• LP lawmaker appeals for support in planned impeach raps vs. SC justices


    (By Llanesca T. Panti, Breaking News, December 12, 2013)
    Umali is nothing but like a piece of broken guitar…people don’t believe on him anymore… ever since he had seen a small lady during corona’s impeachment….i consider that lady is a “white lady” kasi di nakita sa CCTV…

    Amissah Akhofi, amissahakhofi@yahoo.com


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    1. H-Umali ka dyan! (Alis dyan)
      Your credibility, was taken away by the small lady, you’re a nuisance. You cannot
      Blackmail the judges by your so called impeachment idea. The judges ax is ready to fall in this most corrupt government on earth. To the judges, don’t get intimidated if you’re on the right side. Only the devil will accuse you with his lie because he is the father of all lie.