• LP ignores surveys, declares Mar victory


    PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd led Liberal Party (LP) members across the country in a show of force, gathering on Thursday to assure presidential candidate Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd of victory in the May polls despite Roxas’ lethargic survey numbers.

    In a huge assembly at the historic Club Filipino in San Juan City (Metro Manila), LP members and their allies from other political parties that include governors, mayors and lawmakers took turns in assuring Roxas that he is headed for a triumph next month because of Roxas’ rock solid competence and a name untainted by corruption.

    Prior to the show of force, the LP standard-bearer scored 18 and 19 percent in pre-election surveys this week that are only good for third and fourth place, respectively.

    “Surveys are just causing confusion. We can’t gamble on this. Must we depend on chance here?” President Aquino said.

    “Sixty-nine out of the 81 governors are our allies. Don’t believe in surveys. After the elections, you’ll see, we’ll be the winners,” LP treasurer and Oriental Mindoro Rep. Alfonso Umali, a good friend of the President, told the crowd.

    “[In Cebu, Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo will win],” Cebu Gov. Hilario Davide 3rd said.

    Leni Robredo is Roxas running mate.

    Cebu has 2.7 million million registered voters–the largest in the country.

    “[In the Bicol Region, Mar and Leni will win. We don’t believe in surveys],” former Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman, who is seeking a congressional return, proclaimed.

    The Bicol Region has 3.1 million voters.

    Surigao del Sur Gov. Johnny Pimentel said “Mar and Leni will overwhelmingly win in our province.”

    Surigao del Sur belongs to the Caraga Region, home to 1.55 million registered voters.

    Capiz Rep. Frednil Castro said the support for Roxas and Robredo is so overwhelming that even their foes are uniting to support the administration bets.

    Maguindanao Gov. Toto Mangudadatu, who cited Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao rivals–incumbent Gov. Mujiv Hataman and Sulu Vice Gov. Abdusakur Tan–who are contesting the ARMM governorship but are both backing the candidacies of Roxas and Robredo.

    Roxas has never led any pre-election survey for the presidency, while his rivals Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, Sen. Grace Poe and Vice President Jejomar Binay already ranked first in separate occasions.

    The most recent survey leader is Duterte.

    “The surveys are heavily influenced by the audacity of statements. The daring words tickle the listeners. But once we sit down together and contemplate on what have been said and it’s time to vote, that’s the only time the final decision will be made,” House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, Jr. said.

    “At the end of the day, the people will choose the best person for the job, and that is Mar. The people will pick the one with a gameplan, not just audacity,” Belmonte added.

    The LP, however, denied that it was a loyalty check.

    “It’s not a loyalty check. Pampalakas ng loob [It’s a moral booster]… to everybody… that we are still all together,” Belmonte, the LP vice chairman, said.

    “You can call it show of force, victory march… you can lump it together to describe this. In elections, there is always this hype [that we don’t have support], and we need to respond to this. As you can see, those who have been with us in the beginning are still around,” Caloocan City (Metro Manila) Rep. Edgar Erice, the LP spokesman, said.

    Pampanga Rep. Joseller Guiao likened Roxas to a relentless basketball team that has the stamina and delivers clutch plays in the winning moments.

    Hearing such words, Roxas delivered thunderous claims of winning but his voice cracked when mentioning random acts of kindness that he receives from his supporters in the campaign trail.

    “Mananalo tayo dahil hindi tayo corrupt. Mananalo tayo dahil hindi tayo astang diktador. Mananalo tayo dahil tayo ay tunay na Pilipino [We will win because we are not corrupt. We will win because we do not act like a dictator. We will win because we are true-blooded Filipinos],” he said.


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    1. By their words, you shall know them…. they cannot ignore now their replies in reaction to what I wrote. I had been teaching statistics for years and I know exactly why I should not believe the surveys intend to create a bandwagon result for the voters. As I said only candidates who uphold the truth and the ultimate good should win, you know why, all Presidents of the Philippines for that matter, past, present and future ones are duty bound to uphold and implement the laws and these laws include the Constitution as the highest law of the land. Look at your candidates if they pass this requirement. Laws are ordnance of reason promulgated for the common good and they are the reflection of God’s laws. Nobody ever succeeds in breaking the law, for in the process of breaking the law, one will only break himself or herself. It is not complicated to choose one’s candidates, classify them into two categories only, GOOD or EVIL. Discard the evil ones who are inspired by Satan himself, and of the GOOD, choose the best among them. The more that they talk about their candidates and their advocacies, the more it becomes clear who to discard and who to vote for. Almighty God and Father lead us to righteousness and let all the Filipino voters be enlightened by your TRUTH and GOODNESS and send your Holy Spirit for us to overcome the forces of Satan now ready to mislead us away from the path of good governance, So be it, Lord.

    2. After watching the Liberal Party and Aquino ruin the Philippines by ignoring the countries infrastructure for the past 6 year i can’t believe anyone would vote for these incompetent do nothing Liberal party idiots.

    3. It doesn’t look like a show of force. Its more of culmination meeting. This will be their last gathering because most of them will jump to the party of the winning candidate who definitely will not be roxas.

    4. Raymund Mira on

      All the accusations mentioned here against Mar Roxas are all REHASH!!! Time and again all these have been answered by Mar Roxas on debates, on interviews, on social media, actual structures and ‘irrefutable’ data can be sourced on Government website. Still, as the elections nears, the criticisms keep on coming…bricks, pots and pans, kitchen sinks were thrown to Mar Roxas to disparage his refutation and to erode his chances to become President.

