• Losing the edge when failing to brand


    Stop branding and lose the edge in the marketplace. Moreover, beyond branding, we need Superbranding if we are to stay the market.

    The savvy professional marketer has many theories to draw from in hopes of reducing the risk of failure when launching or sustaining a brand. The academe offers graduate courses that teach how to avoid failure or, at the very least, reduce risk in marketing products and services. Theories, however, do not guarantee success in the real world, which is fraught with unique problems. If that were not the case, professors would all be successful in business, with little time to teach.

    Marketers can use varied strategies based on sensitivities and considerations. These sensitivities and considerations may comprise market predicaments or changing patterns of target consumers. Nevertheless, they are all distractions, useful only to offer causes for blame.

    When, on the other hand, success and sales are the rewards reaped, many marketers become complacent. Problems result with price patterns, erratic consumer habits, distribution network faults, accounting lapses, and credit and collection; these will ultimately cause default of the brand. Consistent delivery of the product deteriorates. Complacency and overconfidence inhibit delivery of the promise to consumers, causing the brand to suffer.

    Losing the consistent delivery of the brand promise for whatever reason will make the brand lose its edge. The better strategy is always to brand and to focus on maintaining strategic objectives. Branding, after all, is simply the consistent delivery of the brand promise, thereby generating integrity in the marketplace, which consequently makes the brand.

    The consistent delivery of the brand promise requires all techniques to be deployed across the board, be it for distribution, pricing or packaging. The brand promise is the sustaining factor that maintains the successful elements that create the product or service. In the end, it is all about the integrity the brand needs to consistently deliver on the promise. There is no room for neglect, regardless of reason. Consistency is the key.

    Many times, considerations may come into play, but in branding there is no room for inefficiency or fault. In a changing world where change is the only constant, there will always be modifications and upgrades. But the brand promise must always be delivered.


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