‘Love affair led to corruption’

    THE REAL RONNIE Photo from a The Manila Times source shows the real Ronnie Palisoc Dayan (right), standing beside his former boss at the Justice department, now Sen. Leila de Lima.

    THE REAL RONNIE Photo from a The Manila Times source shows the real Ronnie Palisoc Dayan (right), standing beside his former boss at the Justice department, now Sen. Leila de Lima.

    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte is in possession of wiretaps and ATM records showing that the former driver-bodyguard of Sen. Leila de Lima transacted with drug syndicates at the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa when she was Justice secretary.

    Duterte made the revelation in a news conference at 1 a.m. in Davao City on Sunday, where he addressed criticisms, including from his relatives abroad, over his public exposure of de Lima’s alleged affair with the driver-bodyguard, identified as Ronnie Palisoc Dayan.

    Duterte claimed the driver-bodyguard, whom he alleged had collected money from drug traders for de Lima’s senatorial campaign, could not have acted without her knowledge. The two were intimate, he said, based on recordings of their “lovers’ talk” over the phone.

    “What is really crucial here is that because of her [romantic]relationship with her driver which I termed ‘immoral’ because the driver has a family and wife, that connection gave rise to the corruption of what was happening inside the national penitentiary. That is why the inmates had special privileges,” he said.

    “All of this could have only happened if there was a go-signal from the head of the department, which is the secretary,” the President told reporters.

    Duterte said a foreign country, which he did not name, provided the wiretaps. “Even the ATM (automated teller machine) and the calls emanating from Muntinlupa to her driver,” he said.

    The President admitted that the recordings were inadmissible as evidence in court, but said he would confront de Lima with these if given the chance.

    EXPOSED Leila de Lima, then secretary of Justice, is surrounded by her bodyguards during an outing in a Batangas resort.

    EXPOSED Leila de Lima, then secretary of Justice, is surrounded by her bodyguards during an outing in a Batangas resort.

    “De Lima, I was listening to you. If she would face me, the two of us, I would tell her: ‘Explain to me your immorality and explain to me your connection to the drug deal,’” Duterte added.

    De Lima has admitted to being close to her former driver, but denied that she tolerated illegal drug trade and pocketed money from drug syndicates. The senator even said she was wiling to resign from her post and be shot in front of the President if there was authentic evidence against her.

    The lawmaker has called on the President to spare her former driver-bodyguard from personal attacks, saying he had gone into hiding because of threats to his life since Duterte assumed the presidency.

    The President would have none of de Lima’s pleas.

    “As the President, I got this information … as a privilege. But I am not required to prove it in court. That is somebody else’s business. My job is to protect public interest. She’s lying through her teeth,” he said.

    Instead of appealing for her former driver-bodyguard, the President urged the senator to reveal her former employee’s sources of funds for the construction of a house in Urbiztondo, Pangasinan.

    “Afraid to just tell the truth, or maybe afraid to just tell a lie? Which is which? He should tell the truth, expose everything. If he lies, he will go to jail. What is he afraid of? Tell me, where did your driver get the money to build such a good house? Can you show me their income? What is their business?” Duterte asked.

    “Senator de Lima was there [in Urbiztondo]so many times. First during the house blessings, and on weekends you’re with your driver. Everybody knows,” Duterte added.


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    1. There is an accusation about drug kay De lima then tell it but not to point where you have to post a revealing picture! even though she is a public figure she is also entitled to right of privacy.

      We all know that news is one way of educating people and influencing their opinion.

      nakakahiya pa kasi may daily subscription school namin sainyo, isipin mo students and professors saw that.

      FYI hindi ko pinagtatanggol si De Lima about sa drug accusations sa kanya, ang sinasabi ko lang, kailangan ba na dumating sa point na ganito? is it ethical? does the picture degraded the person?

      Is it the same sa tabloid?

      • Grace, connected yan picture in a just and fair reporting. Later on more pieces of information will connect the dots.

    2. We all know the type of person Pres. Duterte is. If he had rock solid evidence on Delima, he would not be tiptoeing around the issue and extending it to this magnitude. He likes being right. So to distract everyone, now we have a “love affair” which although interesting is NOT a crime. So Mr. President, since you obviously don’t have evidence to back your claims, what’s next? Maybe you have information on Delima’s housemaid?

    3. Ashley V King on

      Duterte, You are a breath of fresh air, in an otherwise stinking world of authority and corruption. I delight in the fact that you are the president and hope that you life in office will be long and well rewarded. You are indeed a man of the people, for the people.

    4. “The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.”
      Mother Teresa


      de Lima thinks she’s so smart in asking the President to let her lover alone from the investigation. Dayan is the key witness to the investigation to prove de Lima’s corruption. If Dayan is let alone, the government’s star witness against de Lima will not be able to bare the truth. Dayan must be found, protected and testify in court to prove innocence or guilt of de Lima in alleged connection to the drug trade in the country. Finally the arrogant and powerful is humbled and will be brought to justice and face the penalty for their crimes. de Lima is one of them and more will follow as the President seeks to clean the government of corrupt officials. This time it’s for real compared to the fake promises made by PNoy to clean the government of corruption. PNoy planned and persecuted his political and personal enemies using the powers of the government. When will he get his due? We’ll see.

    6. cynthia estrada on

      Death to the TROLLS! Duterte resign. Haul Duterte to the international justice court for genocide!

      • Are you crazy? You don’t know what genocide means? You must be the one be victimized by your loved drug addicts, pushers and druglords and not the innocent people! You are one of the TROLLS that must be erased from this world as you have said!

    7. She looks like a gnome. Lol. I think she has to face thenprobe to get this over and done with. I think Filipinos has enough of this scandal???

