• LP behind human rights review – DILG exec


    THE Department of the Interior and Local Government has accused the Liberal Party (LP) of egging the United Nations (UN) to review the human rights situation in the Philippines.

    Assistant Secretary Epimaco Densing 3rd, who was part of the Philippine delegation that attended the human rights review by the UN Human Rights Council on May 3, said that liberal leaders across the globe want LP to “return to power.”

    “I have no doubt that this is their long term objective, if not short term, “ he said.

    Densing said the European Commission panel mentioned that several non-government organizations and the opposition in the Philippines sent letters to the UN complaining about the summary executions amid the Duterte administration’s brutal crackdown on illegal drugs.

    “There is only one opposition in the Philippines and that is the Liberal Party,” he told reporters. “This was their basis why they (UNHRC) wanted some investigation of the Philippines because of those letters. They were very glad [that the]Philippine government sent us to meet with the European Commission.”

    Densing also lashed out at Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Chairman Jose Luis Manuel “Chito” Gascon, whom he claimed to be “politicizing” human rights in the country.

    “Since the beginning, he has claimed that there were human rights violations, but he is not presenting any cases of human rights violations,” Densing said.

    “In short, if he did not present any evidences that there are human rights violations, it is called a propaganda. So Chito Gascon is making a lot of propaganda that there are human rights violations, [which]there are none of it,” he added.

    “One of the reasons why I wanted [Gascon] to resign is because he is still a high official of the Liberal Party so whatever he says, it seems that he is only politicizing,” Densing said.

    He told reporters that during their meeting with the UNHRC panel, Gascon, who was in a black suit with a yellow tie, “never expressed support” for the Philippine delegation.

    But LP interim President and Senator Francis Pangilinan said his party did not write to the UN.

    “He (Densing) is mistaken. The LP, whether officially or unofficially, has not communicated with [the]UN on the matter,” Pangilinan said in a text message to reporters.


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