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    Plus: Is ‘AlDub’ over?; In ‘Guess Who’—a matinee idol and his secret parties with five good looking men
    Showbuzz has been getting a lot of questions from Alden Richards’ fan about his much awaited appearance in the hit GMA telefantasya Encantadia. The answer is that Alden will start appearing in the primetime series next week!

    And to those who are asking if the AlDub love team is officially over now that Kalyeserye has ended in Eat Bulaga, Showbuzz knows for a fact they shouldn’t despair. Eat Bulaga is cooking up something for MaiDen [Maine Mendoza and Alden], that will surely make them rejoice. And yes, just stay tuned because GMA is now prioritizing preparations for a primetime series that will have Alden and Maine in the lead.

    What’s next for AlDub?

    What’s next for AlDub?

    * * *

    No amount of negative statements from the camp of Rocco Nacino will convince Lovi Poe that her friendship with her ex-boyfriend is over. She swears they parted ways amicably, and that she considers him special to this very day.

    “We didn’t fight about anything,” Lovi avers. “There was no third party involved in our decision to part ways. I just realized that I wanted to explore life more. There are so many things I still want to do. I want to achieve more in my career, and I felt that a serious relationship can wait. I’m actually thankful that Rocco understood me.”

    The former sweethearts are scheduled to shoot their movie Lakambini and Lovi sees no problems in working with her ex again. She is even ready if the script requires her to do love scenes with Rocco. They portray the role of husband and wife so Lovi does not discount the possibility of intimacy in the story.

    Will Lovi still take care of Rocco on the set the way she did when they were together? Will she still bring food for him just like before? “I can bring food for everyone,” the actress quips while laughing.

    For now, Lovi simply prefers to remain single. Although there were rumors she hooked up with a Frenchman named Chris Johnson, who visited her a few weeks ago, Lovi insists they’re just friends.

    “He is based in France so there is a very slim chance for us to develop feelings for each other. I’ve decided to give prioritize my career and family. Entering another relationship is the farthest thing from my mind right now, the actress adds.



    It’s her new soap Someone To Watch Over Me that eats up most of Lovi’s time at the moment. She is so thankful for the project, which has become a sort of eye-opener for her on Alzheimer’s disease. The premiere actress admits that she knows little about the disease, which afflicts many people and their families.

    “All I knew about Alzheimer’s disease was that only the old people were afflicted with it. But here in Someone To Watch Over Me, it brought me face to face with the condition through a young victim in the age of Tom’s [Rodriguez] character. It’s only now that I learned even young people can get it.”

    Talking more about her character and Tom’s in the series, she shares, “We’re a happy couple in the beginning until my husband starts showing the symptoms of early onset Alzhiemer’s. His memory degenerates so fast and since the most recent memories go first in the disease, she forgets he is married to me. What remains with him are his feelings for his past girlfriend, and he goes looking for her. Can you imagine how painful that is for a wife?”

    Lovi is all praises for her leading man. Her first time to work with Tom, she immediately saw his dedication to his craft as an actor.

    “What’s good with Tom is very supportive to his co-actors in every scene. He is so giving. We’ve already developed a team up when we do a scene together. And all we need to do is look at each other and we know what to do,” Lovi ends.

    * * *

    “No tips for Inah” is how Janice De Belen puts it when asked if she gives her daughter advice now that the latter has decided to follow her mom’s footsteps in as an actress.

    “I want her to discover the world of showbiz on her own. I started very young in this business and I really had fun discovering a lot of things in this world. Nobody gave me tips or taught me what to do. Even in acting, I had to study it myself. I believe she will eventually learn as she gets more experienced,” says Janice.

    For her part, Inah said she is enjoying every bit of being in showbiz. She is so thankful her first project with GMA Network as a female lead in Oh My Mama, intended for the afternoon block. The new Kapuso star has already taped for four days and she is very excited she has found new friends on the set.

    “It’s all been great. On my first taping day I already did as scene with Tito Epi (Quizon). At least, I felt relaxed. I couldn’t avoid feeling intimidated at first because my co-stars have been in the business for a long time. But I was grateful that they accepted me well. They were all nice to me especially Eunice Lagunsad who always talks to me. I even found new friends in my leading men Jake Vargas and Jeric Gonzales.”

    Now that she has started taping, Inah makes sure to spend time with her family whenever she gets the chance. Showbuzz chanced upon Inah with her mom Janice and other members of their family at the opening of Titans From The Age Of Ice at Alabang Town Center.

    “We really enjoy bonding together like this. It’s not every day we can spend time together and we really talk about having something like this bonding moment at least once a week,” says doting mom Janice.

    * * *

    The present batch of candidates to Miss World Philippines is very impressive. Not only are they beautiful, they are also exceptionally talented. Showbuzz has interviewed some of them and they’ve got something between their ears.

    One of the early favorites is model Catriona Gray from Albay. She looks like a taller version of 2013 Miss World Megan Young. She projects and moves very well on stage. Showbuzz learned she is being mentored by Jonas Gaffud of Aces and Queens, who also trained Megan in 2013, along with so many other beauty queens.

    Another Aces and Queens bet is Ariana Colingo from Pampanga. She is a graduate from Ivy League school Georgetown University in Washington DC. She can speak seven languages including Arabic, Thai, Japanese, German, Spanish, English and Filipino. She now teaches Arabic at Holy Angel College in Angeles City.

    Miss World Philippines 2016’s grand coronation night will be held at the Manila Hotel Tent on September 25. The winner will, of course, represent the Philippines in the 2017 Miss World Pageant to be held in Washington DC, USA.

    * * *

    SHORTS… Showbuzz has heard that the fans of GMA heartthrobs Aljur Abrenica, Rocco Nacino, Jake Vargas and Derrick Monasterio are respectively busy preparing for their group concert Oh Boy. Apparently, as their idols rehearse, each group is brainstorming how they can outdo one another in supporting the boys on concert night. That’s devotion for you …

    … Guess who? This popular matinee idol’s sexual preference has always been in question from the time he set foot in showbiz. A person close to him intimated to Showbuzz how this matinee idol is able to get away with his sexual encounters.

    Whenever he wants it, he books at least five men at the same time. He throws a small party in his condo unit, and is very careful none of the festivities gets videoed. To do so, he makes his guests leave all their gadgets with the guard at the lobby. Oh, and after the party, the matinee idol will choose one man from the “party goers,” but will make sure the other four leave well-compensated. The chosen one will spend the evening with matinee idol. Look Ma, no evidence!


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