Louise de Los Reyes, Juancho Triviño team up on ‘Wagas’

Janice Lagman and Japoy Lizardo

Janice Lagman and Japoy Lizardo

GMA 7 talents Louise de Los Reyes and Juancho Triviño top bill this Saturday’s episode of Wagas featuring the love story of newly wed couple Japoy Lizardo at Janice Lagman.

Japoy is one of the famous tae kwon do champions in the country. The sport also became the means for Japoy and Janice’s friendship to develop into love.

The two met in 2000. Japoy was already a tae kwon do champion then, while Janice was just starting to learn the sport. A competition in Korea will create a spark between them and after 12 years of being friends, Japoy and Janice found themselves falling for each other.

Juancho Triviño and Louise de Los Reyes

Juancho Triviño and Louise de Los Reyes

One of the many things that challenged their relationship was when Japoy was disqualified from the World Championship due to a major injury. In spite of everything, Japoy would find strength in Janice, who would whole-heartedly take care of him.

According to Japoy, he already knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Janice the very first time he told him he love her. And last May 8, the two tae kwon do players exchange vows in Tagaytay City as husband and wife.

Watch Louise and Juancho as Japoy and Janice on Wagas on June 4, 7 p.m. on GMA News TV.


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