• The lost power of ‘we’ and the bully Jim Paredes



    THE EDSA affair held at the people power monument last Saturday, February 25, dubbed as the “power of we,” hoped to become a massive protest against the return of authoritarianism.

    But if there is one defining moment that went viral, it was when Jim Paredes led the bullying of a small group of pro-Duterte protesters. Caught on video, the incident became a powerful representation of the kind of people that keep hanging on to celebrate the grand memories of EDSA.

    And the images are not that encouraging at all.

    Jim Paredes embodied the anger and frustration of many in his cohort, wondering how it could have come to this. How EDSA, which they would like to paint as a revolution which snatched the Filipino people away from a dictatorship, and which they imagine as a moment where democracy was supposed to have been restored, could be treated like this.

    Jim Paredes was perhaps enraged by the assault by the enemy, the pro-Duterte demonstrators, on their territory, on sacred, hallowed ground which they staked out to wage their continuing war against the Marcoses.

    On one hand, the rally at the People Power Monument remained dominated by an anti-Marcos sentiment. Reliving the demons of Marcos was the prevalent theme in the placards, banners and streamers that were seen held and paraded by the participants. The theme of opposing a return to authoritarianism was targeting not only President Rodrigo Duterte, but also ex-senator Bongbong Marcos. For many people in the rally, the President was reduced to an instrument of this grand conspiracy to restore the Marcoses to power, and that he is nothing but an inhabitant of a Marcosian template—oppressive, authoritarian, a human rights violator.

    On the other hand, there was the sense of entitlement. That this is their EDSA, and that this piece of ground was theirs to claim. Paredes saw the presence of the pro-Duterte demonstrators, armed with nothing except their clenched fists, as an assault on such entitlement.

    For Paredes, the daring show of support to the President, whom they demonize as allied with the devil Marcos himself, was an unforgivable assault on the purity of their celebration. He forgot that days before, he posted in social media a shout-out insinuating that anyone regardless of political color would be welcome to join them,

    But no one should be fooled. The EDSA of Paredes is an exclusive one. After all, it was all subliminally captured in the theme of the rally, “the power of we.” “We” which implies that there is a “you,” the “other,” a different being which in Paredes’ jaundiced lens are those who would see history differently from him, and would like to place their burdens and sufferings no longer in the hands of the political patrons of Paredes.

    To Paredes, and the angry voices he whipped up from his ranks, pushing, shoving and shouting at the silently defiant, but brave and daring pro-Duterte supporters, the “power of we” would exclude many of us.

    It is a privileged, elite, exclusive “we.” It is “we” as “kami” and not as “tayo.”

    This type of “we” is the kind that led to divisions, and even oppression and human rights violations. It is a “we” that demeans those not included.

    Jim Paredes and his “power of we” would like us to believe that they are at the forefront of fighting for democracy, and against the return to authoritarianism.

    Yet they showed an utter disrespect towards democracy, and exhibited their authoritarian streak, when they denied voices of dissent a space to be articulated. They attacked and assaulted those voices.

    Paredes and his “power of we” keeps on reminding us of the horrors of human rights abuses, of how Ferdinand Marcos Sr. trampled upon the human rights of those who dissented, and of how President Rodrigo Duterte turned Marcosian and unleashed the forces of the state to extra-judicially kill drug addicts and unlawfully imprison critics like Leila de Lima.

    Yet they showed an inability to respect a fundamental human right, the right to speak and to peacefully assemble. Instead, they pushed, shoved and shouted at those who wanted to exercise that right.

    In the end, Paredes and his band of bullies have damaged the cause they are fighting for. In their desperation, they became careless. They were angry and frustrated. Leila de Lima is in jail. Ferdinand Marcos is now buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, while the Supreme Court sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal took cognizance of Bongbong’s electoral protest.

    It is indeed painful to see that despite the demonization efforts that they waged against the President, all they could muster was a crowd of 2,000. This, even as the crowd at the Rizal Park in support of the President they label as a Marcos incarnate reached a peak of 215,000.

    The power of we lost its power. And Jim Paredes made the loss even more painful.


