LP ready with or without Grace

Sen. Grace Poe

Sen. Grace Poe

Strategists of the Liberal Party (LP) are preparing for the possibility that survey frontrunner Sen. Grace Poe will not take the administration party’s wagon in next year’s elections.

Malacañang spokesman Edwin Lacierda on Monday said that like all other political parties, the LP has planned for “worst-case scenarios.”

“I think each party prepares. This answer perhaps is not limited to the Liberal Party,” Lacierda replied when asked during his regular news briefing if the LP is ready if Poe and Sen. Francis Escudero leave the administration coalition.

“As in any organization, as in any individual, the answer is, you hope for the best and prepare for the worst,” he said.

Poe and Escudero, who are not members of the LP, ran for senator in 2013 under the administration’s coalition party.

Lacierda said the LP, which President Benigno Aquino 3rd heads, is “anticipating all the
options that may or may not happen.”

But he added, “These are political configurations, which [are]yet to be finalized. [I guess I should] hold off [making]statements [for now]and once [things get firmed up, that is the time when]we will make an announcement or the President himself can say something about it.”

Aquino recently met with Poe and Escudero and discussed with them the 2016 polls.

According to Escudero, the President is yet to decide on whom he would endorse in next year’s elections.

While Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd is the presumptive standard-bearer of the LP, he is far behind Poe who is topping pre-election presidential and vice presidential surveys.

Poe, daughter of the late actor Fernando Poe Jr. and actress Susan Roces, recently overtook Vice President Jejomar Binay in surveys conducted by the Social Weather Stations as well as Pulse Asia.

She had said that if she ran for President, she would be more comfortable with Escudero as her running mate.

The President plans to again meet with the two senators as well as Roxas to make the LP ticket final.

Aquino earlier said he will publicly name his preferred successor within July or after he delivers his last State of the Nation Address on July 27.

Poe on Sunday confirmed that the President has asked her to go around the country with Roxas.

She, however, clarified that the request was made in May and the topic was not raised again when they met last week.


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  1. Bumoto kyo base sa abilidad at kakayaha, sa plataporma at pagiging tapat sa bayan. Wag nyo iboto ang isang kandidato na malakas lng s survey yung iba they choose to vote between evil eviland a lesser evil . kasi feeling nila walang pag asa ang kandidato nila kaya binoboto nlng nila yung lesser evil.make you vote count dun sa talagang napupusuan nyo. Wag kayo mag base survey.. magsaliksik, kilatisin, at pumili base sa konsensya..

  2. She was my #1 senator in the last election but not my choice in the coming presidential election. In 2022 YES, all the way!!!

  3. Tricycle Driver on

    What will be Poe’s agenda in tackling poverty and unemployment in the country? What is her views on corruption? How will she fight cronyism? How about the MRT-LRT situation? And many other issues? Wala? Pinoy politics is a big sad joke!

  4. Roldan Guerrero on

    Definitely Grace Poe is in hot water now and what is even more damaging for her are the issues concerning her residency and citizenship issues. Had she remained silent and not too ambitious on positions she is not worth for, then she should not be panicking as she does now.Her dreams of doing a big leap and a short cut of achieving her impossible goal will just simply end into a nightmare she will never overcome. Of course nobody has yet filed complaint as it may still be premature to do considering how her boss the PIGNOY run circles of the laws. But as time fades away on these abuses, wherein countdown to their doom is very fast approaching, she will without fail suffer the consequences of her intended wrongdoings. SOBRANG AMBISYOSAKA GRACE PWE! Do you think a drunkard and heavy smoking woman fits the presidency? Better research more about this AMBISYOSA!

  5. Grace Poe is not qualified to sit in the senate let alone run for president.
    She is not a natural born citizen.

    To quote the Constitution, Section 2 of Article VII provides: “No person may be elected President unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines.

    Why is she even allowed to continue to be a senator ?

    Hell maybe i should run for president even tho i wasn’t born here, constitution doesn’t seem to matter here anyway.

    The 1987 constitution also prohibits political dynasties but here again the constitution doesn’t matter to the lawmakers. They continue to pack the government with their family.

  6. Lito Yap David on

    The elections of 1998 is lesson enough. GMA’s popularity did not rub on to De Venecia and likewise Erap’s to his VP candidate. So why even bother to wait for Grace if the same will be the case. If push comes to shove the LP base will deliver for Mar. An assurance that Grace will never be able to give to him. Forget about the over rated Grace and lets see the configuration of forces as early as now. And by the way, the Palace knows that Grace cannot run and may even lose her de facto seat in the Senate. I heard that some LP officials are even encouraging the filing of the case against Grace. Lets get it on guys!