    8. I just wonder what the manila times reporters would have said had aquino used illegal wire taps on arroyo & others. Now i know many of you will hate delima for being an adulterer, well we in the west accpt that as its quite a normal thing but there is something going on here. If delima is involved in any way with the drugs trade she should go to jail. What i would like to see is the bank secrecy law repealed & be retrospective so all past accounts would be available for scrutiny by independent sources. You would instantly find many on the take for the Philippines.But im thinking duerte wont do that & so i wonder if he may have something to hide also.

    9. Wow, if there news is true, this bitch is a shameless whore. I would be ashamed to be the children of this bitch, not only is she a whore but drug queen too.

    10. so, de Lima’s raid of National Bilibid Prison to confiscate drugs, guns, cellfone, etc is all a show, a charade.
      It’s a charade, so that when de Lima is confronted and accused of doing nothing against all illegal activities inside the prison, she could counter and defend herself that how could she be accused of being involved when she ordered the raids and confiscation of illegal drugs and termination of giving special privileges to moneyed prisoners.

    11. inggit lang ako on

      Money was definitely involved in the relationship of De Lima and Dayan because by looking at their pictures, it tells everything. De Lima is old, fat, ugly, grouchy bag and the only way she can attract Dayan or anybody to have sex with her is by giving out lots of money. However, the funds she has been giving to his driver came from different source, and eventually, she will explain to the Filipino people, or to be more specific, in the court of law.

    12. The saying goes, “illicit love affair is like drugs; it is addicting”. It’s all about drugs. Most of the corruptions are related to China’s cheap produce; Meth. They don’t sell it in Hong Kong or Macau. They thought, “There’s more fun in the Philippines”.

      • Just goes to show misty Philippine officials in government are corrupt in every manner. What a messed up society.

    13. Thank you manila times for being fair. I always read the opinion page. Your columnists are highly intelligent and are statesmen. Mabuhay po kayo manila times.

    14. Leila must be shocked to realize that she is now facing the greatest battle of her professional career. It is not about reputation and dignity issues or the fear of besmirching it. It is how to redeem herself from being tagged as an illegal drug protector through her sweet lover.

    15. As president Duterte do not talk without probable cause remember he is a prosecutor.He must have a pool of facts and evidences before exposing.He is a mean no nonsense president,let us support the changes of our society and country.

    16. Sa tingin namin ang kumakampi kay De-5 ay yong lang mga Adulterer (men or women) na gaya niya.

      Sa mga panayam sa kanya, itinatanggi niya na hindi siya connected sa mga Dorogista sa Bilibid, pero ang sweet lover niya ay parang pinoprotektahan at nag hingi siya na “HUWAG GALAWIN at huwag dakipin kung walang Warrant of Arrest”.

      Anong ibig sabihin yan? At ano ang ikinatatakot ni LieLa DeLima? Kayo ang humusga.

    17. Wire taps, ATM transactions. Wala ka nang ligtas Leila!! Your days of grandstanding and posturing are numbered. Akala ko pa naman you are smart . GAGA ka rin pala. Sayang yung pag pa pa blondie mo Mrs !!

    18. Danel C. Itay on

      Malapit ng malaman kung sino ang malaking isda na gusto protektahan ni Delima
      bilng bayad ng utang na loob. Sya ang nakakaladkad sa eskandalo.

    19. You really expect the president to listen to you and spare your driver? Your beloved driver who also accumulated wealth thru illegal drug dealings in expense of the of the country’s future? You wish! And who the hell is your driver for the president to have mercy on?

    20. KABOOM! defense panic mode na si De lima, just because the wiretap conversation cannot be used in court does not mean De lima is not guilty. The procedure sucks and too complicated. But the reality is that Du30 has real and solid proof to accuse De Lima of protecting and benefiting of drugs in our country.

    21. The Great Defiant on

      denial to death…
      ang dami na nyang Korana…
      ngayon naman denial queen…

    22. Ignacio Balbutin on

      Get the driver and place him as the principal witness against De lima, if proven that this woman got money from drugs then she is a drug pusher and should be imprisoned

      • imprisonment is not enough…equate it to how many lives were destroyed, how many crimes , deaths especially committed that’s drug related, nakakagalit , nakakasuka, angkakapal!…

    23. What a shame. De Lima, you have 2 grown up children, you placed your family to a shame and scandal. Much that you are a rebel, you are no match to A foul mouth Duterte. Why did you put yourself in that position. Filipinos do not forgive an Adulterer. Specially when the adulterer is a woman.

      • “As the President, I got this information … as a privilege. But I am not required to prove it in court. That is somebody else’s business. My job is to protect public interest. She’s lying through her teeth,” he said.

    24. The day of reckoning is around the corner. Sooner than we expected Pandora’s box(es) will be opened wide exposing dirty,horrible,neuseating,smelly secrets. Let’s wait and see.???

      • Elizabeth d. Amore on

        Yes, gonna eat more popcorns… Observing and waiting and get entertained in the process

    25. It’s narrowing to the target Leila DeLima…. better confess all now before you are proven to be a Huge Yellow Crook!

    26. The President speaks genuine, reliable and always at the side of truth. We are lucky to have you Mr. President. I can’t imagine what will happen to our country if Roxas wins. I always pray for your safety our dear President. Please pin down Delima, she should be out of government. She will only ruin your good purpose to the Filipino people. Mabuhay po kayo. We love you po. Please take care po. May our Lord guide and protect you and your family always.

      • Mr. President, the Philippines and the filipinos are lucky to hve you as our head of state. mabuhay po kayo and may the good Lord protect U always