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    1. Sorry to dampen anyone’s spirits; but the “EDSA Revolution” was in place long before it happened. For those who think that it happened at the spur of the moment, YOU’RE DEAD WRONG.” Read the world news during that time and you will understand who and why Marcos was given up by the US. There were only a handful of people who gathered at EDSA at that time but they created such a huge traffic snarl, that the motorists could not do anything but get out of their cars to watch in dismay what was really happening. 95% of the people in EDSA that time ware unwilling spectators who really wanted to go home to their families. I DON’T think Jim Paredes was even there during that time.

    2. Antonio B. Cuevas on

      Jim Paredes is a traitor is a non-Filipino.

      He and his family migrated to Australia and became Australians.

      He should be jailed for at least a month.

      Then, he should be deported as an undesirable alien (persona non grata)

    3. Jim Paredes, from country club school entertainer in his youth to delusional and cranky old defender of the hepatitic, exploitative, and oligarchic elite. Keep at it and make a bigger spectacle of yourself and your kind.

    4. matagal na panahon nagpasarap sa
      pwesto mga corrupt, ngaun may presidente na may malasakit sa bansa at nakikinig sa mga taong bayan pag may sinabi c DU30 with action talaga hindi pakitang tao lang and may concern sya sa kabataan ayaw nya malulong sa drugs, …….pabigyan nyo na kami na umangat ang bansa lalo na un moral natin…. panahon na magkaroon tayo disiplina at malasakit sa bansa at kapwa pilipino….stop na paninira sa pres…stop na kau dilawan#crabmentality…..

    5. aladin g. villacorte on

      “Sino ang gusto n’yo isunod?”
This was what Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II asked the crowd of President Rodrigo Duterte supporters at the Quirino Grandstand in Rizal Park on Saturday afternoon. The crowd shouted back: “Trillanes!” The smiling justice secretary then told the crowd: “Oh tulungan ninyo ako ha.” This is the reality of Philippine politics. A politics of personal vengeance.

      The Duterte Youth should not have been there at EDSA in the first place. They knew the Duterte group had their own rally at Rizal Park. They were inviting trouble, nay, creating trouble themselves. What did they expect would happen – picture the scenario? A rally was in full swing, participants were in a celebratory mood, with prayers and songs co-mingling as they recalled the drama of the people power revolution. Without any warning the Duterte Youth descended on the scene bearing placards with chants of their own. The atmosphere quickly changed from joyful celebration to a tense confrontation.
      The dilemma of news writers and columnists – society’s chroniclers, is that they are the mirror of the society which they observe and write about. Their views and opinion are as varied and similarly opinionated, diverse and divided, as the general public.

      • Regardless of their intentions (Duterte youth) Jim should have tried to remember what it was they fought for, so that everyone could be free to participate in the society.

        Although I agree that as columnists they are not immune to partisanship. Yours is the most sound of all the comments that I’ve read.

      • LeniIsAYellowHoar on

        Personal vengeance! Everyone saw Trillanes raised a coup de etat. And he was released by the Yellow Administration, mocking not just due process but the Law of the Land itself..

        There is a reason why the DU30 crowd thinks that Trillanes should be returned to jail. It’s called RULE OF LAW!

        Aguirre is right! Trillanes should be returned to jail because it was a work of political partisanship that allowed him to escape the Rule of Law!

      • Who should you think be in EDSA? does anybody owns EDSA? Pilipinos have the right to express wherever they maybe! Freedom of Expression! do you think bullying a Pilipino expressing their right to express is reasonable?

    6. We have been fooled all along not once but many times all in the name of the people and democracy. I was never a believer of EDSA 1986. It was not a People’s Power Revolt but the usurpation of power by a hungry political elite dislodged during the time of F. Marcos.

      Jim Parades is an epitome of a nationalistic dreamer who feels pain and hunger in the confines of his comfortable home with a full stomach. He gets inspiration writing music by empathizing with the weak and the felt love of our country without sacrifice or real service. Nationalism and patriotism is not just about singing songs for a free concert. And he, of all people, cannot lay claim to be more patriotic than that young men who stood their ground quietly trying to understand what he is crying about. The whole scene was funny. This guy lost his marbles.

      • In the name of King – bow you subjects. In the name of the people – articulation of hypocrites. People’s power revolt? Why not human shields? It was re-written the Edsa revolution of 1986 and not exactly the Camp Crame resistance of 1986.

        Usurpation of the people’s government by political elites were their means to an end. Antipathy at old tyrant replaced by covetous tyrants. Whereas in democracy the secret of tyranny is keeping us ignorant.

