‘Lost In Space’ returns, revamped on Netflix



At the outset, I wasn’t too eager to watch the screeners for the new “Lost In Space.” From the trailers and shared stills, this seemed so sleek, sexy and serious—without the camp of the original series, which ran some 50 plus years ago. I remember watching the reruns and loving that conniving villain, Dr. Zachary Smith, played by Jonathan Harris who was unforgettable.

I wanted all the camp and the humor I was attached to.

But since I had a few friends (whose opinions value) excited by the trailer, I gave it a spin. My first impression is—this makes for great family viewing. You know, for those rare moments when you have them together in the living room or on the bed and you’ve got a nice big screen and snacks.

It’s 2046 and due to all sorts of horrible things human beings have been doing to the world and to the environment—a select group teams and families are able to leave planet Earth and explore the possibilities of finding a better home elsewhere in the universe.

Some moms have the busiest days, like Maureen Robinson keeping her family out of danger

Toby Stephens (“Die Another Day” villain and Captain Flint in “Black Sails”) is expedition commander John Robinson. He and his family—wife and engineer Maureen (House of Card’s Molly Parker), children Judy, Penny and Will are on a ‘Jupiter pod’ that crash lands on a seemingly inhabitable planet.

This is where the adventure and drama begins for ‘Space Family Robinson.’

Apart from assembling a convincing cast, the there’s noticeably great care that went into the production design. The costumes look great as well as the ships. The “Robot” I was so fond of in the original series is here too, but with a radically different look. The Verge’s Megan Farokmanesh describes it best: “heavy metal Demogorgon.”

Yes, ‘The Robot’ is back but not quite how you remember it

“Lost In Space” comes off a little bit as Ridley Scott’s 2015 film “The Martian” and ABC’s series “Lost.” I don’t want to give away too much beyond the basics, as this is a show that likes to present surprises here and there. There’s a lot of actionat the outset—which of course wouldn’t be entirely possible without characters making some rash and not so smart decisions. But where would these types of stories be without a series of wrong calls to get out heroes (and villains) in trouble?

Incidentally 90’s indie favorite, Parker Posey, in on board as this incarnation’s duplicitous “Dr. Smith,”—you can never let your guard down with her. “Danger, Will Robinson!”

The 10 episodes of Netflix’s Lost in Space rolls out on Friday, April 13.


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