LP stalwarts to dump Mar, Leni

SPARE TIRES? Sen. Grace Poe and Sen. Francis Escudero

Sen. Grace Poe and Sen. Francis Escudero

Ruling party splinter group to back Grace, Chiz

STALWARTS of the Liberal Party (LP), including President Benigno Aquino 3rd, are considering shifting their support to the tandem of Senators Grace Poe and Francis “Chiz” Escudero if the team-up of Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd and Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo will not take off in the next surveys, according to sources from the group of Poe and the Palace.

The sources said Poe and Escudero will be the administration’s “spare tire” if the survey ratings of Roxas and Robredo will not improve.

A lawyer involved in the campaign of Poe and Escudero said many big names in the LP and local administration bets are expected to “abandon ship” and shift their allegiance to the two lawmakers.

“Local government officials under the LP are also waiting for all projects to be closed so their constituents will not suffer when they eventually throw their public support behind their real candidate,” said the source, who spoke on condition that he will not be named.

“Marami ring LP ang pinalitan ni Mar, ginawang LP ang mga incumbent. Sigurista. Pero palpak. Mas lalong dumami kaaway [There are a lot of LP members dropped by Mar, incumbent officials were made LP candidates. He wanted to be sure but he erred. Now he has more enemies],” the source added.

He explained that these LP bets were disheartened when Roxas and his group decided to replace LP incumbents with their own selected candidates, especially in the provinces.

The source said the reason why Poe is running as an independent is so that she could be readily adopted by the LP splinter group, mostly composed of members identified with the so-called Samar group.

The Balay and Samar factions separately campaigned for Roxas and Vice President Jejomar Binay, respectively, during the 2010 polls.

For this year’s electoral exercise, the camp of Roxas continues to hold quarters on Balay Street in Quezon City.

The source said “operators” of the Samar group are working under the radar.

A Palace official who asked not to be identified confirmed that Aquino is most likely to back Escudero if Robredo will continue to wallow in the vice presidential surveys.

He said the President’s “greatest fear” is that Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. will win the vice presidential race.

“If Leni will continue to lag behind and Marcos overtakes Chiz, Pnoy [President Aquino] will not allow it. Naturally, he will go for Chiz who has been his friend. It’s anybody but Bongbong for him and we know exactly the reason why,” the official told The Manila Times.

Sought for comment on the Times’ sources’ claims, Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said Aquino still trusts that Roxas and Robredo will continue to gain wide public support as the May 2016 elections near.

“President Aquino is steadfast in his endorsement and support for the Roxas-Robredo team. He believes that both candidates are steadily gaining public support being the most capable to promote and solidify the gains under daang matuwid,” he told The Manila Times in a separate interview.

Daang matuwid (straight path) is the good-governance mantra of the Aquino administration.

In the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey released last week, Vice President Jejomar Binay regained his post as top contender for the presidential race, jumping from 26 percent in December 2015 to 31 percent in January.

Poe slid to second place with 24 percent after.

She and Binay tied statistically for the top spot in the December 2015 survey report.

Roxas ranked third with 21 percent, followed by Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte with 20 percent.

Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago occupied the bottom spot with three percent.

In the Pulse Asia survey for the vice presidential race late last year, Escudero was the top bet with 28 percent, followed closely by Marcos with 25 percent.

Robredo, meanwhile, got 17 percent while Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano got a rating of 14 percent.

In the January survey of the SWS, Escudero was the top choice of most of the respondents.

His rating of 28 percent, however, was lower than the 30 percent he garnered late last year.

Marcos, who ranked second, had the biggest gain, for his December rating of 19 percent jumped to 25 percent in January, overtaking Robredo who used to top the vice presidential surveys.

In the SWS survey, Robredo was a far third with a rating of 17 percent, two percentage points lower than her 19 percent in December.


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  1. so hindi pala kasali dito si du30. ang totoong pulso ng mga pilipino ngayon sa buong pilipinas at lahat ng dako ng mundo ay talagang si du30 ang nasa puso ng karamihang pilipino.

