• LP plot to destroy Duterte revealed


    The camp of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday accused the Liberal Party (LP) of hatching a “black propaganda” and a “psychological warfare operations” to derail his presidential bid.

    In a statement, Duterte’s camp said that the ruling party wanted to paint Duterte as a pro-American candidate hiding behind the platform of federalism to grant US companies access to Mindanao’s rich mineral resources, particularly metallic ores.

    “The information came from a staff member of an LP stalwart who was not identified by the source,” said the statement.

    Duterte’s camp claimed that the hatchet job, which was revealed to them by an insider, was planned somewhere in Western Mindanao where the LP has diehard members.

    “The source reportedly attended one of those meetings. The scheme will reportedly roll out next week in time for the final half of the presidential campaign and which also coincides with the first week of the campaign period for the local election,” it said.

    The mayor’s camp maintained that Duterte is far from being close to the US because he is known to be critical of US government policies in Mindanao.

    “The same source said the Liberal Party will use allied local government officials to ‘destroy’ Duterte in Mindanao where the maverick city mayor is very popular,” the statement added.

    Several surveys showed that 47 percent of the voting population of Mindanao wants Duterte to become the next president of the Philippines.

    “That figure has been rock solid for Duterte who elevated crime, illegal drugs and corruption as national issues, something no presidential candidate has ever done before,” the mayor’s camp said.

    “He has been steadily gaining ground since the start of the campaign period and is now in a virtual statistical tie with Grace Poe in poll surveys,” it added.

    Last month, Duterte blasted LP presidential bet Manuel Roxas 2nd for reportedly smuggling airplanes for the use of a miner-friend who owns a mining company in Agusan del Sur.

    Duterte’s spokesman Peter Laviña described the demolition job as “diabolical and a desperate move to resuscitate a ‘dying’ campaign of Roxas.”

    “No amount of money and devilish plot can revive Roxas’ candidacy. This only affirms our conviction that they see Duterte as the strongest candidate with a realistic shot at winning the presidency,” Laviña said.

    He noted that the plot could also benefit Sen. Grace Poe.

    “The LP will also allegedly try to picture Duterte as a coddler of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front as well as an ally of the communist-led New People’s Army,” he said.


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    1. Desperate times call for desperate measures. This is what the LP people are doing now. But sorry folks, people are tired of your candidate’s promises – – – Daang Matuwid The voters now are getting to be more discerning and intelligent, plus the fact that Filipinos are tired and pissed off by the INEPTITUDE, INSENSITIVITY, INEFFECTIVENESS, and CALLOUSNESS of BS Aquino, that whoever he is backing up, whether it’s Roxas or Poe, would get the worse rejection ever, by the voters, in a presidential election. CHANGE WE NEED and CHANGE WE MUST! DUTERTE IS THE ANOINTED ONE TO CHANGE THE STATUS QUO!

    2. Chemical brothers on

      They are now panicking, Duterte is a threat to oligarchs and elites their days are numbered it will be a drastic change against the corrupt people and criminals.

    3. John Cruz III on

      Before people even try to discredit this apalling information, they should be aware that this is THE MANILA TIMES and not some cheap tabloid or some satire news site.

      If this was reported in The Manila Times then this should be taken seriously, I can’t comprehend how people cannot fathom what’s very obvious and dancing right in front of them.

    4. Melody G Aguilar on

      The way the Philippines has gone down, Duterte may just be our last chance…the way he’s going and leading in the survey and many, many people are fighting for/with him and his ticket to lead our country, I fervently hope and pray that God will not let anything prevail against Duterte, if he’s the one that HE has for us this next 6 years to change gears and move forward…

    5. Sally Atenara on

      This is a mere statement. Where is the proof of a plot? This is a headline that fuels hatred among supporters of candidates, and between citizens and the government but does not say anything specific or substantial.

      • This is not a judicial process where you need concrete evidence to prove your point. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

      • Kong may usok, may apoy. Hindi ito husgado na kailangan ang konkretong ebidensya para patunayan ang katotohan ng balitang ito.

    6. Grace Sapuay on

      I don’t believe this hallucinations of Duterte fanatics. LP doesn’t need to do it. By his own pronouncements, Duterte us already destroying himself. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. These Duterte fans are the ones engaging in smear campaigns and all sorts of gimmicks including hoaxes.

      • I do not also believe that the Duterte camp are the ones who is behind these hallucination! Because People are very aware NOW!!!!

      • You are the one hallucinating with your own distorted notion of your LP candidate. From the start of the campaign, it was obvious that Roxas was trying to demolish Duterte. More so now that Duterte is leading in surveys, Roxas has to double-up his black propaganda against Duterte to increase his ratings. But sorry, he is just someone that people hate to vote for. The writings are all over the wall of Malacanang, that the increasing number of supporters of Duterte are seen all over, even in metro Manila which is far from being his bailiwick. How can we vote for someone who is inept, ineffective, and a wimp in terms of curbing criminality. Mamasapano was a clear example of why people won’t vote for the minion of Pnoy.

