‘LP’s anti-corruption slogan a cheap ploy’


Party-list group Sanlakas lambasted the Aquino administration for its failure to stamp out corruption, saying that the Department of Justice has been “selective” in filing graft complaints particularly against those implicated in the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam.

Sanlakas first nominee and Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) chairperson Leody de Guzman said the Liberal Party’s battlecry during the 2010 elections was purely “a cheap political trick.”

“In 2010, it was a mere electoral stunt to win over voters who were disgusted over the scandal-riddled Arroyo regime. Since then, not only was it a simple propaganda tool to attack the rivals of the ruling Liberal Party, it has become a sickening repetitive mantra meant to conjure an illusion of anti-corruption reforms under Noynoy Aquino,” the labor leader said.

He criticized former Justice Secretary Leila De Lima for using the so-called anti-corruption campaign to attack opponents of the Liberal Party (LP).

De Guzman said the way De Lima handled the cases that arose from the misuse of the PDAF or pork barrel and the subsequent controversy surrounding the Development Acceleration Program (DAP) exposed the Aquino government’s true colors.

The Supreme Court ruled that PDAF and DAP were unconstitutional.

Anti-PDAF advocate, Levi Baligod, said 14 senators, 120 members of the House of Representatives, and several bogus non-government organizations were involved in the pork barrel scam.

However, under De Lima’s watch, criminal cases were only filed against three opposition senators and 25 House members.

With such a lacklustre record, De Guzman stressed that “Malacañang cannot rightfully claim even an iota of fulfilment to its much avowed anti-corruption mandate.”

“Even after almost six years in office, the Filipino people know that corruption is still rampant in virtually all levels of the bureaucracy. As such, corruption remains a major issue in the upcoming May elections,” he explained

Sanlakas is pushing its seven-point pro-people platform, particularly the “eradication of corruption.”

The group believes that corruption will be greatly diminished if the Freedom of Information bill is passed and if there is swift prosecution of government officials implicated in the pork barrel scam.


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  1. Sanlakas is barking on the wrong tree.If you compare the present administration to all previous administrations what do you see? Maybe Sanlakas asre blind or dumb. Sanlakas should bark on Binay because at present he already is catching up the record of Marcos regarding corruption.No filipino has stashed 11 billion pesos in Canadian banks ecept Binay. SANLAKAS IDILAT ANG MGA MATA.

  2. The allies of Aquino who gave their pork barrel gifts to Napoles in exchange for kickbacks were also allowed to keep the kickbacks.

    Aquino, Abad and De Lima should be arrested and jailed.