        Misfit populations were destined to be taken advantage of failed and born losers.
        The sovereign people have been fooled all along not once but many times “in the name of the people.” For too long but not anymore you M and significant silent others.

    7. Baka may trademark ang EDSA Revolution to an exclusive clique such as Paredes’s =)

    8. Mga mayayaman, try nyo tumira sa squaters area or kahit maglakad lang kayo. Hindi nyo kasi nakakasalamuha ang mga adik kaya ang dali lang magsalita na kawawa sila hinuhuli at pinapatay. “Lumabas kayo sa magagandang bahay nyo sa exclusive subdivisions at try nyo maglakad sa kalye na puro adik. Tingnan lang natin.” Karamihan saaming mga mahihirap ay mas gustong kinakalaban ng gobryerno ang droga, mas nararamdaman namin na safe kami kahit papaano at alam namin na galit ang ating presidente sa droga.
      Madali sa inyong magsalita kasi hindi nyo nararanasan. Try nyo po muna kasi para malaman nyo kung bakit mas sinusuportahan namin ang presidente kaysa sa mga drug adicts.

    9. EDSA people power was once used to topple Marcos but cannot be recycled to just destabilize a duly elected leader like PRRD. The people have spoken , just take a look at the aerial shots of the crowd both at Luneta & EDSA and judge for yourself.

    10. I did not vote for Tatay Digong. But I am an avid and loyal supporter of our duly elected president. Why? Because of his successful war on drugs. I believe when he said that “katahimikan, kapayapaan, kaunlaran, at kasaganaan” will follow if there is peace in our country. ??????

    11. God the issue is all about jim paredes and pro duterte youth. Why come up with a lot of things besides that. Lols.

    12. In his tweet Jim Paredes likened himself to Jesus, the EDSA shrine to the house of God and the mere presence of the DY a sacrilege.

      Yet who are the money traders that Jesus kicked out for desecrating his Father’s house? Certainly not the DY but the Yellow Cardinals who run the Church as a political party and a business.

      Be thankful Jesus was not physically there Jim Paredes, he would have kicked your ass too.

    13. Patrick M. Gonzalez on

      To Nestor

      1. Hindi ako galing sa kampo ni Noynoy

      2. Tama lahat ng sinabi mo na ginawa ni Noynoy

      3. Pero you are missing the point at wala kang sagot sa tanong ko , hindi rason na 8 buwan pa lang sya sa office

      4. Ipinangako nga nya na wala ang droga ng 6 na buwan

      5. Sabi nya tanggal contractualization

      6. Anong economic measures ang nagawa na kahit pinasimulan para makatulong sa naghihirap?

      7. Hindi porke critical kay Digong, ay kampi kay Noynoy

      8. Pareho silang may dapat gawin na di magawa na pinangako nila

    14. Patrick M. Gonzalez on

      To Bilat,

      1. Intelligence reports from PDEA , PNP and DARE are contradicting each other. I have read them too and they are not consistent with what Digong is saying. Digong also seem to confuse his numbers every time he makes speeches.

      2. Manny Pinols is not a reliable source of facts because he is not an official agency tasked with scientific measurement skills to know basic info on drugs.

      3. PTV and UNTV are all government mouthpieces and expected to give government press releases. As for mainstream media, there are obvious biases too

      4. Ito ang gusto ko malaman mo, Digong ay gumagamit ng mga data na walang scientific basis at ito ay ginagawang dahilan para magpapatay ng mga inosenteng tao.

      5. Dapat may data galing sa Dept of Health at sinasabi kung totoo ngang may 4 na million na drug addict.

      6. Dapat may data galing sa DILG at sinasabi na ang mga nag surrender ay talagang mga salot ng lipunan o mga inosenteng biktima lang.

      7. Dapat may data from the academic community kung talagang validated ba na pag addict , masama na o dapat na lang basta sisihin ng lipunan.

      8. Ikaw ba ay maniniwala kay Digong na talagang talamak ang droga eh wala naman totoong basehan syang maipakita kungdi ang sabi lang nya?

