LP wants a bundy clock for PRRD



VICKI Belo, Hayden Kho tied the knot in a civil ceremony. It turns out that the relationship is not just skin-deep. I wish their marriage will be free of blemishes, imperfections and will not need further surgical enhancements due to contagious third-party infections.

* * *

The opposition has embarked on a newfound project called “PRRD’s Daily Time Record.” They are now deciding if they should use fingerprint biometrics or the good old system of punching cards on bundy clocks.

* * *

“AFP: Female hostages in Marawi forced to marry Maute members, become sex slaves.”

–Senator Risa Hontiveros, do you still want the government to lift martial law and attend to the grievances of the Maute group instead?

* * *

Inquirer: CNN retracts story, accepts resignation of 3 journalists.

–Dear Inquirer: are you capable of doing the same?

* * *

At present, the Philippines has the lowest average internet connection speed among select Asia-Pacific countries at 4.5 megabits per second (mbps), according to a report released in March by US-based content delivery network Akamai Technologies, Inc. This is of course, six times slower compared to South Korea, which has the fastest average speed globally, with 26.1 mbps.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) has launched the National Broadband Plan (NBP) which will serve as the “blueprint in the acceleration of the deployment of fiber optic cables and wireless technologies.” It will aim to deliver faster, more accessible Internet in 2 to 3 years.

The concept is much like the controversial ZTE National Broadband Network (NBN) that was vilified by the previous administration that led to its cancellation. The Sandiganbayan dismissed the case filed against former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as the prosecution’s own witness, the engineer Dante Mariaga, testified that the ZTE’s proposal was to cover 100 percent of the country, while Joey de Venecia admitted that his company Amsterdam’s proposal covered only the third-class municipalities while leaving out the fourth-to-sixth class municipalities.

The 2007 NBN-ZTE project would have interconnected government offices nationwide through broadband technology. And of course, the telco giants stand to lose billions being paid by government accounts.

The court said Arroyo’s cancellation of the NBN-ZTE contract in 2007 “bolsters the argument that accused (Arroyo) did not hold any interest for personal gain in the approval and implementation of the NBN project.”

“There was no clear and indubitable proof presented by the prosecution that accused PGMA was the recipient. As a matter of fact, there was no evidence introduced on who made the payment,” the ruling read.

After six years, the telecom duopoly has continued raking in profits to the detriment of helpless subscribers. Yes, we lost the battle without even putting up a fight. And the previous “righteous” administration tricked us that we were better off with their “straight path propaganda.”

* * *

One good news most media outlets are not carrying or have deeply buried in the inside pages. The Philippines climbed by four notches to 99 in the World Bank-International Finance Corp. Doing Business 2017 report reflecting a better standing from 103 in the 2016 rankings.

* * *

Make PRRD “disappear” 2 to 3 days and they will keep talking about it for weeks.

* * *

VP Robredo went on a US trip to attend gala event and send off daughter to Harvard. Nothing wrong with that. We just hope she was not wearing a gown with a pair of “tsinelas.”

* * *

It looks like Tim Orbos is still calling the shots with his “anti-motorists” solutions. More like saying “keep your cars in the garage forever.”

I have to repost my unsolicited advice which are basics:
. Clear the streets of illegally parked cars
. Remove sidewalk vendors
. Get rid of colorums once and for all
. Strict observance of yellow lanes
. Improve mass transport system (duh)
. Impose discipline on erring drivers with revocation of driver’s license for one year and they have to re-apply to regain it
. Outright dismissal of kotong cops and enforcers

Why punish those who are paying taxes for car registration, roads user’s tax, fuel tax, toll fees, insurance and then forbid them to use the streets? Rocket science or “raket” science?

* * *

This is just my personal view and I don’t encourage anyone to agree with me. Terrorism is now an accepted global threat. It is my right to preserve the life of any member of my family, including myself, against the cruelty of these terrorists. I cannot permit seeing my family being executed one by one and I will never accept my family grieving in my wake, helplessly seeking justice. Perilous times demand unorthodox measures to protect the citizenry from these monsters. I wish the government would allow responsible gun owners to carry firearms to protect our right to survive. The police will not always be around in times of danger and knowledge of an armed citizenry will surely foil attempts to harm civilians at will. Some will say that it may bring more violence but I dare say that at least I will have a chance to fight back to make sure the equation is not just tilted on one side.

* * *

Philippine Red Cross Chairman Richard J. Gordon is appealing for volunteers and fund donors to join not only in helping our countrymen in distress but also in rebuilding communities ravaged by natural calamities and armed conflicts. The PRC has expanded its capabilities to meet these challenges and most of the time, donations reach the recipients in a “flash.” The money given to PRC is quantified 10 times in terms of clock-work omnipresence and detailed transparency. I have worked with this man for years and I can attest that his nocturnal mind is always awake and restlessly impatient whenever he sees suffering of our less fortunate countrymen. “Walang hugutan, puro pasok” as they say. Keep it up, Mr. Gordon. You make our country proud.

Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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  1. Philippines = squatter nation = undisciplined people = corrupt people
    50 years from now, Philippines WILL STILL BE a squatter nation … no change

  2. Per one ManilaTimes columnist “She (the VP) wore an elegant, blue gown…” — a dress fit for the occasion, truly representative of her position. As you wrote, “Nothing wrong with that.”

    Hindi nakatsinelas at definitely, hindi cash advance ang pinambili — na katulad ng iba diyan.
    Mas lalo na “Nothing wrong with that.”