• LP blocking human rights claims – Marcos


    Vice presidential aspirant Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. accused the Liberal Party for the delay in the distribution of human rights claims, saying his family is not involved in the process.

    “We do not send our lawyers to whatever proceedings. In that case it is the government versus the claimants. It is the Liberal Party that is hindering the distribution of claims,” Marcos said at the Commission on Elections-initiated vice presidential debate held at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) Sunday.

    “It is not our family that is blocking the human rights claims. It is the LP,” he said.

    Marcos, who has been in public service for 27 years, was the target of immense mudslinging from his rivals, particularly Senators Alan Peter Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes 4th, who are his party mates in the Nacionalista Party.

    Administration party candidate Rep. Leni Robredo also joined the tirades against Marcos.

    The three urged Marcos to return the alleged ill-gotten-wealth of the family of former president Ferdinand Marcos.

    “I cannot give what I do not have,” was the senator’s simple answer, adding that his family had followed the rulings of various courts on ill-gotten wealth.

    On the issue of his apology, Marcos said he “will certainly acknowledge all human rights abuses or else they will be repeated.”

    But he clarified that in his 27 years of public service, he had never been accused of human rights abuses.

    Hecklers disrupted Marcos’ opening statement, prompting security guards to escort the more than five men from the debate venue.

    Marcos remained calm.

    “I would like to thank the students of the University of Santo Tomas where I won the mock elections,” he said, adding that he will address the problems of criminality, joblessness, high prices of commodities, and lagging agriculture, among others.


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    1. Never again to the marcos. Cayetano is right, let not history repeat itself. The sin of the father is not the sin of his son but where is the wealth of the BM came. Lets do some searching on ourselves with the lavish parties, the thousand pair of shoes and during martial law average people cannot eat apples and grapes. What an era of dictatorship.

    2. Of the vice -presidentiables, Bong Bong is the most trusted, circumspect and well mannered person as shown in the last debate. As vice president, he can be a fiscalizer to the 30 years of Aquino’s influence to Phil. politics. Nasaan ang Pilipinas ngayon. We were really dupe by the Aquinos. Let’s go for Bong Bong as vice president.

    3. I am sure BBM is indeed respectable of a staesman of his gesture during the debate. Despite all the acusations and brutality of Cayetano who just became a blabbermouth at best and a willing lapdog of Mayor Duterte. Impassioned for the position but he is just echoing Mayor Duterte’s position. Of course, although BBM did not confront him of his DAP and FDAP and his years of being abeneciary of the pork barrel like her sister Pia, everybody knows what he is capable of. Like a empty can, it is loud and really annoying. He is the equivalent of Grace Llamanzares in the debate, sneaky, destructive and always out of context in politicking. Leni is not of a VP caliber maybe DSWD at best while Gringo and Trillanes either Defense or Mayor muna of mag ala Salceda sila. He is definitely a better Bicolanon for the top executive posts.

    4. jeff jaramillo on

      The calmness and posture of Bongbong Marcos in responding the harsh attack upon his person and that of his family by other vice presidential candidates during the debate is a show of a man of honor and an epitome of a good elected official.

      The way he responded and handled the tirades of Cayetano added respect on him, thus will surely increases his desirability to become VP.

      • pareho kayo ni kahit-ano (cayetano) walang alam sa tunay na nangyayari at kakayahan ni BBM… si BBM ang may pinakamalawak na experience sa lahat ng vice presidential candidate. 27years and yet walang accusation of any wrongdoing. si cayetano nakalista sa mga tumanggap ng bribe sa impeachment ni corona. 50 million po yun plus dinagdagan pa uli ng 50m pagkatapos niyang bumoto pabor sa conviction.

      • Who are you to judge that a voter of BBM does not love his country? I can say the same thing of you for your choice. Will that be right?

      • eltee mulawin on

        >>> Ang alam ko at alam ng lahat ang halalan ay sa May 9, 2016 pa. Ang tama at dapat sabihin siguroay ganito ……ang lahat na bumoto bilang Pangulo kay BSC-Aquino, Trillanes at Cayetano sa senado ay naloko. At sana sa darating na halalan sa May 9, 2016 huwag na maloko pa muli sila niTHRILLanes at Calyetano.

      • Utoy natutulog ka sa pansitan. FYI kundi Kay BBM na tuloy na yan BBL. Malaking gulo na sa Mindanao Kung lumusot yan Malacanang Malaysia MILF version ng BBL at Kawawa na mga Christiano at baba na Ang mga MILF at kunin yung mga Lupa Nila. Yan ba Ang sinasabi mong walang pagmamahal sa bayan? Mag isip isip ka bago mag salita at Ang buong Mindanao maliban sa MILF ay boboto Kay Duterte at BBM. Si BBM ay isang patriotikong Pilipino at Meron pagmamahal sa bayan. Di tulad yan idol mo ihiwalay Ang Mindanao sa Republika ng Pilipinas.

    5. The claims of those with rights to collect money must be processed immediately so that the Filipino people will find out how many were abused and the circumstances of abuse they were in. Aquino and LP are afraid to find out that the alleged victims were NPA/communist members or sympathizers who were already trying to go mainstream government, and were actually killed by their “former” comrades.

      • herman alejandro on

        Dapat yong process sa pagbabayad ng backpay ng mga war veterans ay gagamitin at ipapatubad din sa pagbabayad sa mga claimants ng human rights abuses. Paano matiyak kung inosenteng magsasaka o estudiyante ang mga ito o talagang regular cadre or member ng maka kaliwa at nakapatay din talaga ng mga sundalo?

      • Agree, hopefully somebody to document those claimant and the circumstances of the abuses experienced by their love ones.