      • @Patrick
        Try to go around before in the middle of the night especially in the squatters areas and you will know the answers. If you are looking for reason and evidences why not ask each Barangay Officials because they know everything in their locality . that is the data you are asking for that was given to DU30 …. common sense dictates … i think you don’t know this because you are living in your comfort zone and know nothing outside of it. Comments made base on what you read from others and not from actual happenings on the ground is of no value. Only in the category of rumor mongering is your comments made of. Research first and think before you write because you are making non sense out of it. FYI i am no Dutertard but a patriotic Filipino only.

    15. Ang hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit nagpupumilit itong mga YELLOWS na ipagsigawan na PEOPLE POWER yon nangyari sa 1986. Hindi nila matangap na ito ay umaayon lang sa SCRIP na ginawa sa WASHINGTON. Sa katunayan nagpadala ang US ng malaking pwersa ng kanyang sandatahan lakas na inilagay iya sa CLARK AIRBASE at ito ay handang lumaban kung ang hukbo ni Marcos ay lalabanan ang mga MUTINEERS na nasa kampo crame at aguinaldo. Ang mga barkong pandigma nila ay makikita mo rin sa Manila Bay. Sa umpisa pa lang ay alam na ni Marcos ito kaya ayaw niyang patulan yon mga Mutineers. Kung ginawa niya iyon, sana para tayong Syria na maraming nasawi at nasugatan at nagkalansag lansag ang infrastractura. Hindi man lamang nakipagusap si Marcos kay Cory o Enrile at Ramos noon mga araw na iyon, bagkos ang kausap niya ay mga tao sa State Department ng Washington, Alam nila Cory at Sin ito.

      Kaya kung sasabihin niton mga YELLOW na kagustuhan ng tao na ibasura si Marcos, ito ay malaking pagkakamali. Hindi pa nag iinit ang puwet ni Cory sa pag upo sa Malacanang ay binulabog na siya ng sunod-sunod na COUP DE ETAT. Dito ay wala man lamang mga civilian na lumabas na dapat ipagtangol siya. Nasaan yon sinasabi nilang PEOPLE? kung hindi pa tumulong ng dalawang beses ang US Military, TIGOK na sana agad ang pamahalaan Cory at hindi inabot ng isang taon.

    16. ETernal Damnation on Duterte , Marcos ,& cohorts ! and their family, generation & supporters! for propagating the culture of death , violence & impunity ! All works & instuments of satan! EVIL OUT! GOd bless, help , save our dear Philippines & defeat the works of satan .Our dearest Blessed Mother Mama Mary , we beg, please pray & protect us !

    17. “Look at me! Look at me! Duwag!”

      Seems like the EDSA I know is gone. Now it’s just “A Few Angry Men”. posted by Vincent R. Poson

      Yan ang tunay na ADDICT

      ANGRY to regain power back. They’ve gotten a taste of it (Power) more than once, so they’re not able to give it up and lust for more and more.

      POWER is the greatest pleasure on this Earth
      Elected leaders w/ their supporters are literally ADDICTED TO POWER.

      “Power, like any other addictive substance gives a person a high which one enjoys irrespective of any other things/rules/regulations/morality deterring it otherwise. It, in itself makes the person believe that he/she is right in doing whatever he/she wishes and is convinced that its the others’ moral right to follow the power-holder’s demands. This feeling that I cannot be wrong and even if I may be wrong no one can accuse me of it is the biggest addictive factor making people crave for it and protect it from others.

      All other drugs and addictive substances do their job by providing the user an illusion of POWER.

      • power is very addicting. i guess that’s why the most powerful people right now are taking power from those we thought as powerful.

        tayong mga mamamayan ang kawawa dahil hindi naman naibabahagi sa atin nang maayos ang kapangyarihan. pinag-aaway-awayan lang nila ang bagay na hinding hindi mapapasaatin.

    18. Gusto kasi ni Jimboy na manalo si Roxas dati,,,, dream siguro maging NATIONAL ARTIST.
      Eh natalo si Roxas,,, bigong bigong pangarap. Jimboy Takbo ka sa Election… sikat ka naman eh. RUN FOR SENATOR JIMBOY! IKAW NA MAGALING!

    19. Ester Paredes was part of a Light a Fire Movement. that terrorist group was responsible in a series of bombings in Metro Manila in the early 1980’s. the bombings caused the death of an American woman tourists, serious injuries to people and the amputation of singer Noynoy Zuniga’s leg. and the relatives of the members of Light-a-Fire Movement still wondered why police authorities arrested and imprisoned the members of the group, as if it’s the government that committed wrong doings.