    7. Its alright. . Whatever strategy they will use . . It will boomerang to them. .the people are tired of theses trapos who Wants to discredit our Mayor Duterte. . Di na kami affecred nyan. . Go Duterte. L

    8. The oligarch that really worried if Mr palengke ,Binay or Poe didn’t made to to malakanyang but Abnoy still guarantee not heading to jail after his term

    9. Bringing American Investors? Making it easier to invest here? Anong masama doon? Isnt it the very reason why we advocate Federalism? Whats black propaganda with Free Market Economics and Market Friendly Policies? Do they know that half of global extreme poverty have been reduce in half due to Free Market Economics and Market Friendly Policies? That’s a UN report. If there’s anything, it clearly shows the current administration is for keeping the protectionist pseudo communist 60/40 foreign policy and continue their monopoly and oligopoly of our Economy and the puppet control of our country as well. It clearly shows that this administration is against #FreeMarketCapitalism or dont know what it does all over the world already. Desperado na nga tayo ng mga investors at trabaho, papahirapan pa rin pag invest dito sa bansa ang gusto ng LP. If I were in the Duterte camp, I would own it! It would be a smart move. What’s destructive with this? Allowing American companies to invest here? Even at trying to destroy someone, LP can’t do it right. Thanks LP. Hahaha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzmxQOonnGE

    10. The black propaganda machine and “The Firm” have been after Binay more or less since 2010 even though the sink Binay campaign did not get legs until 2013. Staying in power appears to be more important than true representation. Keep the Oligarch’s and Elite’s happy while maintaining the status quo for the poor has always been the goal.

    11. deborah estrada on

      Whatever black propaganda will throw on Duterte’s campaign, if he is the anointed one, then he will win..regarding Pulse Asia and SWS survey results of Duterte as 25%, this is a mockery because Danding Cojuangco is one of the founders so even if Grace is just showing schools , univ in her sorties still leads in durveys is balloney to think that people in areas like Velenzuela Bulacan, Pangasinan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Butuan, Bacolod, Ilocandia, Lanao etc sorties, people are jampacked to see and hear Duterte even late at night and spending their money to get to the place and sorties and who knows walk in miles especially in poor areas..he will win or else, we will have revolution and the oligarchs has to think of their strategy very seriously not to cheat the outcome because of their investments , money will be gone and placed in the wind,,,so better take the voice of the people, cooperate and we will all win…rather than have civil war and we will all lose and die in the outset..this is a precarious situation–let the people choice prevail…because that is the voice of God..people wants change and a better life–which for now is only afforded with very few priveledge and rich families….we do not want body bags –we should be a nation of peace so prosperity will follow let the greediness stop!
      Duterte/Cayetano for progress


      This black propaganda of LP will surely take into places whenever they wants.But people this time are not same like before that lack of information about the life & reality of each candidate.So from this moment voters has to think for future not for sweet talks and lies. Every filipino has to vote for DUTERTE for president to give him chance and prove himself of being capable to do this job for us and for our future. Mabuhay Pilipinas 2016.

    13. It just goes to show the Liberal Party has gone into desperation mode seeing that their candidate Mar, the bottom feeder is not going anywhere with his “daang matuwid” platform. Give it up, Mar. Nobody’s buying your crap. Go home to your palacio, have a beer and let Digong do his best to become the next president. Nagmumura nga siya pero at least hindi nagbubulsa. There’s no more room for bull slingers like you…have a beer, chill out…enjoy the show.

    14. Was it Duterte who wanted to give the MILF 528.6 billion dollars, had the BBL passed? Or was that the sitting president?

    15. Jacinto Baybay on

      THis is not Black propaganda.Those are facts. Dudirty camp applying reversed psychology.

    16. No one believes you Mar Roxas! NPA’s are willing to surrender only to Duterte….you are so funny Roxas, whatever black propaganda it is, the supporters of Duterte will not affected coz the expertise of LP is being propagandist! Duterte tayong lahat!

    17. The most stupid black propaganda plot ever! Do they know what Free Market Economics do!?

      Duterte’s camp said that the ruling party wanted to paint Duterte as a pro-American candidate hiding behind the platform of federalism to grant US companies access to Mindanao’s rich mineral resources, particularly metallic ores.

    18. Only God can control everything . Proverbs 16: 2 People may be pure in their own eyes, but the LORD examines their motives. The plans of the heart belong to man, But the answer of the tongue is from the LORD. 2All the ways of a man are clean in his own sight, But the LORD weighs the motives. 3Commit your works to the LORD And your plans will be established.…