‘LP has no choice but to lead opposition’


THE Liberal Party (LP), led by its highest-ranking member, Vice President Ma. Leonor “Leni” Robredo, has no choice but to be the leading opposition voice, an LP stalwart said on Sunday.

Rep. Edgar Erice of Caloocan City made the statement following Robredo’s resignation as housing czar, which was prompted by a Palace decision to ban her from attending Cabinet meetings.

“Our opposition to the extrajudicial killings, the hero’s burial for [former president Ferdinand Marcos], these are expected. But [Robredo] was marginalized by that move. It was not our doing. It was the administration’s doing. As such, I would say that it is time for LP to provide check and balance,” Erice told the ABS-CBN News Channel.

“In order for the party to remain relevant, it must accept the challenge by providing critical thinking,” Erice added.

Robredo on Saturday said she was planning to sit down with LP leaders former president Benigno Aquino 3rd and defeated LP presidential bet Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd.

From being the ruling party last Congress, LP has been reduced to 34 lawmakers in the House of Representatives after Roxas lost the election.

Of the 34, 29 joined the “super majority” bloc composed of President Rodrigo Duterte’s allies led by Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez of PDP-Laban. Only five of them defied the party stand: Erice, Representatives Edcel Lagman of Albay, Raul Daza of Northern Samar, Emmanuel Billones of Capiz and Teodoro Baguilat of Ifugao.

In the Senate, four of the 24 senators are from LP and three of them are part of the majority.

“Our obligation is to provide check and balance. It is the duty of the vice president and our party president to rally us in having one voice. That is the party system. We can disagree on minor issues, but we should agree on major ones. We need to be united,” Erice stressed.

Interim Liberal Party president Francis Pangilinan on Sunday said the party was still in the process of consultation with its members on what would be its direction.

But it is willing to support Vice President Robredo should she decide to lead the opposition, he said.

“It (discussions) may take more time so it is status quo in the meantime,” Pangilinan said when asked if the LP had taken the task of leading the opposition.

Pangilinan said the party would not prevent its members from being critical of the policies of the Duterte administration.

The positions of LP on the Marcos burial and extrajudicial killings had been taken negatively by the administration, to the point of accusing the party of plotting to oust President Duterte.

Pangilinan and other members of LP have dismissed the allegations and maintained that the party would always adhere to constitutional processes.

“We will express dissenting positions on issues that we feel are not good for the country but that does not mean that because we are critical of certain issues, we want to oust the government,” Pangilinan said in an earlier interview.


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  1. It is no wonder that the Philippines is still stuck in the 20th century even though the world already has moved on to the 21st century. Japan which was a military power during WWII and which was soundly defeated has since rebuilt itself to be among the most progressive nations in the world and is today an economic powerhouse. Heck the Americans even exploded 2 atomic bombs over 2 different cities and yet today those 2 cities are more advanced than any city in the Philippines. Emperor Hirohito was the ultimate Japanese leader and even in defeat, urged the Japanese people to re-build after the war.
    South Korea which was ruled brutally by Park Chung Hee for a number of years is now also a progressive nation and is also an economic powerhouse in the world. The end result of Par’s brutal regime was that he built the foundation of a strong Korean engineering & manufacturing industry which is renowned worldwide today. Park was assassinated by his own bodyguards and after he was buried, the Korean people continued
    A common thread that ties the nations is that their peoples were smart enough recognize to bury the dead, pick up the pieces and build on that. National pride and discipline is a big part of the success of these nations.
    In the Philippines, Filipinos are still rallying against Ferdinand Marcos who has been dead for almost 30 years now! The Philippines used to be a fairly progressive nation before WWII. In fact, Manila had trams, decent buildings and thriving economy then. It was more progressive than South Korea was at that time. But because Filipinos not have any national pride in the country, absolutely no discipline and respect the law, the Philippines is now relegate the tail end of even the ASEAN. Countries like Thailand and Vietnam have even surpassed the Philippines economically. Unless the Filipino people wake up in time to the realities of the present world and take concrete affirmative actions, the nation should NOT be surprised if they end in the same league as nations like Burkina-Faso and Timbuktu.

  2. Those who doesn’t know what is a check and balance is are so ignorant of what democracy Is. In a democratic government this is very important So that the ruling party doesn’t have a blank check to rule . Unless of course you guys want to have a Dictatorial form of government.

  3. Masyadong paka agang pamumulitika itong ginagawa ni Leni. Nakalimutan niya na yon mga kasamahan niyang LP na nanalo ay naghahanap o nag iipon pa lang ng pera para ipambayad sa ginastos nila nitong halalan. At nakalimutan din siguro niya na ang makenaria sa susunod na local eleksyon ay hawak ni DU30. Kaya kahit anong pagtatawag niya na ipulong ang opposition ay walang sasama sa kanya. O baka naman naniniwala siya sa mentor niyang si Loida Nicholas Lewis na mapapababa niya si DU30. Kung yon kandidato ni Loida na si Hillary Clinton ay natalo sa halalan, ano pa ang inpluensya ang magagawa nitong si Loida na isang democrat. At sa GEOPOLITICAL Arena, hindi man lang marinig ang pangalan nitong si Loida na isang matinding lobbyist. Dito lang naman sa Pilipinas naririnig ang pangalan nito kasi nangangalat siya ng mga transakyon sa pamahalaan para kumita, sa maikling salita “broker o ahente” para sa gobyierno.

  4. “The Liberal Party (LP), led by its highest-ranking member, Vice President Ma. Leonor “Leni” Robredo, has no choice but to be the leading opposition voice” – Yest these LP guys can’t give up their position in the senate as part of the majority. What a joke. TRAPO….

  5. My four liners…
    Leni to lead LP? good grief! NOW THEY ARE REALLY DOOMED!
    another amateur and clueless widow who thinks she really won the VP!
    She needs a husband not a party!
    and Mr. Lagman needs a nursing home and not a party

  6. Roralidrakkonis on

    Erice. Mar Roxas…This Rogue’s Gallery was the very reason why I did not vote for Leni, even though I believed in her sincerity. When she did win, I wanted to give her the benefit odf the doubt that she would distance herself from any Party loyalty if it meant the good of the nation. But now she has become their rallying point.
    The official reason for her being told to desist from attending Cabinet meetings was that it was inappropriate for her to criticize the President in public. I don’t know about that, but I have to wonder if Rody even tried to explain that to her, to tell her that if she had an opposing view, to air it to him privately.which is basic management practice. It’s tragic, because I feel many who were behind Leni not because she is LP but because she would have been a fiscalizer will now hesitate to rally behind her out of repugnance for a Party that has a legacy of incompetence and indifference.

  7. Has there been an investigation on SR Metals and the sweetheart mining deals they got from the last administration? Isn’t Erice part of this farce?

  8. why does she have “no choice”? She didn’t appear to be on board with this Administration from the start.The are questions about the validity of her election and all I see from her is “someone
    is trying to steal my position.”!

  9. Yes LP can surely lead it fast to full rigor mortis from the massively-life-supported (with stolen money besides oxygen) signs-of-life status registering a few blips and hopefully soon a flatline on the monitor. Thank you and good-riddance LP !

  10. Yes, VP Leni Robredo should lead the Liberal Party, cum Yellow Party, cum Jaundice Party so she will learn how to lead and manage. We suggest this one because since joining politics, she never displayed even an inch of knowledge how to lead. By now let her be a member of the student council party so she will be exposed how to plan, organize, lead, monitor etc. which she desperately needs. Smiling and making herself cute is a very small part of a successful government official. She should not follow the “lead” of PNoy, whatever it is.