LP ‘black ops’ vs Poe, Binay, bared

Vice President Binay and Sen. Poe

Vice President Binay and Sen. Poe

THE Liberal Party (LP) has reportedly tapped the services of former associates of a powerful law firm to mount an operation to ensure the victory of the ruling party’s standard-bearer Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd by getting rid of his opponents–Vice President Jejomar Binay and Sen. Grace Poe.

“The agenda is to apply their full might and influence to have Grace disqualified while making sure that Binay is put behind bars,” said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The Vice President’s spokesman has claimed that they had received information about such a “black operation” as early as last year.

On the other hand, a source from the camp of Poe and Sen. Francis Escudero said the camp of Roxas “will move heaven and earth” to have Poe disqualified.

Poe and Binay are frontrunners in recent pre-election presidential surveys while Roxas trails them.

“We are aware of this operation, which is becoming more obvious by the day. A few senators I talked to confirmed this. Binay will be jailed before the elections,” said the source, a lawyer.

Joey Salgado, one of Binay’s spokesmen, said they are similarly aware of such “dark” legal operations, which involve powerful people in the Office of the Ombudsman and even the Supreme Court (SC).

“Yes, we know that. We have been informed as early as last year that that would be their endgame [to jail Binay]. Based on our intelligence, the tactic is being principally done by associates of an influential law firm that has tentacles in the [Office of the] Ombudsman,” Salgado told The Manila Times.

According to the source from Poe’s camp, the influential lawyers are Avelino “Nonong” Cruz and former Ombudsman Simeon Marcelo, former associates of “The Firm,” or the defunct Carpio Villaraza Angcangco or CVC Law.

“Avelino Cruz and partner Simeon Marcelo are the ones behind the drive,” the source insisted.

The Manila Times asked Salgado if he was referring to the same people but he was evasive. “That is all I can say for now,” he said.

“Remember Hyatt 10? It was actually Hyatt 11. Nonong Cruz was with them,” the source noted.

When members of the so-called Hyatt 10 broke free from the Cabinet of former President Gloria Arroyo, Cruz was the Defense chief. He eventually left office.

While “The Firm” may no longer be in existence, Times sources claimed CVC Law remains influential because it has “contacts” inside the Ombudsman’s office and SC Associate Justice Antonio Carpio is still with them.

“Carpio is their former law firm partner but secretly still active,” another source said.

Recently, Carpio issued a statement against Poe’s citizenship, which is the basis of a number of disqualification cases lodged against the lawmaker.

“They know that the only way for Roxas to defeat Grace is by disqualifying her and the only way for Binay to fail is for him to be in jail. That is their main agenda. Sen. [Miriam Defensor] Santiago was forced to run so that in the end, according to their plan, she and Roxas will slug it out in the polls. With an opponent in Miriam, Mar’s win, if they succeed, will legitimize results of the elections,” the source explained.

The Manila Times tried to get a reaction from Palace Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. but he begged off, saying he is on official mission to the Unesco General Assembly. The same query was sent to Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda but there was no reply.

Meanwhile, Escudero admitted that he has been receiving information about the alleged “black ops” against Poe and said he was not surprised.

The senator added that there was indeed information about the demolition campaign against Poe but their camp opted not to dwell on it, focusing instead on other more important matters that will benefit the people.

“I’m not surprised if there is indeed a ‘black ops’ against her, what I don’t understand is why they need to resort to such operation,” Escudero, Poe’s running mate, said.



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  1. Ranilo i. Harder on

    Along the way no one is telling about the case during FPJ’s run where he was leading and suddenly a very short power failure change the vote counting result…i guess it will happen again, considering that 1 year before the election lots of news, notices, write ups about hqving power shortage and to the extent of them assuring that during election day no brown outs…

  2. Lol
    The bottom 3 – Mar, Poe and Binay, are trying to eliminate each other!
    This is indeed a good news for Santiago and Duterte.

  3. These black operations to destroy, demolish and smear Mar poltical rivals should not come as a surprise. Roxas would like to be president at all cost. They are aware that voters are now more attentive and that the effectiveness of the hocos pcos might be negated by the watchful eyes of the electorate. Besides, because of the small votes for Roxas, magic can surmount that difiency so they have to resort to others means.

  4. >>> Noon paman year 2010election campaign ni Abnoy BSC-Aquino 3rd ay pinabatid at pinaalam na niya sa taong bayan kung anong utak at pag-iisip mayroon siya.”kung ano nais niya un DAPat masunod” naaayon man o hind sa batas. Kailangan sa simula ng kaniyang panunungkulan ay simula rin ng kalbaryo ng mga naging kalaban at may balak labanan siya o ang kaniyang pamahalaan.

