• Lovi Poe gets it right

    Lovi Poe

    Lovi Poe

    The Manila Times caught up with a very tired yet joyful Lovi Poe on Thursday. She had just come from a seven-day workweek and rightfully filled her coffee cup with beer because she deserves it.

    “I was a little embarrassed to tell you what it was,” she laughed out loud after confirming that the golden colored liquid was neither tea or apple juice. “It’s just been a long yet fulfilling week so I’m rewarding myself with a drink!”

    The controversial prime time series Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real on GMA Network is what keeps the 25-year-old actress busy nowadays. A winner in the ratings game, the teleserye tackles the story of a man with two wives, with the thorny love triangle comprised of Dingdong Dantes, Maricel Soriano and Lovi.

    Lovi is Sheila Salazar-Real of Cebu, who despite her strong-willed and adventurous personality falls in love with Dingdong’s character Anthony, and marries him without knowing he has a wife in Manila.

    As her character continues to fall deeply in love with Anthony in the past several weeks, social media has been abuzz with reactions and comments on how Sheila has turned into needy wife consumed by her love for a man.

    “One tweet last week said ako na raw ang pinaka-kawawang babae sa mundo, or something to that effect. Sheila of course and not me!” Lovi laughed again. “But I’m amazed how the series has gained so much attention from viewers that they feel the need to go on social media to express their views.”

    For Lovi, who is known to be a modern and strong-willed woman in real life, much as she agrees with many viewers’ reaction on her character’s weakness, she is elated over the fact that she has gotten her role right.

    “I’m glad the viewers are affected that way because it’s a good thing for me,” she explained. “I get irritated at my character too but how they react is an affirmation for me that I’ve gotten into character already and that I’m portraying the role of Sheila effectively.”

    She is further grateful to be given the opportunity to work with such industry veterans as Tommy Abuel and Susan Africa who play her parents in the teleserye.

    “I learn so much from their acting, and I like it that they keep me on my toes,” Lovi, who also has a string of acting awards—among them Cinemalaya, Famas and Luna—to her credit, continued.

    “I have yet to shoot my scene with Ms. Maricel Soriano tomorrow,” she added half-nervously and half-excitedly. “And really, I’m just so lucky to be given this opportunity.”

    Lovi is certain that wherever the show’s story will take her, as the confrontation between the two unknowing wives is soon to unfold, she will come out of Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real a far better actress than when she began the show.

    And indeed, that calls for a drink.


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