• LP denies impeach move vs Duterte


    VICE PRESIDENT Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo and her Liberal party mates on Tuesday denied a plot to oust President Rodrigo Duterte, with Robredo calling the accusation that came from the President himself “misinformation.”

    Duterte on Monday said the “yellows” were out to discredit and impeach him, claiming they were behind the international media play-up of his expletive-laden outburst against the United States and US President Barack Obama amid last week’s Association of Southeast Asian Nations summits in Laos.

    Yellow is the color associated with the Liberal Party (LP) of former President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    Robredo, the LP’s highest-ranking elected official who was given the Social Welfare and Development portfolio by Duterte, said in a statement: “There are no moves from the Liberal Party to unseat the President.”

    “In fact, the leadership of the party has been consistently demonstrating its support to this administration. Members of the party coalesced with the majority in the House and the Senate,” she added.

    Robredo was referring to the LP lawmakers who belong to the “Super Majority” bloc led by Duterte’s allies from PDP-Laban, the Nationalist People’s Coalition, Nacionalista Party, National Unity Party and Lakas-CMD in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

    Rep. Romero Quimbo of Marikina, a Liberal, is one of the 12 deputy speakers of the House.

    Robredo said she would “clarify” the “misinformation” on the supposed impeachment plot with the President and assure him of the party’s commitment to his reform measures, particularly on poverty and the fight against illegal drugs.

    “We’ve offered the anti-poverty programs and policies that I’ve been pushing for to complement the government’s priorities on poverty alleviation. We’ve been coordinating with the relevant government agencies so that our office can help in the rehabilitation effort that needs to accompany the campaign against illegal drugs,” she added.

    Liberal congressmen Feliciano Belmonte Jr. of Quezon City, Edcel Lagman of Albay, Raul Daza of Northern Samar and Edgar Erice of Caloocan City echoed Robredo.

    Belmonte said it would be hard to impeach Duterte, who controls Congress.

    “He (Duterte) is overwhelmingly popular which amounts to a public approval of his programs. Secondly, he has overwhelming majority in the House where impeachment starts,” Belmonte said.

    Daza agreed that impeachment was definitely off the table.

    “As you already know, 28 of the 33 LP members are with the Super Majority [bloc]. We [in the LP]have not even talked about impeachment. Impeachment, under the Constitution, begins in the House and I am sure there has not been any talk about that,” Daza said.

    ‘Impeaching himself’
    For Lagman, a Liberal stalwart who chose to be part of the House minority, the President had no one to blame but himself for what happened last week.

    “It is the President who is … impeaching himself with ill-conceived statements that are unmindful of adverse effects and compromising consequences,” Lagman told reporters, referring to the President’s tirades against the US, expletives against world leaders, and controversial statements against political opponents.

    At least five LP members belong to the House opposition bloc that has called itself the “Legitimate 8” following the installation of Quezon Rep. Danilo Suarez as minority leader.

    Lagman’s group, which claims the Suarez-led minority is friendly to the Super Majority, includes Daza, Erice, Teodoro Baguilat of Ifugao and Emmanuel Billones of Capiz.

    Erice clarified that being in the opposition did not mean support for Duterte’s ouster.

    “We don’t talk about impeachment because it is bad for our country and for our economy. We do not wish impeachment for the President,” Erice said.

    “We want President Duterte to succeed, and our role [in the opposition]is to provide check and balance. The President should also try to appreciate that what we are doing here [as opposition lawmakers]is also good for the country,” Erice added.


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    1. People are still wondering why Robredo was given a cabinet position by Duterte when she has been always taking the other side of Duterte presidency. To many, she is a spy and a link to the socalled “yellows” and therefore not be allowed to sit with loyal cabinet members in any cabinet meeting. One on one with the president, maybe, for this lady is just a heartbeat away from the presidency. As obviously weak and less smarter than the other “conspirators”, she will become a puppet president if Duterte loses the presidency. That day will be the day of reckoning for he might wind up a jailbird like Estrada and Arroyo. The Advice: fire her!!

      Duterte should be alert with setups by some media mules to exploit his temper described by some as “habit”. President duterte should stop talking like a tough guy and instead act and talk like a president. Finally, Duterte should pursue Federalism that promises to solve the cycle of political charade and more likely will end the ambitions of many corrupt politicians for power. One note: USA is very much better guy than Russia and China.

