Love from a Russian soul


Artist Natalya Bronzova on her art works and inspiration

To be the first visual artist to exhibit in the iconic halls of the Cultural Center of the Philippines is a feat Russian artist Natalya Bronzova will never forget.

Natalya Bronzova (center) with Cultural Center of the Philippines President Raul Sunico and event patron Jewel Lobaton Pimentel PHOTOS FROM BRONZOVA.COM

She held a highly successful one-day show in February, which served as the National Arts Month of Russia. Entitled From a Russian Soul with Love, the exhibit had art enthusiasts in Manila both curious and excited, drawing a huge attendance at the affair.

“I am very happy to have this honor. There were several Russian singers and dancers who have performed here in CCP but there has never been a visual artist,” Bronzova told The Sunday Times Magazine during her reception.

‘Trinity (third eye),’ acrylic on canvass, Size 121cm x 91cm (2012)

The artist—who is also a writer and an actress—then detailed that she came to the Philippines more than five years ago and fell in love with the country. Since then, she knew she would have to return the warm welcome she received by sharing her art.

In a chat with The Sunday Times Magazine, Bronzova said her exhibit was almost two years in the making, but was well worth the wait for the artist.

Indeed, her collection was striking with her vibrant color palette in cosmic and fantasy themes.

According to Bronzova, her inspiration comes from childhood fantasies and legends she was told as a child.
Elaborating, Bronzova zoomed in on her work, Jesus with Ponce Pilatus.

‘Jesus with Ponce Pilatus,’ acrylic on canvass, 121cm x 91cm (2010)

“For this painting, I was inspired by Mikhail Bulgavok’s book The Master and Margarita, particularly that part where Ponce Pilate and Jesus Christ are on their way to eternity. Ponce Pilate told Him, ‘Jesus, this cannot be because I did horrible things to you.’ And Jesus said, ‘Of course not.’ I felt that He was so kind and so human to say that Ponce Pilate will not suffer,” Bronzova explained.

The artist further intimated to The Sunday Times Magazine that while she continues to be a multi-hyphenate artist, painting remains one of her greatest passions.

“Passion fuels me, and I will continue to spill my feelings and my soul on canvass,” she ended.

Aphrodita’ acrylic on canvass, Size 121cm x 91cm (2011)


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