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PLUS: Edu Manzano returns to TV; and Barbie Forteza turns 18

GUESS WHO? These two character actors met on the set of a weekly drama show where they were both guesting. The first actor is a respected performer, and the second, a younger sexy actor. It was the first time these two met but from the looks of things, they hit it off right away, and quickly became close.

After the scenes of the younger one was finished apparently, he stayed on until his new friend was done with his own scenes. They left together in the younger actor’s car, and thus began what we hear was a short-lived romance, but a hot one nonetheless.


Lovi Poe denies she is in a relationship with a good-looking European

Lovi Poe denies she is in a relationship with a good-looking European

A very elegant Lovi Poe in an all-black gown and a thigh-high slit entered the board room of the GMA Network Center with a beaming smile. It was the day she would sign a new contract with her home network for the past 10 years, and she feels truly blessed. After all, it was in GMA where she started her career and, as she puts it, wants to “stay home where she is most comfortable.”

Present at the contract signing with Lovi was her manager Leo Dominguez, while representing the network was no less its Chairman and CEO Felipe Gozon, with the company’s Executive Vice President and CFO Felipe Yalung, and senior vice president for Entertainment TV Lillibeth Rasonable.

“This is it. I remain a Kapuso because this is home for me,” Lovi enthusiastically. “I did not have a hard time deciding if I would renew my ties with them because I’m happy with how they take care of me. I get very good projects that whenever they present a new show to me, I get so excited,” she continued.

Part of Lovi’s new contract is her new soap Someone To Watch Over Me where she stars with Tom Rodriguez. Lovi is looking forward to portraying a very challenging character as the wife of a young husband who is afflicted with the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

“It’s the kind of role that challenges and inspires,” Lovi related. “Imagine, you’re a wife and you have a baby, but your husband does not recognize you as his wife? Instead, he believes he is in love with his ex-girlfriend whom he thinks is his wife. What would you do as the real wife? Will you just close your eyes and accept everything to the point of losing your husband to his former girlfriend?”

With a thriving career, Lovi also said that she cannot ask for more in her personal life right now. Although she has broken up with Rocco Nacino, the actress swears she has moved on and that she is even open to working with Rocco in a project.

Meanwhile, showbiz columnists are all so intrigued by a photo Lovi posted on her Instagram account, where a very good-looking foreigner was beside her in a beach. She even captioned it with the hashtag #chrislovi, making everyone believe she has found a new love.

“No, I don’t have a new boyfriend! The one with me on the beach was Chris Johnson. He’s a European vacationing in the Philippines. We’ve become very good friends after we met, but I’m not ready to fall in love again because I’ve just come from another relationship,” Lovi explained.

According to the daughter of the late great Fernando Poe Jr., her priorities for now are her career and her family.

“I want to travel and to explore the world and I want to do it with my family. I’m no fond of buying expensive things, or those that are branded. I just want to travel and there’s nothing better than doing that with your family.”


Edu Manzano

Edu Manzano

It was a simple scene that Edu Manzano was taping with Jackie Lou Blanco when we visited him on the set of Someone To Watch Over Me. They play husband and wife in the show.

After the take, Edu approached me extending his hand. We had not seen each other for a few months already, since his bid for senate in the last elections.

When I told him I was so happy to see him acting again, Edu gave me that familiar smile.

“I’m happy with this project we’re doing because it has an advocacy. I salute GMA for being brave to tackle this theme in Someone To Watch Over Me. The story deals with Alzheimer’s disease and I believe we should really educate our viewers, and give them information about this sickness,” the handsome actor enthused.

Now that Edu is active in showbiz again, he hopes to work with other new stars. He is happy that he is working with Lovi and Tom for the first time.

“I have known both of them for quite some time now but it’s only now that I am working with them,” he related. “Come to think of it, I haven’t accepted any acting assignment for almost 10 years now so I don’t know the new stars anymore! The ones I read about, I hardly know. But now that I’m here again, I hope to get to work with most of them.”

In Someone To Watch Over Me, Edu plays the role of Tom’s father who was separated from his son for a very long time after he and his wife parted ways.

“In the story, Tom was not allowed by his mom to see me so it was only after the death of his mom that we got to be together, never thinking that I would have a race against time to show my love for him because of the early onset of Alzheimer’s,” he continued.

And how was Edu’s first day of taping?

“You know what? It’s true you lose momentum. I was kinda nervous at first—actually I was already nervous the night before the taping. It’s good that we started with the light scenes, I had the time to warm-up. I’m like diese, I need to warm up,” Edu jokingly said.


Barbie Forteza is all grown up

Barbie Forteza is all grown up

It seems like only yesterday when Barbie Forteza was regarded as the tween queen of local showbiz. Time flies so fast, and Barbie is already turning 19 on July 31.

She has actually celebrated her birthday two weeks ago by throwing an intimate party in a two-bedroom suite in Oakwood hotel with her closest friends in attendance. Present were her co-stars in the hit TV show Tween Hearts like Derrick Monasterio, Kristoffer Martin, Bea Binene, Louise Delos Reyes, Ken Chan and, of course, the young man who is said to be closest to Barbie’s heart Kiko Estrada. Add to them Barbie’s present love team mate Andre Paras.

For her special day on Sunday, Barbie has no grand plans. She said it will be a simple birthday for her this year, even if she it is her coming of age. She will just have dinner with her family, apparently.

Will she have a date with Kiko? Barbie just gave me a meaningful smile.


They all love Lovi! (From left) GMA EVP and CFO Felipe Yalong, Poe, network Chairman and CEO Felipe Gozon, Senior Vice President for Entertainment TV Lilybeth Rasonable

They all love Lovi! (From left) GMA EVP and CFO Felipe Yalong, Poe, network Chairman and CEO Felipe Gozon, Senior Vice President for Entertainment TV Lilybeth Rasonable

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