  2. Rene C. Maglasang on

    Malaki ang respeto ng mga tao sa LP noong kapanahunan nina Sen. Jovito Salonga kahit di sya nanalo pagka presidente dahil sa kulang pa noon ang makinarya ng LP, ngayon na nasa poder na sana ang LP, ang mga myembro naman nito ay mga walang hiya na. Pero humahanga pa rin ako sa partido na LP kahit di ko iboboto ang mga manok nito dahil siguradong talo…

  3. Pnoy, ikaw ang boss ni Roxas! Iniidolo niya ang pagiging Hollow Man mo o ang pagiging taong wlang laman. Bakit mo siya iiwan? Kawawang Roxas.
    Pero hindi kita masisisi, it might have taken you a long time but still you finally realized na si Poe talaga ang karapat-dapat maging pangulo at siya dapat ang inindorso mo.

  4. Si Poe kasi, mabait, may puso, pero may paninindigan. Kaya gusto siya ng nakararami. Hindi ako magugulat kung siya ang mananalo. Milagro ang kailangan ni Roxas para manalo laban kay Poe. kaya todo ang ginagawa niyang panunuhol madisqualify lang si Poe.

  5. “Desperate times call for desperate measures” naimbento ata ang katagang to para sa LP! :D Go PNoy, lipat ka na kanila Poe at Escudero. Sila naman talaga kasi ang mananalo eh..

  6. “Desperate times calls for desperate measures” naimbento ata ang katagang to para sa LP! :D Go PNoy, lipat ka na kanila Poe at Escudero. Sila naman talaga kasi ang mananalo eh..

  7. Natatawa talaga ako sa balitang to. Nakakatawang isipin na desperado na ang mga taga LP. Kasi sa kabila ng kanilang ginawang pagpadisqualify kay Poe, nangunguna pa rin ito sa mga surveys at nananatiling kulelat ang manok nila. hahaha buti nga sa mga to! Ang bilis ng karma.

  8. So, anong balak ni Aquino? Na pagkatapos niyang ipadisqulify si Poe, susuportahan niya bigla ang kandidatura nito? Ano yun????

  9. Mas lalo akong nadismaya ky Noynoy ng nabasa ko to. Alam ko naman sa umpisa pa lang na wala talagang ka kwenta2x yang si Aquino na yan pero hindi ko lubos akalain na ganito pala talaga kasama ang pagkatao niya. Akala ko ba bestfriend niya itong si Roxas? Ganito ba kung itatrato ang isang malapit na kaibigan? Na kung malalagay ka sa alanganin basta2x mo na lamang ilalaglag? Kahit man lang sa ngalan ng kanilang pagkakaibigan, maipakita ni Noynoy na hindi niya iiwan si Roxas. Pero mas nananaig sa kanya ang pulitika. Kawawang Roxas. Umpisa na ito ng pagbagsak ng LP.

  10. This is the true color of the Liberal Party. There’s no loyalty among them. Everything is just all in the name of politics. These people are claiming to be leaders, but no they’re not. They are merely politicians. People who look at politics as a career rather than a responsibility. This kind of people who betray one another is the kind who will leave the Filipino people when the situation calls for it.

    • the sources is anonymous therefore unreliable. consider as a hearsay because there is no formal announcement by LP. check other news agency

  11. Balay street in Quezon City…Where the hell is it? This lousy reporter should get his facts straight if he wants this story to be credible!

  12. jaime sta isabel on

    Binay is leading the presidential survey so Pnoy should also lean to the strong contender which is Poe, since Pnoy knows that If Binay win he will be incarcerated together with his friends and KKK particularly Abad,and Abaya

  13. Elpidio Montebon, Jr. on

    Political survival is the name of the game. Politicians, I believe, will gravitate to whoever they perceive are in a position to protect their asses after the election.

  14. Thats how politics work in the phil. The moment the president noticed the extensive drop of support to roxas robredo tandem, he was thinking of shifting his support to the other candidate.fickle minded is he? Sobra pa sa babae kya cgro wla pang asawa or bakla as they say. But the truth behind as what we voters could speculate as much, he doesnt want a marcos to be back on the palace or rather a mindanaoan to sit on his chair. Reality bites, when roxas opened his mouth stinks always comes out. Thats his problem. How couls he sell his campaign if he tends to ignore issues being thrown at him. Stand up sir, dont be like your boss. If duterte could do it using unorthodox style in campaign, it would be ashamed kng mailalampaso ka nya. But i do cast my vote for duterte as i came from davao.

  15. Apolonio C. Angel on

    It is not true! It’s only part to demoralize and confusion to the supporter of LP.

