LQ (Learning Quotient) Power Memory Training in Manila

2014 Bestseller "LQ Learning Quotient"

2014 Bestseller “LQ Learning Quotient”

Are you becoming forgetful? Your kid(s) struggling in school? Many feel that the way they memorize new information yields very poor results; or see their children suffering in a boring repetitive learning process. GOOD NEWS! Mr. Davis Woo, an American memory super coach is conducting free seminars to help you.

He is the co-author of the new bestselling book LQ Learning Intelligence Quotient. This book is jointly published with Professor Chung, Phd that emphasize the necessity for redefining why, what and how we should learn in order to stay competitive. Just relying on a good IQ does not ensure success in the current environment. But maintaining an ability to efficiently learn new things, meaning having a good LQ can give us the leading edge in this global information age.

This super learning coach has traveled over 100 countries and this is only the second time conducting course in Manila. The last time was in 2010. So don’t miss this twice-in-a-decade opportunity. In the seminar, you will witness he and his students demonstrate memory that is at least 20–100 times faster than most people.

The free seminar will be held on July 20, 2014 (Sun) (or pre-registration for Oct. 11, 2014-Sat) 1:00pm or 3:30pm PAN PACIFIC MANILA HOTEL (M andriatico cor. General Malvar Sts., Malate) 7th Floor, Boardroom 1. Free entry will be granted with this newspaper press clipping (seating based on availability); Or pre-register via email: usadvs@gmail.com to ensure seating and receive a free VCD (valued at 900php).


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