    20. sinasalamin ni paredes ang mukha ng mga dilawan na kinabibilangan ni ex-pinoy, vp robredo, sen. drilon, hontiveros, aquino, trillanes, pangilinan at ang nakakulong na si sen. leila de lima…
      sila’y isang pangkat na dapat ay maglaho na sa eksena ng pulitika dito sa ating bansa dahil ang kanilang panahon ay tapos na. binabalikan na sila ng mga kabulastugang pinag gagawa nila nung sila’y nasa puwesto.

      • Lea Hetherington on

        Elliot, these dilawan people have to be alive to balance the ecosystem of the good population of the country. Opposing side will always be there, but it can be neutralize by making them aware that you as a good person exist. Surely they will meet their day in due time, so keep on stay tune of the event.

    21. The earlier everyone realized that EDSA was a fluke, the better and esier for all of us to move on! This is an eye openner for the Yellows and those Cardinals who still believe that they are God sent to the Filipinos!

      • benj, me thinks that we filipinos should remove from our memories the surnames aquino and marcos. for the last 31 years, these 2 families or surnames have been the cause of so much division in this country. let them live their own lives and we, the filipinos, should live our own lives without considering them. let us exorcise their names in our minds, for our own good.

    22. Curiously, for a very rabid anti-Marcos personality, his name does not figure in the anti-Marcos rallies and movements during and after Martial law. And APO Hiking Society was at the height of popularity during this period. Yet, oddly, there is not one song with a radical or subversive theme.

      It is the mother, Ester Jimenez, who fought Marcos. She was part of the Light-A-Fire Movement, said to be responsible for the bombings in Metro Manila in the early 80s which claimed as one of the victims a fellow singer, Nonoy Zuñiga. She was arrested along with Eduardo Olaguer and Gaston Ortigas and sentenced to death in 1984. Luckily for her, she was later released by President Cory Aquino.

    23. If I was the Duterte Youth na sinisigawan ni Paredes ng “Look at me” ang isasagot ko:
      Tatang, di ako tumitingin sa mga laos at has been. Yun lang. Tapos ang argumento.

    24. Jim Paredes thought that his taunting the Duterte Youth will result to one of the Youth losing his cool and beating him to pieces. Tapos sasabihin nya na thugs lang lahat ang mga Duterte Youth unlike yung mga kasama nyang mga students ng Ateneo, Miriam at St Scho. Kaya lang matindi ang pasensya ng walo kaya ang nagmukhang tanga, si Paredes. Somebody should tell Jim to stop making himself relevant with the times, Napakapathetic nya. Laos na sya. Laos na yung mga kasama nya. TAMA NA. SOBRA NA. NASUSUKA NA ANG BAYAN SA INYO.

    25. This is what Ateneo teaches: that anyone below your economic and social standing should be kept in their place, even if they have more abilities, and better morality.

    26. Sancho Alconce on

      I never liked Jim Paredes as an entertainer from the start. First their trio named themselves Apolinario Mabini Hiking Society a reference to one of our national heroes that is so demeaning, insulting and sacriligeously disrespectful ? It sure looks like he looks down as what the friars and caciques of old look down on people who dont share their beliefs because of their being indios?

    27. Patrick M. Gonzalez on

      Mr Contreras, mali si Jim Paredes. No arguments there.

      May gusto lang ako sabihin about Duterte;

      1. Saan ba galing ang figures nya about the seriousness of the drug problem? he is always using data that 4million addicts , 90% of the barangay drug infested, 700k surrenderees, ano ba ang mga ito? Hindi kasi logical ang mga figures na ito, walang scientific validation from accepted agencies relating these infos to a nationwide menace of drugs that Duterte is always trying to paint. Ito kasi ang ginagawa nya laging basis sa war on drugs but no scientific correlation , sana maibigay mo or point us to somebody with scientific explanation kung talaga bang serious problem ang drugs. Madami kasi ang pinatay based on these assumptions na laging justification ni Presidente.

      2. Ano ba ang concrete achievements ng Duterte administration in improving the Philippines economic figures, like job creation, and reduction of poverty? Kahit start up na program , meron ba?

      Kindly. TY


      • Well 8 buwan pa lang ang current admin.