    So many people laughing on that source.

  16. robert berunia on

    There is no such thing as daan na matuwid.all I know aboutPnoys governance is daan na matuwid patungo Sa bangin.very incompetent president I ever saw a disgrace to all Filipinos here and abroad.

  17. Chiz Escudero will definitely win the Vice Presidential seat! Chiz Escudero 100% no matter what you say about this post, he’ll win as VP. Goodluck Chiz Escudero!!

  18. Ilang beses na bang inabandona si Roxas ng LP? Last 2010 election, tinanggal siya bilang standard bearer ng LP at pinalitan ni PNoy. Ngayon nman muli siyang iiwanan sa ere ng partido niya. Alam kasi ng LP na kulelat si Mar. Wala kasing utak. At walang kwenta all in all.

  19. This is our chance kakabsat. Lets unleash the full strength of the solid North. It’s now or never. If we failed we might have to wait again for another decade or two.

  20. well , definitely Mar will not win, I dont want korina to be first lady with that kind of attitude. There,s no such thing as silent majority for Mar, thats B….S….
    i dont have any particular with president but VP I,ll go with bong bong not vindictive as the yellow orchards do. Chiz, well we dont know his loyalty is. He has to have some stands on any issue. Binay…..well better than Mar.
    Good luck to us, I could say in this election.

  21. Aquino and the LP as a party must have an executive session to assess the winnability of Roxas and Robredo before its too late for if Binay wins then goodbye to LP dominance and the matuwid na daan. Grace Poe is the only “Salba Bida” so bite the bullet for her victory is for all

  22. isidro c. valencia on

    LP stalwarts will jump to VP BINAY’s boat. Some of them are former VP BINAY’s buddies but changed allegiance when VP BINAY’s ratings plunged.

    This development is part of psy-war concocted by MAR-ROBREDO TEAM.

    Knowing PIGNOY’s traits as political traitor, we can discern this political ploy is true.
    KAPIT PATALIM na si PIGNOY. Nahihiya na lang lumapit or bumalik yan kay VP BINAY with all dirty tricks he employed abusing all government manpower, time and material resources intended to destroy VP BINAY’s reputation.

    There are no saints-politicians in the Philippines. These turncoats have no moral and genuine political principles. They deserved to be dumped, too. But, politics is addition. “Come to my parlor”said the spider, “and be my love” (for a time being).

    It is the right time for us Filipinos to raise the level of political system in the Philippines. But first, let us changed the qualities and character of these politicians.

    The first move is to unify our politicians for COMMON GOOD. And this is the direction VP BINAY’s political agenda.

    • Sir, “Common Good” of whom? Of those hypocrite and corrupt politicians? Of those who continue to play victim just to win an election? And, of those who still believed in them?

      Sad that you and others who believed that Mr. Jejomar Binay can raise the your so-called ‘level of political system in the Philippines’ and the your so-called ‘changing the qualities and character of these politicians’.

    • Maybe it’s also time to raise the level of conspiracy theories here, because yours is very questionable at best, and downright ridiculous at worst. I love conspiracy theories, myself, but I prefer those that are actually possible, not haphazard ones with thinly-veiled propaganda.

  23. Whoever Pnoy supports, will surely not win. Pnoy won because of sympathy.
    But it seems voters today have no soft spot on their hearth for him.

  24. Naturally, if Bonget wins, the full force of the Marcos-Romualdez clan will go after benigno and that is something benigno dreads. The real mastermind of the killing of Ninoy may be unmasked and that will bury benigno forever into ignominy including all presumptuous writers and pseudo journalists who bought or are continued to be purchased and benefited by the Malloch tale.

    • Er, if there is someone else who offed Benigno and the Marcos clan already know who it is, the Marcos clan would’ve unmasked him long ago, because that would only serve to cement their status as not-Benigno killers.

      Why would they sit on information that would exonerate and cleanse their names?

      Your conspiracy theory doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

  25. Si POE naman talaga ang susuportahan ng mas nakararami. Kahit dito sa lugar namin mga LP sinasabi nila si poe talaga ang kanilang kandidato ngunit nagigipit lang ng administrasyon kaya di pa makapagpahayag ng suporta nila. go POE!

