LP leaders can’t tie their shoelaces. Don’t vest them with imagined courage

Marlen V. Ronquillo

Marlen V. Ronquillo

To plot an impeachment against Mr. Duterte, the oppositionists in the House of Representatives have to have the numbers. They don’t. Mr. Duterte’s allies dominate the House with a “ super majority.”

There has yet to be crack in the “super majority” and no House member has risen up to question the core policies of Mr. Duterte. The coopted Left is yet to raise a pipsqueak.

To plot an impeachment against a sitting President, that President must be very unpopular and in a polling sinkhole, which is not the case for the popular Mr. Duterte. At this point in his presidency, Mr. Duterte polled better than Mr. Aquino, who also started as a popular president.

The Senate testimony of Edgar Matobato before the Senate may dent the popularity of Mr. Duterte a bit. But the President’s base of solid admirers would not flip that easily. The fan base of Mr. Duterte, mostly young people who dominate cyber space, thinks he is close to infallible.

For an impeachment to even gain first base, there should be a clear, cogent and acceptable reason. There is none in the present case of Mr. Duterte. On what grounds would they anchor the impeachment case? That he killed people? Mr. Duterte had admitted to ordering the killing of criminals and he has not been coy about his trigger-happy predisposition. During the campaign, he promised to make “ kill” the new national verb and favorite governing buzzword to replace “ GDP, GDP” of Mr. Aquino. He has been upfront about that.

Last and the most important
Even if the President does acts that threaten the Republic — and his popularity sinks to rock-bottom numbers — the “ yellows” referred to by Mr. Duterte cannot rise to the occasion and lead an impeachment effort. They don’t have the courage and they don’t have the kind of leaders that opposed Mr. Marcos during the martial law years.

The political opposition does not have leaders with gravitas and real courage. No Ninoy Aquino, no Lorenzo Tanada, no Pepe Diokno. Men of my age who were able to listen to Ninoy, Tanada and Diokno talk about the resilience of the anti-Marcos struggle were left in total awe. The “ yellow “ leaders of today cite dumb statistics.

Who will listen to leaders who have staked their leadership on statistics? And not on indomitable courage? The fire of the anti-Marcos struggle was sustained by a few men who refused to break and cower even at the height of Mr. Marcos’ grip on power. Who wrote letters from prison and who refused to get coopted?

We don’t see anyone from the LP or the entire political opposition now who has the courage of Ninoy, Tanny or Pepe Diokno.

This is the whole truth. There is no comparison, really. Mr. President, the opposition leaders you referred to as possible drivers of an impeachment move at the House, or behind the efforts to smear you and your administration with the grand agenda of removing you from office, can’t even tie their shoelaces.

If you were a regular observer of Philippine politics, or if you observed the 2016 presidential elections up close, you would have noticed the lack of smarts in the LP campaign. Team Davao City ran a more sophisticated campaign than Team No-Ro. An LP leader told me that the No-Ro campaign did not even have a single, cogent narrative to sell Mr. Roxas to the electorate. There was even no recognition by the campaign hierarchy that “daang matuwid” (straight path) was a tired, discredited line with no popular support and ought to be junked for a clearer, more acceptable message.

If you have no guts and no smarts, how can you plot the ouster of a popular President ?

Ok, there is Mr. Trillanes. The senator’s party affiliation is NP, the same party of BB Marcos and Senator Cayetano.

Please, please, don’t vest the LP with imagined courage.

What forces then should Duterte and his allies be wary of? Easy.

What mysterious forces placed Mr. Matobato at the center of a Senate hearing ? He, for sure, did not come out of the woodwork to render his testimony just like that. What emboldened him? Who gave him the moral and other types of support? While the regular politicians (except for Mr. Trillanes and Miss De Lima) were cowering in fear, Mr. Matobato just popped in and narrated a chilling testimony.

Mr. Matobato testified not Pro Deo et Patria but for a personal reason and with a patron to boot. His testimony generated international headlines at a time his administration is facing questions from the governments of the Western powers and their multilateral institutions.

It is ordinary folks with a chilling story to tell and an ax to grind and with nothing to lose that Mr. Duterte should fear most. Plus the patrons of these ordinary folks.

Not the LP leaders who are probably hiding under some skirts right now.



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  1. Its a fatal mistake to underestimate the LP-narco-yellows, they are down but not out and well funded by narco-pdaf-oligarch funding. In fact they continue to plot with Goldberg and the US state department on their return to power, via plan B. Their media spin is very much alive, not as effective among Filipinos as it once was but keep in mind it has succeeded in turning the US, the EU and the UN against Du30.

    It’s naive to think the criminal yellows will not try by hook or by crook, if not by impeachment then by other covert means if you get the meaning.

  2. I get what you mean Sir. It’s not the Yellows or LP but someone from out there that was hit on eye when Pres. Duterte made his stinging speech against a leader. Now they are at works. We can tell.

    • Just to be safe, keep an eye on them, there’s a lot damage that narco-pdaf-oligarch funding can do. It’s naive to believe that all gov’t politics occurs in the halls of the senate and congress or Malacañan.

      These yellow criminals will try to get back into power by hook or by crook, if not by impeachment then by other means, if you know what I mean.

  3. The yellows have become a stinking, spent force because the people – your ordinary folks- have nothing anymore but disdain for these unrepentant hypocrites. Without Smartmatic, Im willing to bet they will not get any votes. Any group can be judged by their leaders, so what kind of group are the yellows if their leaders are De Lima and Mrs. Robredo? Pathetic. Mag-Duterte na lang kayo kasi. Bakit ba ayaw na ayaw ninyo sa mga tunay na lalake? Ang trip ninyo palagi mga widows, balimbing at mga mama’s boys.

    • It is a fatal mistake to underestimate the LP-narco-yellows who hold secret meeting with Goldburg and US state dept. to plot their return to power, mark my words their media spin may not work in the RP anymore but it has succeeded in turning the US, EU, and UN against Du30.

    • Kaya po nila pinipili ang mga widows, balimbing, mama’s boy at kulang sa strong male leadership e dahil wala po silang tunay na prinsipyo at sinceridad ng pagtulong sa pagsulong ng Pilipinas. Mga sariling kapakanan lang ang nasa isip nila. For thirty years after EDSA ang Pilipinas ay nagdeteriorate morally pati ecomically. Mga OFWs lang po ang sumasagip sa Pilipinas and yet the way e trato nila itong mga dakilang nilalang ay walang walang kadignidad. Nasabi pang the Catholic country of Asia. Salamat at pinagkalooban tayo ng isang Duterte na may malasakit.

  4. For upstart Senator/s trying to hog the limelight upon assumption of office ( under protest and yet to be proven legitimate ), its good at least one has been reminded of their place.

    Next supposedly elder and more experienced members of the Senate, who topped the last senatorial race in a mysterious fashion, together with another upstart, three-term candidate ( whose election should also be microscopically viewed ) have chosen to remain in the majority, why, wala na kasi silang saysay kung minority sila.

    More curious is this NP member is a loose cannon, makes one wonder what that party’s raison de etre is.