        Ang presidente mo ngang si Noynoy, sa six years ano achievement nya?
        Tanggalan ng plaka lahat ng sasakyan?
        Gawing papel lahat ng lisensya ng mga driver?
        Sirain ang mga tren? Ang ibribe ang mga senador para tanggalin si Corona?
        Ang hayaang mamatay ang SAF 44?
        Tama ka, di kaya ng sikmura ni Duterte ang achievements ng idolo ninyo.

      • easy.

        1. ) ever head of intelligence report? from combined efforts of PDEA Agents, PNP, and other reports?

        2. ) stop watching ABS-CBN, GMA and other mainstream media. start watching PTV news and UNTV. you’ll get more answer from those news channels. you could also you google, google is your friend. let me give you a good example. search and read MannyPiñol in FB and read some of his articles.

        you’re welcome.

      • ang mga namatay ay mga kriminal na papatay syo pag nabuhay sila..dapat nga nagpapasalamat ka pa at buhay ka pa..pero dibale babalik naman yung war on drugs anytime soon…malamang mayayari ka na nun

      • O’nga pansin ko mas maraming fake news sa mainstream media, sa kanila and balita ay negosyo, lagi silang bayaran para i-media spin pabor sa mega rich oligarchs.

        Nasaan ang ipin ng batas laban sa fake news sa broadcast media?

    28. Only 2,000 in the EDSA rally? Other newspapers say it was 10,000. Which is true? Thanks. Someone must write, a comprison and contrast of the EDSA and RIZAL PARK gatherings.
      Mabuhay si Pres. Duterte!!!
      By the way, isn’t there a correlative message behind the “100M bribe” and the “L sign” (Cory’s Laban sign) flashed by de Lima while the van was whisking her away from the Mandaluyong RTC, and the “exclusivity” of the EDSA crowd? Was there really an intended People Power re-staging like that one in 1986? There’s a need to subtly investigate this strategy by the yellows.

    29. How do you think the administration was able to muster the 215,000 people to go? Same way Marcos did during his days. bus these people and pay them? At least the 2,000 people in EDSA went out of their free will and not that they were paid to do so. I agree, though, that Jim Paredes should have not bullied the Duterte supporters.

      • Nigel of Makati on

        Those 215K people in Luneta came using their own money. Sobra ka naman manlait sa mga taong pumunta dun. Di mo ba alam na nung nangangampanya si Pres. Duterte yung mga tao mismo, gamit ang sariling pera nila nagpapaprint ng Duterte t-shirts, namimigay ng pagkain at tubig. Kaya wag mo sabihin na bayaran ang lahat ng pumunta dun. They did it to show support to the President. Remember 16M ang bomoto sa kanya, marami kami at may pera kami, di kami nagpapabayad.

      • it’s the other way around, your cohorts ( LP ) are the ones paying the hakot crowd.. those in Luneta came on their own.. have you seen the aftermath? the EDSA rally let the MMDA clean their mess while in Luneta, the ones that came did it voluntarily…

      • And i will ask you “TITANONS” the same question, how the Yellows paid the 2,000 people who attended your so called “EDSA Revolution”?

        Oohh by the way, I am part of the 215,000 people who went to Luneta to show my full support to the President, and not a single centavo was given to me.

        Tsk Tsk Tsk. Admit it, EDSA People Power is a mastered covered up for ongoing coup de tat during those time.

        Move on Man.

      • so you think those 215,000 supporters were payed and those 2000 were not? wow Double Standards as its finest. so LP of you..

      • Blessilda Villo on

        Sorry but from the very beginning Duterte did not pay for people to support him. All came voluntarily and spent their own money to help Duterte win. Are you blind? Are you deaf? I guess so???

      • do you really think that the opposition did not pay those their supporters in EDSA? those people in Luneta came to support the president and his campaign in illegal drugs because they have the first hand experience what it feels like when you have drug addict in your area and now we feel much safer than the previous years with the past admins.

      • There was not even any official gov’t memo calling on gov’t employees to attend the Luneta rally.

        The previous administration under Abnoy resorted to such SO (special orders) to compel attendance, they used the gov’t employees like so many movie extras who collect meals meal/travel allowance and paid OB (official business) compensation including OT (overtime).

    30. If anything the viral video simply proved that Jim Paredes is nothing but a certified coward. I will not want to be seen in public with that disgrace.