    >>> Si Abnoy BENIGNO SIMEON COJUANGCO-AQUINO 3RD AY ISANG URI NG TAONG TULAD NG “MASAMANG DAMO SA TIWANG-WANG NA LUPA”, NA HINDI DAPat MANATILI SA KAPALIGIRAN. Mas mabuti ang halaman “Makahiya” marunog yumuko at mahiya at ngayon ay napapakinabangan bilang Herbal Medicine.

    >>> Hurray !!!! Congratulations to Formerly Supreme Court Justice CONCHITA CARPIO-MORALES !!!!
    SHE IS TRULY CERTIFIED MEMBER OF THE PROSTI-CUTORS OF THE LAW . For Ms ConSHITa ….in illegal and unconstitutional DAP Php150 Bilyons si Abnoy Aquino3rd has immunity from suit and not apply to him. While VP Binay charged for alleged overpricing Bldg, Ms ConShita said , being an impeachable officer, his immunity not insulate him from investigation.


  5. >>> This SandiganBayad + OmBadsman+DoJ + bribed and corrupted legislators & senaotrs = sum of and equal to Brain-Drained President.

    And this is aligned to “Tuwid Na Daan”.

    Which shows that they are the LAW BENDER in the name of justice.
    LAW BENDER IS MORE DANGEROUS THAN A LAW BREAKER. Because they are pretentious and presumptuous which manifested of by themselves being “HYPOCRITES”.

  6. Malaki ang chance na matalo ni Grace Poe si Mar Roxas at Jojo Binay. Gusto kase ng mga botante ang bago, hindi magnanakaw, may integridad at tapat.

  7. isidro c. valencia on

    Billions of pesos taken from Yolanda donations will satisfy lawyers ‘ greediness to connive with judicial magistrates.

    The Queen of Malacanan, Her Excellency has to satisfy her First Person Mar umi all for bizarre love and lust.

  8. Dolly Modo Ridings on

    tha game is not over yet..Before December 10, Mayor Duterte will be in as a substitution of Martin Dino..he will not allow the tuwad na daan to continue manipulating people and pracyice nepotis’m the change is coming #Duterte2016

  9. Merriam Defensor Santiago and Bong Bong Marcos is the answer that will change the political and economically of our country and to the Filipino people. They are truly the servant of the filipino people not servant from Big businessman who control the economy of the Philippines. Never again, nevera again to Aquino and his Allies Liberal Party. ANG MGA SALOT SA BAYANG PILIPINAS AT MAMAYANG FILIPINO..

    • Dolly Modo Ridings on

      tha game is not over yet..Before December 10, Mayor Duterte will be in as a substitution of Martin Dino..he will not allow the tuwad na daan to continue manipulating people and pracyice nepotis’m the change is coming #Duterte2016

  10. Erwin Bentulan on

    The real issue here is not about discrediting someone because of some political agenda. It’s about enforcing the law! The law must prevail whatever the consequences maybe.

  11. That’s what my comment before the start of the sub-committee hearing It is already suspect at that start when composition of the Senators were bared. Sen. TRIP-LLANES, Sen. KAKAW PIMENTEL, and Sen. MALINIS CAYETANO, and of course with the Blessing of the ALMIGHTY CLEAN SENATE PRESIDENT PORKY DRILON AND HIS ASSOCIATE SEN. MATA GUINGONA. These senators are hell bent to bismirch the early self proclaim candidate VP BINAY who was high in surveys. NOW with the new revelation it confirm my suspicion proved correct. This new development in my reading VP BINAY will be jailed by January 2016. Meanwhile, Sen. Grace Poe Llamansares will be disqualified due to lack of residency and my math says she lacks 1 year and her citizenship will not be in questions. Thanks the COMELEC and SMARTMATIC the annointed candidate MAR ROXAS will win anyway while Sen. Santiago the winner will lose eventually since she was incapable of pursuing electoral protest due to health reason.

  12. Why don’t the pollsters ask whether the name Llamanzares can win the Presidency instead of using the adopted father’s. Is she ashame of her husband’s name or she just want a popular name.

    • I guess that’s the same case as noy noy was in 2010. Surnames win candidates. But unlike poe (or llamanzares as you may want to put it), noy had nothing to brag about during his senate and hrep (9) years. Btw, what happened to “cojuangco” in BS Aquino III? Is he ashamed of his mother’s roots?