    • Who POE?? He he .. everybody knows that surveys are only for those who bid the highest money, and you will be number ONE. Pera pera lang yan.. But no one can deny the phenomenal rise of Duterte’s fame. The more you know who Duterte is, the more you will support his plans for progress and curbing corruption and criminality..

  26. This is what I say…These will be two (2) big headaches and blows against BS Aquino. First, if Binay won as President and second if Bongbong Marcos won as Vice President. This is karma against his administration. In spite of series of attacks against Binay and Marcos, these two personalities have consistently rise its popularity. Much more, it even make the things complicated when he vetoed the P2,000 pesos raise of pension and his consistent remarks against lowering the withholding tax. It is already in the mind of BS Aquino that his “annointed one” will not and never will won come May elections. I’m pity with Leni. I would advise her to resign as VP candidate. Our President is fond of making irrational decisions.

  27. Now it’s beginning to show that the true candidates of Pnoy is Binay and Escudero. Roxas just like Speaker Mitra will be junk by the party because Pnoy and his sisters trusted Binay more than Roxas simply because of the more than 40 years of close personal relationship between Pnoy’s family and Binay and likewise, Binay knows he owes everything from political power to his billions of assets, to Pnoy’s mother Cory and this debt of gratitude cannot just vanished in thin air because of politics. As for Escudero, he has been Malacanang boy in the Senate. This guy knows that nobody will finance his political ambition in the private sector where he is labelled as “so young, so corrupt” senator. Just take a look on the extra pork Pnoy gave to the senators who voted to oust CJ Corona, Chiz Escudero together with Drillon got the biggest pork as payment for their vote acceding to Malacanang;s lobby. This Chiz Escudero was designated by Pnoy as a go- between Malacanang and the powerful INC during the critical stage of CJ Corona’s impeachment. VP Binay and Senator Chiz Escudero are definitely Pnoy’s candidate.

  28. No other democratic country in the world practices this kind of political move by politicians by easily moving from one party to another for self-expediency This shameless political move was never stopped, erased or kick-out by our legislators themselves in fact, during the Cory administration even strengthen this very bad practice which became the advent of political family dynasties and political butterflies. This political system. The excellent 2-party system was eradicated in favor of multiple party system which made the political system in the Philippines chaotic, to the least. This article only proves the ills of our system today. Surely those LP’s who want to jump over the fence to support some one other than their own political comrade are those shameless politicians who are after their political survival. And what are the 2 main reasons why Philippine politicians are called butterflies for their political future is, one, political and government power and the second for money and monetary considerations. In short these politicans want to continue to be powerful and rich stealing public money.

  29. So do the LP stalwarts jump ship yet again when Poe is ultimately disqualified? They may end up eating the political fecal fall out of having to support the UNA candidate in the end for the long term survival of their power base.

    What happens in the very likely event that Marcos becomes the candidate of choice. The future looks pretty grim for the LP’s political nest in Congress. Seems they may have to rearrange their nest and re-align their support out of political convenience.

  30. I don’t agree with the source assessment…it is not the candidate fault, the endorsemenr affected them.

  31. Carlos de Castro on

    What kind of politics do we have in the Ph.
    dapat ay walang iwananHindi maaari iyong pag walang pag-asa ay ayaw na.Dito sa Las Vegas ay 10 to 1 Mar Roxas Robredo is really hard to sell. Bongbong Marcos might make it, because of the solid north and we still believe that Marcos was the best President we ever had and probably next to Quirino. Robredo might still beat Chiz in bicol. Us here in the USA its still Mar to beat.I think he got the vote of the silent majority.The only thing keeping him low in the survey is that he does not want to pay or sponsor a survey. Kuripot talaga iyan. Beside we want Korina to be the 1st. lady and not Susan Roces or Mrs. Escudero.

    • Matthew Parkes on

      Yes, in the US the Fil-Ams are supporting Mar but I have to wonder if that is because so many of you ended up in the USA financed by public money stolen by yourselves or your parents. There is no other logical explanation for why Fil-Ams seem to prefer the most corrupt candidate.

      Actually, I am surprised there is not more support for Binay among the Fil-Ams considering his ties to corruption allegations.

    • Ikaw lang ang nagnanais na maging first lady si Korina. May crush ka ata sa isang babaeng ubod ng yabang at gandang-ganda sa sarili. Nambubugbog pa ng yaya at nananampal ng script sa mga ojt ng ABS-CBN.