‘My Love From The Star’ shines tonight


Jennylyn Mercado and Gil Cuervo

Premiering tonight is GMA Network’s highly anticipated local adaptation of the hit and internationally acclaimed Korean series, “My Love From The Star.”

The network’s “Ultimate Star” Jennylyn Mercado breathes life to Steffi Chavez [Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun’s role of Steffi Cheon], a strikingly beautiful, sophisticated, and overly confident popular actress who is senseless and careless at times. Meanwhile, Gil Cuerva steps into the shoes of Matteo Domingo [Kim Soo-hyun’s Matteo Do] a highly intelligent, aloof, but cold and often distant extra-terrestrial being forced to live his days here on earth.

The story begins over 400 years ago when Matteo’s spaceship crash-lands on Earth. He has since lived many lives and eagerly awaits the return of beings from his planet to take him home. He starts counting down the days and has about three months left of waiting when he meets and encounters Steffi. Steffi, being the popular actress, is used to people literally and figuratively falling on her feet and giving her everything she wants. But, of course, Matteo has no clue who she is, which shocks the self-centered celebrity.

Initially, the pair does not get along but somewhere along the way, the human and alien fall in love.

Completing the cast of My Love for the Star are Gabby Eigenmann, Christian Bautista, Glydel Mercado, Renz Fernandez, Jackie Rice, Migo Adecer, Melissa Mendez, Spanky Manikan, Nar Cabico, Analyn Barro as Mina, Moi Marcampo, Pauline Mendoza, and Rhian Ramos in a special participating role.

The series is directed by Joyce Bernal and will air weeknights right after “Mulawin vs. Ravena.”


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