• LP courts public to support ‘Mar’


    The ruling Liberal Party (LP) is finding ways to make the public

    favor Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd in the 2016 presidential race, a party official said on Thursday.

    Acting LP President Joseph Abaya, who also serves as the Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communications, made the admission at the sidelines of plenary debates on the P22-billion supplemental budget held in the House of Representatives.

    Roxas, the LP’s president-on-leave and presumptive administration bet in 2016, dropped to sixth place in the latest Pulse Asia survey on people’s preferences in the 2016 presidential bets, with a mere six percent of the voters preferring him to succeed President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    In that survey, he tailed Vice President Jejomar Binay (26 percent), Sen. Grace Poe (18 percent), Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago (12 percent), former President and now Manila mayor Joseph Estrada (10 percent) and Sen. Francis Escudero (7 percent).

    “I don’t know exactly since there is no fixed formula for [winning]the presidency or the elections. When I ran for Congress, I never believed in surveys. Besides, a [winning]formula for one may not be for the others, and vice versa. At the end of the day, it’s all scientific guesswork,” Abaya responded to reporters when asked what could be the factors as to why Roxas’ ratings are yet to pick up with 2016 polls just a year and a half away.

    Roxas led much of the public opinion surveys in the vice presidential race in the run-up to the 2010 polls but surprisingly lost to then Makati Mayor Binay by 700,000 votes. He was initially set to run for President, but threw his support behind the presidential bid of his party-mate and then Senator Aquino, who gained more popularity after the death of his mother, former President Corazon Aquino, in 2009.

    “What is critical for us is to continue the reforms started by the Aquino administration. We can’t make a U-turn because a whole generation will take it against us… [although]It’s still too early in the ballgame. We would have wished that we have maintained or moved up [in the surveys]. We know we have to work harder,” Abaya said.

    He added that the public has to understand that the party is having a hard time doing a balancing act in trying to fulfill their duties as Cabinet secretaries and strategizing a winning gameplan for the 2016 polls.

    “It’s hard to put a political hat when you have to prioritize your public service hat. That’s why we are not on the campaign mode yet,” Abaya said.


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    1. Mar Roxas will never become a President he has no charisma, his decision making are intangibles, his a loser last election against Binay. So people not even convince with his DILG performance way below if you compare to Late Sec. Robredo people wants result too much carnapping, police scalawags, rape, drug menace and gambling proliferation. Don’t tell me the number of criminal drop, it’s more getting worse and notorious. Better give Poe a chance than Roxas, he will definitely lose to Binay again beleive me. Even if Binay is corrupt. Binay has the fraternity, Binay has lot of sisterhood City who will help to campaign. Binay has the OFWs which really enjoy the help coming from Binay, he has the housing where pro poor are benificial, how about Roxas only papogi points, these will be his legacy nothing to remember. Yolanda, Zamboanga, Bohol earthquake, whose work are these this is are all for the President work, proxy for Prez. But Roxas has no projects that he can say that his own. Look at the mess of DOTC, MRT, LRT, Traffic, and Telcos below or substandard. Who had been their before that become vocal during their era, Ping de Jesus, Oscar Orbos, which to name a few.

    2. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

      It is Binay who has cobfirmed that he is running for President. The survey pits him with so many people that has not really declare they will run. Some are just saying they have the intention. The survey then scatters the choices of those against Binay to so many people. If the survey will compare those for Binay and those against Binay, Binays ranking will drop. What it means is that there must be a united opposition candidate against Binay. Mar Roxas must first declare that he is going to run for President in the coming election. Then continue his good work, until it is time to really campaign.

    3. The recent survey of Pulse Asia should not be taken seriously. In the first place, the size and type of sampling they took to base their survey can never be a representative of the population and therefore do snot have any significance at all. In the second place, perhaps the one thousand or so people they took the survey from may not realize the gravity, or have no knowledge, of the charges against Binay in the Senate and in the Ombudsman.
      Another plausible reason why Binay is leading over Roxas is because Roxas or the Liberal Party has not yet announced his intention to run for presidency. This is probably a the strategy they are employing in order to avert any derogatory or misleading comments against Roxas at this early stage of the upcoming election.
      Pedro Albea

    4. Ping Lacson did nothing good when he was a PNP officer. In fact he was famous on rumors that he ordered the salvaging of the sister and cousin of the notorious gangster of Bulacan, Joey de Leon ( not the famous tv comedian) and the Kuratong Baleleng Gang Members at an overpass at Commonwealth Avenue. There is one thing he did that made Ping Lacson almost won Ping the presidency, he ordered the arrest of KOTONG COPS where one of his aides died in a shootout.
      I used to vote straight Liberal until the Snap Election where I voted straight Laban of Ninoy. The reason why many does not like Mar was because he was always considered by many that he is a Tuta of Pnoy ever since Pnoy’s day one in office. If only Mar will do what the masses of Filipinos admire in a candidate the likes ” Asiong Salonga or Robin Hood or Ali Baba “, I still believe Mar has a good chance and I would suggest that Sec. Mar order the:
      1) Ban on Riding-in-Tandem to solve the menace of Murder by Riding-in-Tandem until the term of Pnoy.
      2) Order the implementation of Color Coding without Window Opening 7 am -8 pm from Dec. 15, 2014 to Jan. 20, 2015 when Pope Francis leave for Vatican. This will cut the volume of traffic in Metro Manila by 30% and save the economy of at lease P1B a day.
      3) Order the National Police Commission to finish within 100 days all cases against PNP policemen and officials and terminate those found guilty.
      4) Order the arrest of all KOTONG COPS and ALL KOTONG MMDA TRAFFIC TONGFORCERS and terminate or jail them.

      If DILG Sec. Mar Roxas will order any two of the above mentioned, I believe he have a good fighting chance come 2016. Sec. Mar is one candidate who is not involved in any graft and corruption case so he still ” MR. CLEAN ” and only need to show the masses he has the two “ba..s” of Mirriam, Di Ba Bayan?

    5. Ang survey ay 70%totoo at lalo na kung kontrolado ng nagpakuha dito!
      10%lang si erap! Kahit pagsama-samahin mo lahat yan baka kumain yan ng alikabok! Yung Aquino laban kay erap ay hindi nanalo si Aquino kung hindi natulungan!
      Saan-saan lang hinanap-ang mga taong tinanong nila at kontrolado nila ito!
      Unti-unti nilang ilalapit ang sinuman upang bumaba ang ratings ni nognog!
      Survey plus comelec equals Mar Roxas para sa pangulo!