    2. Remember the CIA has all the machinery to oust the President of the Philippines with the help of the Yellows.; They do it to Marcos then to Estrada then to Arroyo then to Binay then to Corona then to M. Gutierrez and the next target is DU30. Beware this POWER HUNGRY Yellows, they will not stop at anything until their mission is complete and they’re back in POWER. God Save the Philippines.

    3. You expect the Filipino people to believe the Yellows, my goodness, what do you expect from congenital liars, political turncoats and trapos whose primary means of survival is betraying their own kind when they realize the boat is sinking? Leni Robber redo is at it again, she rides at almost every issue that appear on broadsheets. Noy Aquino is quiet right now but his dream of getting the totem of power from PD30 is evident. Well he can try but this time he will be at the raw end of “people power”, the true power of the people, that is.

    4. A case of “Tulak ng Bibig Kabig ng Dibdib”. For all we know Madame VP, you are salivating on the position of presidency. You may hide it for now, but majority of Filipinos knew the ‘sins” of Yellow Army. Thus, if you try to impeach DU30 with CIA’s help and some Narco Generals and Politicans plus Drug syndicates help, all hell will break loose. You may notice that DU30 has toured as many Military Camps as the 3 past presidencies combined in his just 3 months of office. Iba ito madame. Indi ito plastik na Pangulo!

    5. The LPs should stop dreaming about taking power again. No way this is going to happen. Let me tell them this: there will be NO CONSTITUTIONAL SUCCESSION IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO PRRD. Stop. We will not go back to a Yellow Regime. Not gonna happen. There will be civil strife and military unrest if anyone attempts to bring back the yellow years. P#tang ina talaga, subukan nila.

    6. The President should not give an iota of trust to these LP or the Yellowtards. These people has caused a lot of problems which the country is facing today. These people are shenanigans making mockery the rule of law and are all tainted with corruption. They have gone to the lowest level of corruption by propagating the Drug menace in the country at the same time enriching themselves. President DU30 should take out their members in the judiciary most specially in the Supreme Court. He should pressure SC to come out with the resolution on the legality of the late filling of SOCE by the LP. Likewise, he should pressure the OMBUDSMAN to come out with the result of the investigation of the justice department on the PDAP and DAP. The President should start impeachment proceeding on the COMELEC commissioners for the highly irregular conduct of election last May. The President should start the offensive moves against these scums and should not wait for counter moves.

    7. Just let them try.
      The LP, the Dilaws, will surely feel the WRATH of 16+ million people, plus the military and police. We get rid not only of drug addicts and pushers, but, more importantly, the corrupt and those who have brought this nation to perdition.

      VP Landi is again trying to cover up for her discredited party’s thirst for power.

    8. One thing is sure, we will never go back to a yellow regime. Even Robredo’s “election” is highly suspect. The country no matter the expletives will move on in a progressive way with Duterte at the helm. The Aquino presidency was a nightmare for the country, which pummeled the Filipino helpless into the ground. Even the drug menace grew leaps and bounds in the Aquino presidency. .

      • Is Robredo sincere? Sabi niya kapag si PRRD ang maging pangulo, at siya ang mahalal na vice, MAG RERESIGN SIYA, di ba? Pero sa mga nangyari, di ba’t siya ay atat na atat maka puesto sa gabinete? At tawa ng tawa, ngiti ng ngiti. Sa mga diyaryo. di siya naaasiwa sa kasinungalingan niya? Di ba siya nahihiya sa nasirang asawa na ubod ng TOTOO at mga anak niya na sumasaksi sa umuusbong niyang kaplastikan na hindi marka ng isang JESS ROBREDO. Magpalit ka muna kaya ng apelyido mo bago ka umasta ng hindi ganoon sa TOTOONG may-ari ng apelyidong iyan. Sana naman bilisan ng SC ang muling pagbilang ng mga boto.nila ni BBM.

    9. Wala namang alam si Robredo eh. SI Florencio Abad ang operator, as usual, with co-brain nya si Noynoying. Strategy Lang pananahimik Ni BS Aquino para Hindi mapadali ang kulong nya, while they are doing the move to discredit DU30 and the oust him in whatever means… Maybe courtesy of the US the A.