphans here and abroad.

    The DSWD secretary should apologize to the European Union, one of the biggest donors of money and goods every time the Philippines is struck by earthquake, typhoon and other natural disasters and that we would not run to them any time soon (and that’s a fact, not sarcasm).

    Badoy should resign because she is not even good at being a defender of the President.

    Also for her information, he can take on all comers, for better or worse.

    For Badoy, obviously, the road to hell that she took was paved with good intentions.

    Meanwhile, the triumvirate of Robredo, Trillanes and De Lima has just been given more ammunition by a DSWD official who completely missed her target.


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    1. Filipino’s are one way.

      If a Filipino says the EU are a bunch of child porn watchers that’s fine with them but if a foreign government says something like respect the rule of law they get cussed out and called everything under the sun by the Duterte fanatics and maybe even Duterte himself.

      Waste of time even pointing out to them that they are hypocrites.

      Ever wonder why the Philippines is the bottom of the barrel in Asia ? Nah, Me either.

      The people get the government they deserve,

    2. It was a necessary statement from Dr. Badoy to pinch EU’s inner thigh. Ouch!!!

    3. Why is EU’s middling to be respected? because the country is a beggar? but who is really pocketing EU’s alm if there is any?, the poor pilipinos has nothing to do with it, because if there is, it all sink into the thieves pockets – the defenders of EU’s spokesmen.

      Why are Trillanes, Robledo-fake vp (ask comelec to disprove it once and for all), Delima’s treasonous acts to to be respected?

      They are serving the interests of those who oppressed and bled the country, scheming with these evils to restore their strangle hold.

      And you TMT expect us pinoys to respect these sanctimonious bastards – no better than animals, fornicators, pedophiles, perverts, thieves, racketeers? Maybe because you are of same kind – billionaires club interests at work, bleeding the stupid pinoys.

    4. Edward Larubis on

      If we want to be respected by EU let us show our respect to them too even if they do not…”BUT” Please EU help us instead of disrupting us. OK???

    5. ponograpiya ng kabataan ay matagal ng nagaganap na kinasasankutang ng mga lahing ng mga bansang kasapi sa EU, may nadinig ba silang pangungutya o panghihimasok sa pilipino?

    6. Too much ado over nothing! Ms. Badoy’s statement may be the only language that the European Union can understand at this point. An exasperated way of saying ‘Enough! Stop meddling in our domestic affairs!’ If that still doesn’t do the trick, I don’t know what will. Is Ms. Badoy’s statement – which is clearly sarcasm or hyperbole – any worse than the usual fare we get from Delima, Trillianes and Robredo who are the main sources EU’s “data” on the so-called EJK?

    7. Justine Dreco on

      Very convincing demolition job here. But… It won’t work.

      My support goes to Dr. Badoy for the following reasons:
      1) Robredo, Trillanes and De Lima have been committing bigger crimes here when it comes to irresponsible international presscons.
      2) We’re in the middle of a French Revolution. Disente-speak should be drowned because vulgar speak is the only way to empower the masses.
      3) It is the EU that should be called out for their irresponsible statements. I will not assume that they are misinformed – They are too intelligent for that.
      4) EU should call out Robredo and the NY Times – Their press releases insult everyone else’s intelligence

    8. This voicing of ‘personal sentiment’, is TAME to what majority of Filipinos REALLY FEEL per pronouncements of de Lima, Trillanes and Robredo, supported by ‘MSM’ with Daily Barrages of ‘Lies and alternative realities’. Now asking for ‘her head’ by resigning? Might as well ASK Majority of Filipinos To just be OFWs and LEAVE the PHL to oligarchs who ruled over for 30 Years with NOTHING to Show as ‘accomplishments’. Perhaps take a HARD LOOK that’s going to happen on April 2 at the Luneta and WORLDWIDE where Filipino OFWs are. LISTEN ‘very hard’ to Their Message.

    9. Government officials are much better to concentrate and do their job and refrain from politics dont mind the exchange of words between the politicians. If u will do ur job and the people will appreciate it then u are helping the president to be good to the prople.

    10. Tony Batungbacal on

      Sarcasm or joke, it’s the sad reality. The Philippines and other Asian countries are favorite playground of pedophiles from Europe, US and Australia. Kudos to Lorraine Marie Badoy for expressing the truth. No need for spin nor apology.

      • If indeed the Philippines is the “favorite playground of pedophiles from Europe” then blame the local officials and politicians, both past and present, for allowing this to happen,

    11. Homer Laming on

      I agree with Lorraine Badoy. Leni (VP Cheat) Robredo and Antonio Trillanes 4th should form a knitting club and bake red velvet cupcakes. They should donate their products to the poor. Doing this could make them a little more productive for the Filipinos who are paying their big salaries and even bigger allowances. It could also keep them from being harmful to our country and our people.

      As for the EU, when they have solved child pornography which is practiced by many of their citizens then they can peek over our shoulder and ask how we are doing. In no instance should they be telling us what to do. We are a sovereign country and we shall henceforth treasure and continue to fight to preserve our independence from European and American imperialists.

    12. The timing of Dr. Badoy’s statement might not be the right one. The statement might even be unacceptable to some. but i think asking her to resign is too much. If what Delima Trillanes and Leny’s venomous statement would not even be categorized to be derogatory by the media that deserved a call for resignation in their editiorial, why a statement that was done by Dr Badoy in her personal capacity be such.