  7. Lacierda should make his statements clearer and complete. I have noticed that reporters supply the missing words in his statements. And today is not the only time; it has been a number of times. I wonder how he feels when he reads the newspapers.

  8. Bobski Natividad on

    You cannot blame Sen. Poe for being hesitant to run under the LP banner, while Pnoy did achieve some good in the goverment, but he failed in his da ang matuwid, he cannot iradicate the corruptions especially in the gov’t national agencies.

  9. Tama lang mag stick na lang yung LP among their members. They have all the machineries and advantages in this 2016 elections. Ewan ko ba itong si Pinoy Abnoy na ito walang tiwala sa kakayahan ng partido. Naghahanap pa ng pambato mulat sapul ay si Roxas na pambato nila. Ito naman si Roxas walang bilb sa sarili puro iwas kung takbo sya sa 2016. hininhintay pa ang indorso ni Abnoy. Nillko lang sya ni Abnoy at pinaaasa. ito naman si Grace Poenyeta nag pa importante kesyo mas comportable daw sya kay Escudero. Itong si Abnoy naman atat natat kay Grace. Mar Roxas be a man take a risk manalo or matalo at least nagdesisyon ka. Hininhintay kalang ni Abnoy na mainis at pag umayaw ka si Grace POEnyeta ang indorse ni Abnoy. Yung thinking ni Abnoy pang abnormal. THis Pinoy Abnoy should be in Mandaluyong (Loob) wherein He will continue his Abnormality and continue his presidency as the leader of mental institution in Mandaluyong Mental Hospital.

    • That’s the way I think too—Roxas has to be his own man and let his program of government known and not wait for Pinoy’s indorsement. Pinoy’s blessing can be a curse, he has lots of baggage.

  10. The LP leadership has been ready for any eventuality. They have identified those who sabotage Mar in the last elections. The Binay camp has been financing the survey’s since last year and came out to be unbeatable . This is not a scientific survey but a brain washing survey because they place Mar in the bottom of the list. Why because Mar is the most formidable candidate because of his transparency and high moral character and integrity. If Mar is in the bottom of the list or no chance at all, why did the UNA blame him for all the woes that Binay is suffering now!

    • Mar uses his position in the government to attack political rivals.
      Mar is better suited to follow around Aquino like a lapdog.

      After typhoon Yolanda wiped out Tacolban it took over 5 days for Mar to even get a food and water station setup for the people. Mar and the government did almost nothing until the media from the other countries pointed out the lack of government support.

      SAF 44 ? Mar followed Aquino around the entire day doing nothing to help the police who were being killed. Supported Aquino and blamed Napenas for everything, saying he forgot to tell the president that the senate investigation committee wanted to talk to him. In short Mar is a go along to get along kind of guy who lacks principles and a spine.

  11. You should be prepared to come from a position of strength when at last you face the reality that you are only an adopted game changer of a ruling LP-Coalition party and the bluffing and back channeling will indeed continue on its secret course of selecting the winnable presidential candidate of a lame duck president, with all anticipation that his anointed one will be acceptable to all? But in order to nip in the bud the anticipated discontent if just in case the anointed one will not be anonymously accepted by the majority of the LP and all coalition partners , hence, does a secret balloting to determine the acceptable common presidential candidate based on majority rule vote will ensue to break the deadlock?

    • In the event that both Mar Roxas and Grace Poe would run as administration Presidential candidate, alongside Binay, the most potent candidate to win would then be, Rudy Duterte. Binay, Roxas and Poe would divide the Luzon votes among themselves; leaving Duterte as the solid favorite to garner the Mindanao and Visayan votes. Also, there are a lot of Visayans and Mindanaoans who are living in Metro Manila who would go for him. We expect a first in history : A non-Tagalog elected President come 2016.

    • When push comes to shove the liberal party will fix the election with the rigged voting machines that have the security and accuracy components removed just like they did in 2010 and 2013.

      The Liberal party will do everyone’s voting for them again.
      Do you think they care even a little bit about a scandal that will be old news a month after they steal the next election ? Who is going to do anything about it ? The Dept of Justice head De Lima ? She wont charge any Liberal party member without the approval of the president so she is useless and corrupt. How about the Ombudsman Morales ? She has been shielding the Liberal party for years.
      Face it, the liberal party controls all the Dept’s and people that are supposed to fight corruption.