• Lozano files impeach rap vs. Aquino


    Lawyer Oliver Lozano on Thursday filed an impeachment complaint against President Benigno Aquino 3rd over releases from the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

    In the two-page complaint he filed before the Office of the Ombudsman, Lozano said Aquino had admitted appropriating the P72-billion DAP “without due appropriation from Congress” which has the sole power of the purse.

    Lozano added that a portion of the DAP was used to bribe lawmakers who impeached former Supreme Court chief justice Renato Corona.

    ”The Ombudsman should investigate this alleged culpable violation of the Constitution that is prejudicial to the government employees in particular and the people in general,” Lozano said.

    He said the Ombudsman “may be swayed” by his impeachment complaint as it had in the case of former president and now Rep. Gloria Arroyo of Pampanga province.

    Lozano jumped the gun on the Volunteer Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) which is also preparing its impeachment complaint against the President.

    Dante Jimenez, VACC founding chairman, said on Thursday Aquino may enjoy the support of the majority of members of the Senate and House of Representatives but it will not stop the filing of an impeachment complaint against him.

    Jimenez said volunteer lawyers of the organization are preparing the compliant, and some lawmakers pledged to back it in the House.

    He said Aquino violated the Constitution and committed grave abuse of discretion when he allowed the release of public funds through the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) which was not sanctioned by Congress.

    Senator Miriam Santiago and former senator Joker Arroyo consider the release of DAP illegal.

    “Constitutionalist Father Joa-quin Bernas and other respectable lawmakers already said that it (DAP) is illegal, so let us see if the members of Congress will tolerate this,” Jimenez said.

    He said the impeachment complaint might prosper despite Aquino’s popularity.

    “Remember, former president Erap was very popular, even more popular than P-Noy was, but we were able to impeach him and file cases against him,” Jimenez noted.

    “The impeachment case we plan to file is a long shot but I still believe in miracles,” Jimenez said.

    Not practical
    Senator Santiago said that even if the President committed an impeachable offense, any move to oust him will not prosper because he controls both houses of Congress.

    She said impeaching the President will be impractical because the country doesn’t need another divisive scandal.

    “Remember that people who want him impeached will have to get a one third vote in the House and two-thirds vote in the Senate,” she said.

    Santiago, who is also a constitutional law expert, said that since the President is immune from suit, he cannot be charged in any court.

    “That’s why he is not saying sue me in court. He’s saying impeach me in Congress. But as I said, that is practically in practice impossible,” she pointed out.


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    1. Maganda ang adminisrasyon ni p’noy. kaya nga nabuking yang ‘pork barrell’. Kailangang managot ang nagkasala sa mga na involved sa scam’ na ito. Hindi uunlad ang ating bansa kapag ang mga nakakataas sa gobyerno ay nagsasamantala sa KABAN NG BAYAN. Parusahan ang nagkasala para huwag pamarisan!

    2. I dont understand of filing an impeachment to a popular honest president by unpopular corrupt congressman. Just a waste of time.

    3. It is obvious that this DAP issue is a deliberate tactic to sway people away from the real issue, the pork barrel scam and the real culprits, the biggest plunders, JPE, jinggoy, Revilla, and watch out for part 1,2,3…..Even cohorts and supporters of these plunderers throw tons & tons of mud at Aquino, it will not stick because he is not the same as them. Stealing and bribery are so engrained into their system that they mistake all forms of fund released in good faith and intention as just another opportunity for them to steal. Get rid of these people, they have a decease that is so contagious and cannot be cured. Support a president who has a real and sincere purpose for the Filipino people. Do not stop what you have started, do not waste whatever gains you achieved. May God show you the way.

    4. joebert banderas on

      pag na impeach si Pnoy maghahari na naman yang mga kawatan na senador at congressman lalong maghihirap ang mga mahihirap kaawa awa ang susunod na generation,bumalik na naman sa pwesto ang mga pro corrupt. sana huwag padala ang mga mamayang pilipino sa mga paninira kay Pnoy.wala siyang binubulsa na pera mahirap lang talagang kalabanin yang mga coruupt na politiko ang yaman na nila at napakarami pa nila mga pro corrupt.

    5. The President released the funds to accelerate government projects in the country. This lawyer and the others who are barking at Pnoy should investigate on how the funds were used. Our country already has so many problems and those who want to impeach the president just want chaos in the Philippines just like the government shutdown in the US. Who will suffer? The worst nightmare would be to have Binay as the new President. This would bring the Binay family dynasty to rule the Philippines!

    6. Sana itong mga Tongressmen at Sinatong since nagkasala na sila sa bayan para bayaran ang kanilang mga pagkakamali tutal nagluklok sila sa puwesto na kanilang kinalalagyan dahil ibinoto sila.So f Pnoy s guilty then their loyalty is 2 Pinas not to him so they have to start the process of impeachment or ang taong bayan na ang huhusga sa kaniya or sa kanilang lahat na umabuso sa Bayan ng Pilipinas.Pinoy gumising at magmatyag huwag na magpadala sa panloloko ng mga yellow supporter.

    7. hey lozano, u’re a marcos loyalist/bootlicker. u’re just a nuisance. the philippines has the most honest president in decades. the reason why the economy is now booming & the foreign governments are now trusting this country.

    8. Lawyer Oliver Lozano, are you being paid by the corrupt government officials to attack the president? The Philippines is just starting to get cleaned because of the honesty of the president…why are you so critical of him. He might have millions, billions or trillions of funds…but one thing sure… he will never use it to enrich himself but to better the country. Support your president and pray that the next president will be as honest and sincere as PiNoy…

    9. Filing an Impeachment complaint against the President may not be practical, but the move will gain ‘political’ mileage among the citizens, particularly the Netizens, toward a people power; people knows no constitution, only retribution.

    10. I think the president is doing a good job.

      Bless President Aquino.

      yorba Linda, CA

    11. For sure this impeachment rap will not prosper PNoy has just too many shields around him that he will be untouchable. Although concerned citizens should support the move, maybe it would be a good decision to bypass this rap because it will make this crocodile legislators thieves richer because PNoy will surely bribe the Congressmen and Senate to stop the impeachment move. For sure, PNoy will use peoples tax money to bribe these thieves again.

    12. joebert banderas on

      kung gusto ninyo magpatuloy ang katiwalian sige e impeach ninyo,pero kung gusto ninyo mahinto ang katiwalian ay kailangan magpatuloy si Pnoy matagal na tayong niluluko sa mga politiko panahon pa ni marcos , ngayon lng sa panahon ni Pnoy na besto ang lahat ng mga katiwalian sa mga senador at congressman dahil siya ang nangunguna sa pagsugpo ng katiwalian,mahirap kalabanin ang mga corrupt na yan dahil napakarami nila at gusto pang mangurakot