LP drops Poe, guns for Leni’s ‘yes’


LIBERAL Party (LP) stalwarts led by President Benigno Aquino 3rd and members of the Cabinet will fly to Naga City (Camarines Sur) on Tuesday in “full force” to convince Rep. Leni Robredo to be the running mate of Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd, a well-placed source said on Sunday.

The source added that Aquino and Roxas’ group will make the “final push” to get Robredo to run for vice president next year after the supposed breakdown of talks with Sen. Grace Poe and Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto.

“They tried Poe, [they got]busted. Then Santos, but she was not interested. They are now placing their last card on Robredo. We can expect an announcement there or soon after,” the source said.

“If the President will fly to Naga City, then that’s it. Ask Palace officials,” he added.

Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda confirmed that Aquino will be flying to Naga to attend the commemoration of the third death anniversary of Jesse Robredo, husband of Rep. Robredo.

The former Interior secretary died in a plane crash in 2012.

When asked if LP leaders have made up their minds on Rep. Robredo to run with Roxas to form the “Ro-Ro” tandem, Lacierda, however, gave a vague response.

“The balls are all up in the air,” he said.

“The purpose for going there is for the President and Jesse’s fellow Cabinet secretaries to commemorate his death anniversary. How it is viewed by others is entirely up to their interpretation,” the Palace official added.

But according to The Manila Times source, the LP has given up hope on Poe agreeing to their terms and run with Roxas.

He said Roxas has to find a running mate before the next results of the polls are made public.

“They are growing desperate to find a running mate. The tandem must be announced before the third quarter survey,” the source added.

By all indications, Poe is determined to run for President, alongside her fellow senator, Francis Escudero, as her vice presidential running mate.

Big political parties and political groups such as the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) prefer Poe over Roxas and vowed majority support for the senator’s candidacy once she decided to run.

On the other hand, Robredo, who represents Camarines Sur at the House of Representatives, is yet to make up her mind in seeking higher elective office, saying she is more focused on seeking reelection.

But the legislator said she keeps an “open mind” about the LP offer.

Several civil society groups and various personalities led by the Kaya Natin Movement last week launched the ‘’Leni Robredo for Vice President Movement’’ at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani in Quezon City.

In a previous interview, Robredo said she talked to Roxas about a month ago regarding the 2016 polls but the discussion revolved around her possible Senate run.

Besides Poe, Santos-Recto and Robredo, the LP was also eyeing Sen. Alan Cayetano of the Nacionalista Party as Roxas’ possible running mate.


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  1. Roxas is so desperate , He is looking for someone to save him . He does not even have any confidence in himself that he needs to pursue a candidate for VP to carry him and ride along their popularity.

    • hewhofollowsthesun on

      hindi naman desperate,.. just wanting the best associate, to be given the chance to manage the country in 2016

  2. Oliver Jomadiao on

    Whilst we all have are guts going and the administration and individual politicians grind their teeth showing their agendas, the Smarmatic PCOS backed COMELEC already decided who is the winner whether we like it or not! kaya dapat palitan ang PCOS asap.

    • hewhofollowsthesun on

      I hope this is not just
      a gut feeling that you are having. can you be more detailed and specific para the netizens can provide resistance to what you are saying ?

  3. No one can save “Marujas” than he himself! If he has done great decisions during his association with a ‘mediocre’ administration, it will come out or seep through.. His big political chance left him when he became a second fiddle to Pres.BS Aquino. Most of all, when he was ‘anointed’ by him.

  4. Catalino Garcia on

    Neither Leni or Poe can save Roxas from losing the election in 2016. The LP should just make Kris Aquino his running mate and get this charade over with.

  5. Although LP was will aware that Ms Poe will never win as a VP, LP did try to court her if only to help MR gain popularity. Having another VP choice for MR is a good move for LP and in the long run maybe for the country. Ms Poe will never win as a VP because the Filipino people will soon realize that this individual is not who she said she is. Forget the issue of if she is a natural born Philippines citizen or not. The question is why did she renounced her Philippines citizenship in the first place? As the daughter of Fernando Poe she was and still is very well off compared to most Filipinos living in the Philippines. Yet as most OPPORTUNIST does, she looked for a BETTER opportunity in the US. Nothing wrong with seeking better opportunities however there are a lot of green card holder Filipinos living in the US for years and years who have remained true Filipinos and continue to hold Philippines citizenship. Now that Ms Poe has a better opportunity in the Philippines, she has conveniently discarded her US citizenship as well. She not only conveniently discarded both Philippines and US citizenship but also her married name taking advantage of her late father’s name to pursue her ambition. I hope that the SET will find her candidacy for senator illegal, therefore her win invalid and remove her from the Philippines senate. We’ll see if she and her American family members stays in the Philippines if she is no longer a senator.

    By the way, are foreign nationals allowed to actively work in a political campaign in the Philippines?

    • hewhofollowsthesun on

      For the president position…Pnoy won 2012…I hope Mar will win in 2016. Poe will win in 2022. and Robredo will win in 2028. …. By 2034 Binay will will be pardoned from incarceration due to old age.