• LP asks Pimentel to returnDe Lima’s security detail


    INSTEAD of ordering the pullout of Senate security personnel to detained Sen. Leila de Lima, Senate President Aquilino Pimentel 3rd should have negotiated with the Philippine National Police (PNP) to be allowed inside the custodial center, Sen. Francis Pangilinan said on Friday. Pangilinan  asked Pimentel to immediately return the security personnel of the Office of the Senate Sergeant-At-Arms (OSSAA) to Camp Crame, the PNP’s main headquarters in Quezon City. Pimentel in an earlier interview said he ordered the withdrawal of OSSAA personnel assigned to secure de Lima, who is detained at the PNP custodial center for drug-related charges, since they were not allowed inside the premises of the facility. “So we pulled them out while we are trying to negotiate with the persons in charge of the detention center if they could allow the personnel of OSSAA inside their premises,” Pimentel told reporters.

    Jefferson Antiporda


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    1. What is so special with Delima as accused of drug related crime? Why is Sheba and the Liberal party asking for more protection? I thought she is tough. When the three senators that she accused of the PdAF scandal was incarcerated they never asked for special protection Andy they were elected senators as De Lima. What so special about a senator who is ruining the reputation of the country? Put her in prison in a regular jail, no special treatment.

    2. Why this sen pangilinan playing ignorant being a senator at that on making a mockery of our justice system? He is is part of the 3rd state where he should know that the Court of Muntinlupa has acquired jurisdiction on sen de lima based on the charges filed by the DOJ? He is advised to educate more on himself or stop making media mileage or propaganda by the LP.


      Posting senate security detail for Delima is unnecessary. The custodial center is inside a camp.. It is secured enough.It is a waste of manpower. It would be an insult to the PNP. It is better then being detained in a regular jailhouse.