• LP lawmaker appeals for support in planned impeach raps vs. SC justices


    Rep. Reynaldo Umali of Oriental Mindoro has appealed for support from his colleagues in his planned filing of impeachment raps against Supreme Court justice over the High Court’s adverse ruling on the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and disregard of the House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal (HRET).

    Umali rued the High Court for ruling PDAF—the Congressional Discretionary Fund—as unconstitutional this year, considering that it already ruled in favor of PDAF’s legality twice in the past. Likewise, Umali fumed over the Supreme Court’s ruling disqualifying Rep. Regina Reyes of Marinduque after her proclamation as winner on the ground of her being an American citizen.

    Prior to the High Court’s adverse ruling on PDAF, each House member is entitled to P70 million of PDAF every year for the perusal of their constituents.

    As for the HRET, it is mandated by the Constitution to solely resolve election protests involving candidates who were already proclaimed winners by the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

    “Filing an impeachment complaint is not easy. I need the support of my colleagues in defending the institution called Congress. I hope you can join me in this fight. We need to show the Court that it can’t usurp the power of Congress which was vested to us by the Constitution,” Umali said in plenary hall.

    The grounds of impeachment include: culpable violation of the Constitution, treason, bribery, graft and corruption, other high crimes, or betrayal of public trust. These grounds are exclusive and offenses not falling within these parameters shall not be sufficient for impeachment purposes.

    “The betrayal of public trust is the one I intend to pursue, but the culpable violation of the Constitution can also be considered because of the Supreme Court’s flip-flopping on PDAF and dishonor of the HRET,” Umali added.

    Umali and Reyes are party-mates under the ruling Liberal Party chaired by President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    At least one-third of the House members, now at least 292 strong, should vote in support the impeachment complaint to put the impeachable officer in an impeachment trial before the Senate impeachment court.

    During the 15th Congress, the House impeached then Chief Justice Renato Corona based on eight Articles of Impeachment namely: (1) betraying public trust for partiality involving the Arroyo administration; (2) committing culpable violation of the constitution/betrayal of public trust for failure to truthfully disclose his wealth on his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth as required by the law; (3) committing culpable violation of the constitution/betrayal of public trust for flip-flopping decisions of the Supreme Court in final and executory cases and appointment of his wife Cristina to a government post; (4) committing culpable violation of the constitution/betrayal of public trust for the High Court’s issuance of status quo ante order on the House of Representatives during the impeachment process of then Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez, (5) betrayal of public trust because of the Supreme Court’s flip flopping rulings on the creation of 16 new cities and promotion of Dinagat Islands into a province; (6) betrayal of public trust for investigating Supreme Court Justice Mariano del Castillo for plagiarism and clearing Castillo in the process; (7) betrayal of public trust for issuing

    a Temporary Restraining Order on the Watch List Orders on former President and Rep. Gloria Arroyo of Pampanga and her husband Jose Miguel and (8) betrayal of public trust/committing graft and corruption for refusal to account for Judicial Development Fund and Special Allowance for the Judiciary collections.

    Corona was eventually convicted by the Senate impeachment court of betrayal of public trust and culpable violation of the Constitution via a 20-3 vote in May 2012.

    Prior to Corona’s impeachment, the House was also able to impeach then Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez, an appointee of former President Gloria Arroyo. LLANESCA T. PANTI


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    1. umali is nothing but like a piece of broken guitar…people don’t believe on him anymore… ever since he had seen a small lady during corona’s impeachment….i consider that lady is a “white lady” kasi di nakita sa CCTV….

    2. Manny De Guzman on

      U…………….mali akala ko panaman ang mga taga Mindoro tahimik at mautak. Ibang klaseng utak pala mayroon itong umali na ito. Siguro, ala mansion na rin ang bahay nito at katakutakot na lupa ang nabili. Isang napakasamang taga southern luzon ang gonggong na ito. Hakutin mo ang mga mangyan para tulungan ka sa kagaguhan mo. Isa ka rin palang sakim. Gonggong ka talaga. Tamaan ka sana ng malakas na kidlat at ng masunog ka.Hayop ka nakatanggap ka pala milyon upang maempeach si CJ CORONA.

    3. If noynoy still wants to be in anyway politically connected to umali, it would just show what kind of president he is. This umali guy is just too obviously a disgusting corrupt and greedy pig who thinks pdaf is allocated for his personal use.

    4. mikhail hieronymus on

      Honestly folks…..who will want to run for Congress or Senate now that the Pork Barrel is GONE. How could one recoup all his expenses and SOME EXTRA after the election?

      No wonder this man umali wants to get even with the S.C. justices for depriving them of the Pork Barrel. That Pork Barrel was their Golden Trophy, but now the S.C. said NO!

      Maybe those angry congressmen and senators should look for a better job like FIXERS at the Custom Bureau or in some government offices.

    5. This Umali is idiot. Remember during the Corona impeachment? It was this Umali
      who claimed that he was handed an envelope by small lady? He is a liar in the
      first degree. Ang kapal ng mukha niya. He is making a mockery of the laws of the
      country. And now, he is again threatening the justices of the supreme court for
      impeachment? For what? so that these liberal party policiticians can continue looting
      the taxpayers money? Now it is clear, the crocodiles and the leeches of government
      like the pork barrel king abnoy, abad, drilon together with these liberal party
      minions like umali who are so bent in continuing with the DAP and PDAP. Hindi pa
      ba kayo busog? This is the reason why this umali and whoever goes with him are
      again waging an impeachment threat against the supreme court. It’s a shame that
      filipinos voted for these kind of people. This administration is the worst. This abnoy
      is a liar, vindictive, noynoying with a previous history of mental disorder(remember
      what Fr. Bulatao of Ateneo and the Aquino friend, Carmen Pedrosa said)? The
      Country has a sinto sinto president.

    6. Impeachment is a constitutional right and prerogative of the Legislative. But I hope the House of Representatives seriously studies its member/s call especially on the issue of an unconstitutional PDAF. These recent 2 proposals from the House — the other is about tax exemption of Rep Pacquiao — are extremely disturbing.

    7. reading his message is like separating rice from the bran. In his case you are left with nothing but a greedy politician trying to act like a crusading martyr. It must really pain him to be deprived of millions of pesos of taxpayers money which he considers is rightfully his. The gall of the man!