• Love the second time around

    Becky Garcia

    Becky Garcia

    Two decades ago, exotic beauty Lulu Fresnoza, then married to Dutchman Leen Boon, ran a successful Italian restaurant called Caffe Venezia in Greenhills, San Juan with the help of businessman Dr. Azelio Beano.

    Years later, the restaurant moved to Makati with a new name La Gondola but still, was patronized not only by the locals but by both the Italian and international communities.

    However along the way, a tragedy befell Lulu. Her husband Leen passed away. So she had to run the restaurant with Azelio as her only partner.

    Meanwhile, Lulu had her personal life to attend to and it was the same for Azelio. He is an engineer and a doctor in Geology. But through the years, the two realized it was them who were meant for each other, and the rest is history.

    This unique love story finally had its happy ending when Lulu and Azelio married in front of family, relatives and friends.

    The Catholic wedding ceremony everyone was waiting for happened at the Mary the Queen Church. The officiating priests were Fr. Cesar Marin (parish priest), Fr. Makairog Reyes, Fr. Rodney Hart and Fr. Sigmond de Guzman. Serving as principal witnesses were Vice President Jejomar Binay and Dra. Elenita Binay, Sec. Panfilo Lacson and Mrs. Alice Lacson, Ambassador Massimo Roscigno and Becky Garcia, and Congressman Sammy Pagdilao and Beatriz Muir.

    Lulu’s only daughter with Leen, Paula, came back from Australia to bring her mother to the altar. Lulu’s sisters also flew in from Australia and London to be with her.

    The entourage was composed of Matron of Honor, Paula Boon Sbisa. Secondary sponsors were Agnes Roscigno and Georg Sarakinis for the veil, Myrna Guasa and Jing Mendoza for the candles, and Nancy Bismonte and Atty. Ric Rivera for the cord.

    Bridesmaid were Janeth Weil, Cecille Razon and Judy Gutierrez. Ring Bearer was Jiro Mendoza. Comentator was Joyce Aytona, while first and second reading came from Asther Mendoza and Rose Fresnoza, respectively.

    It was such a happy and relaxed ceremony with guests laughing every so often because of the groom’s antics. It was followed by a lunch reception at the Tivoli of the Mandarin Hotel.

    At the reception in the elegant Tivoli, entertainment was provided by Tenor Dresden Ramos. Some guests also sang for the couple like Atty. Ric Rivera and Dr. George Sarakinis.

    The couple happily danced the waltz and the tango after the cutting of the cake and guests joined in the dancing later after the beautiful talk of Paula and toast by Italian Ambassador Massimo Roscigno.

    The reception continued up to late afternoon with guests wishing the couple a life of happiness and love.

    To Lulu and Azelio, continue living a life filled with laughter and love.


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