      But lo and behold, Mar Roxas still remains standing. His Liberal Party remains strong and formidable in numbers (as shown above). These must have been disquieting to his opponents and critics…Why is that??

      Because they have underestimated the goodwill persona of Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo; the achievements of Pnoy of which they tried to hide (to no avail). By exposing or highlighting only their bad sides; the ‘double edge sword’ of social media where the public can discern for themselves the good or bad of the issues; and the OBVIOUS FAULTS of the other candidates…

      Mar (and Leni) has the advantage now on the ‘homestretch of the campaign…and onwards to victory!!!

    5. The gathering of liars. Mar Roxas should know by now that they are just pulling his legs. If they can really deliver votes for Roxas, how come he’s still showing poor ratings in the survey.

    6. They are correct in ignoring the surveys. These surveys don’t reflect the correct pulse of the people. Just like the one which says Noy’s trust rating increased. Doesn’t make sense at all.

    7. Puro sira na ‘tong mga taga LP, masyado ng mga lasing sa kapangyarihan, this election is not about the personality and issue, but this is about the people’s clamor for change, people cannot be persuaded anymore by sweet thoughts of incompetent leaders.

    8. Have our so-called leaders so out of touch with reality, so deaf and blind on the deterioration of the people’s lives here or just plain apathy and insensitive to arrogantly claim that they can win the election? Maybe money talks but I hope with the worst administration this country ever had, we should know better than to allow them to continue with their reign.

    9. Mar will win if the vote is only confined to governors.
      Why then COMELEC printed more than 50 million ballots if the winner can be declared by governors? And why wait for May 10 and hold an election?
      True, these people does not know what
      R-E-A-L-I-T-Y is.

    10. Pity them..they make themselves believe that they are still as one. Your people have spoken through action…Your governors’, mayors’ votes are not equal to 100,000 votes!!

    11. Yes, it is correct to ignore the surveys. How would you rely on survey results whose samples are only some small fractions of the entire voting population? It is good if you have a homogeneous population, say a grain of sugar, for it will exactly have the same properties of the whole sack of sugar. Maybe, others would think that the survey results would create a bandwagon effect for all voters to join them in their choice. No, we have now enlightened voters and they would know who to vote for, the yardstick will ultimately zero in to the choice between good and evil. We should pray for enlightened and empowered voters for the common good. Definitely, candidates who mislead and deceive voters through evil schemes would be left out for in reality they are inspired by no less than the satanic forces. Only those who stand for the truth and the common good will win for they represent God’s will. I firmly believe that voters will not vote for those names in the political dynasties which our Constitution prohibits, those who plunder public funds, and those who are not natural born citizens as defined in the our Constitution with Filipino father or mother, or both, and of course, physically fit to withstand the challenging duties of the presidency. We should pray for an enlightened and empowered Filipino electorate conscious of our country’s common good…

    12. This article is close to irrelevant. Cebu alone if you ask the people there, they would rather vote for binay than Roxas. From north of cebu to south they are all talking about Duterte so pag nanalo si Roxas sa cebu then alam na!

    13. Just try doing your Hocus Pcos thing and make Mar Roxas win on May 9 and you will definitely see massive street demonstrations all over the country for an Obvious election fraud. LP may have majority of the politicians but these crooks cannot dictate on their contituents as to whom they will vote.People are clamoring to put a stop on crimes, drugs and corruption which non of Dutertes opponent can handle much as put priority on it. Goodluck LP, Filipinos had enough of noynoying and we dont want another brat to continue the tuwid na daan hoax!

    14. manuel arado on

      It only shows how confident they are na LUTONG-LUTO NA talaga ang eleksiyon para sa KANILA! Nakakalungkot kung totoo ito!

    15. Lilia R Papa on

      ROXAS must accept reality . You had 6 years to show decisiveness and managerial ability . But you blew it all. The last was KIDAPAWAN .. Wala kang compassion kasi astang gaciendero .

    16. Bahala ka sa buhay mo! its not qualified for a president. During devastated crisis no showing of compassion and all fund shared from a closed country gone.

    17. Maribel Calanda on

      Talo pa rin sya on May 9. Marami talaga ang naiinis sa kanyang mga kapalpakan sa mga hinawakan nyang ahensya. He was so incompetent and overbearing in times of tragedies like the Yolanda typhoon, Mamasapano encounter that led to the demise of SAF 44, Zamboanga siege. He is heartless and very elitist. He is portraying his true self, a brat elite.

    18. Eighty one votes from Governors can’t bring Roxas to victory, unless they allow or support a massive VCM tampering in favor of Roxas. Everyman in the street knew its Duterte, who has the support of the majority but it will never be understood by men in the Palace who have a poor grasp of reality.

      • LP has the money and resources to be confident but people are very different now, we don’t have to vote these people they sound like loonies!!

      • Aquino’s real plan is for Poe to win who then in turn will shield Aquino and all his stooges just like she did during the SAF 44 hearings.

        Will people be surprised when Poe pardons Aquino and Abad ?
        How many people have been convicted of stealing the pork barrel funds ?

        Zero. When the election is over watch as the 2 opposition senators that were arrested are released.