  13. apolonio reyes on

    The other day I wrote my fearless forecast in this paper, not even knowing what Binay’s UNA was mentioning, as follows;
    1) Before Dec.10th, VP Binay will withdraw as he will be charged of Plunder and all his bank accounts and assets will be frozen. He could no longer finance UNA as his perceived dummies, Gerry Limlimngan’s and Ebeng Baloloy’s, bank accounts are already frozen.
    2) Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares will be disqualified as per 1987 Constitution’s definition of Natural Born Pilipino, Grace Poe Llamanzares is NO A NATURAL BORN FILIPINO.
    3) There will be two candidates left for president Mar Roxasand Mirriam Defensor Santiago.
    4) That let us vote wisely specially the vice president as he might be the next president after two years, that is if God’s forbid, Mirriam D. Santiago wins as DU30 will not join the race for president


    • Better consult a lawyer or a psychiatrist on your fearless forecast about Binay’s withdrawal scenario as the owner’s of bank accounts that were frozen are now filing up their criminal complaints against the illegitimate senate investigation and Omb. Conchita Carpio-Morales, Nestor Mercado, Bondal and other yellow paid false witnesses against VP Binay, his family, friends and allies.

  14. Leodegardo Pruna on

    The case against disgraced GRACE is legitimate. She herself admitted that she was a foundling and thereafter lied about her birth circumstances. God bless the Philippines.

  15. Nonong Cruz and Sim Marcelo have been with Mar Roxas for a long time. They are part of the ‘Balay’ faction influencing Malacañang. They are certainly part of the operations to disqualify anybody who stands in Mar Roxas’ way to the presidency. The FIRM has been active in dirty tricks since the time of Fidel V. Ramos, in whose administration The FIRM held tremendous influence. They were part of the group that engineered a pioneering ‘dagdag-bawas’ scheme that cheated Miriam Santiago out of the presidency. They hired the services of electoral manipulator Ronnie Puno who headed the notorious ‘Sulo operations’ (named after Sulo Hotel, where they had their headquarters) and they enlisted muckraker Ricardo Manapat to dig up dirt, real and manufactured, on all their opponents. Manapat, it must be remembered, was the one who manufactured data to make it appear that Fernando Poe, Jr. was not a natural-born Filipino. Yes, the FIRM was with Gloria Arroyo once upon a time, before they had a falling out. The FIRM has no loyalty to anyone, except to itself and its partners. The FIRM is not for righteousness or good government, as evidenced by the nefarious activities it engages in and the dirty tricks it employs. The FIRM is only after power and its own advancement. The FIRM is like the MAFIA, except it pretends to be more refined.

    • Thanks for this serious info. I hope you will continue informing the people about this local mafia in our society. This only supports the long suspicion that Nueva Ecija governor Aurelio “Oyie” Umali was indeed part of the LP demolition team that created, prepared, finance and protected Cabanatuan City born Nestor Mercado as their false witness against VP Jojo Binay.

  16. opinion reader on

    Here is my take, kapag tumakbo si Duterte, alam na!, kapag hindi sa Nognog ako. salamat poe!

  17. LP should focus on their platforms and stop throwing out black ops against Poe who is obviously qualified. They wouldn’t ask her to be Roxas’ VP is she’s not.

  18. Truth not only hurts but ruins career or political ambitions as well. So prepare for the inevitable. Twisting stories around may win sympathy from the masses but won’t be of any help.

    • This is “Conspiracy theory” versus “where there is smoke, there is fire”.

      Pero kung kailangang i-DQ, eh di disqualified. Bakit nga ba hanggang ngayon ay hindi pa sinasabi ni Susan Roces kung sino nga ba ang mga magulang-tunay ni Grace. Taga Malaysia ba ang tatay? Taga Malakanyang? Baka Markano, kaya nagka-isip bilis-bilis si Grace na maging Markano citizen. At iyang Makati City Hall…. bilish-bilisan dapat ang conviction. Ang nakakagulat puwedeng-puwefde namang bigyan ni Bise ng mga dokumento kung mayroon siya, hindi ba?

  19. Agueda Kahabagan on

    Siguro they are moving to disqualify Mayor Duterte too to substitute for Mr. Dino. Maybe this is the reason why Mayor Duterte is saying is not running because the LP is doing all the dirty tricks. Hmmm….

  20. Mar Roxas and the LP’s know they do not have a chance in the forthcoming elections. As usual they will be doing everything to bring down all opponents and buy out the Comelec-Smartmatic mafia organization.

  21. concerned citizen on

    Most Filipino politicians the only reason for running for higher office is to have political power and the monetary gain that comes with it. Forget about honest governance and real public service.

  22. LP really under estimate everyone. Du30 will wipe them out.Du30 is the people choice not a party choice. He will rule for it is his destiny. He will change the course and will make this country to be great.

    Mar has no balls to crackdown all crooks in the field. Only the Punisher can ever do it.

    OFW has no room for the elitist but for du30 always has the room.

    Go for du30 for a radical change.

  23. I don’t think at all that LP has to resort to black operations. It does not have to unless some opposition wanted it to appear like that . There is always a second story to all of this. Mar does not need to tarnish Binay and Poe images. They have their corresponding issues before even Mar was selected by PNOY to be the standard bearer for LP.

    • Are you born yesterday??? the demolition job on binay started a year ago and the the son is now barred from government office forever with a very super duper quick resolution of the Ombudsman ni Pnoy… and for poe, she was facing a disqualification case in SET and probably will be unseated as senator… now, what do you called that??? are you like of your president abnoy “manhid, bulag at walang pakialam sa kapwa kasi nga abnoy!!!”
      GUMISING KA NGA!!!!!!!!!!

    • its easy to put blame on MR, but there is legitimate case against these two other candidates. Its a part of disinformation campaign to divert the attention against MR.
      What do you think about the case of JJB, where can 2.3B parking building built on multi stages just to hide, its like money laundering, money collected from small and end up to the top.there are more probably that the public do not know. that is the reason why other politicians do not want to leave with a legacy. Its better than having your own business.’
      in the case of GPL one big problem for her is her residency, if its really tru that she still using her US visa before running as senator. Citizenship she can stil go around it but to make some denials on US documents is a diferent story unles uncle SAM coperate at what price.

  24. In the case of Grace Poe, I have no doubt she will be disqualified because our constitution clearly defines who is natural born citizen. At first she was the insurance basket of Pnoy in case Mar Roxas will be beaten next year but with the entry of Chiz Escudero things have changed. Mar Roxas is now all out to take the crown next by all means. But with the entry of Miriam Santiago, the game plan suddenly changed. Even if Grace Poe and Binay will be eliminated Miriam Santiago can easily beat Mar Roxas. That is big problem of Pnoy, his anointed one is really a bad product. With the entry of Bonbong Marcos in the Vice Presidential race Pnoy will have his hand full, first if Miriam wins and Bongbong could really be run away winner for VP next year. This will be worst nightmare for Pnoy should this happen.

  25. Nakakabigla ba kung may kukuwestyon ng qualifications ni Grace Poe at kahit sinong kandidato lalu na kung may batayan? This is every citizens duty. Since, angpipipilit at atat na atat maging pangulo so Poe at kanyang inang si Susan Roces kahit alam nilang pareho hindi qualipikado si Grace Poe, pinipilit nila at binabaraso ang legalidad nang pagtakbo.

    Ang nakakabigla, bakit ayaw ilantad ni Grace Poe ang mga katrayduran at krimen ni Benigno Aquino III at Mar Roxas sa pagpapatakbo at pangngungulimbat sa gubyerno at kasuhan ang mga ito. Kasama kase siya at kasabwat sa katiwalian!

    Ang nakakabigla pa, sa kabila ng matinding atake kay VP Binay at buong pamilya, wala rin siyang ikinaso kay Roxas at Aquino III. Para din siyang si Grace Poe! Mas marami pa ngang nailantad si Retired Bishop Oscar Cruz na katiwalian at si Ted Faylon na parehong wala sa gubyerno kaysa kay Binay at Grace Llamanzares sa buong magaanim na taon na! Bakit? Kase mga kasabwat din sila at kunektado mga pusod! Pare-parehong walang maasahan pagbabago at kaunlaran ang taong bayan!

  26. We know this to be true already. The LP is running scared of Grace Poe, having seen her popularity surge even with all their ‘disqualification complaints’. It’s really sad considering all the time and effort the LP placed in trying to get Grace Poe to join them and run with Mar. Yet she was having none of it.

    Every poll shows Grace Poe still way out in front. The people cannot be fooled by the ruling party playing ‘sleight of hand’ while throwing obstacles at her and the LP has seen this.

    Never in history have we seen a ‘foundling’ from Iloilo create such a political sensation in upsetting the status-quo.

    Grace Poe supporters have their work set before them. Stand up and confront the system that is set against her. If history is be judged. The people will win.