LTFRB and DPWH should help MMDA, not add to growing traffic problems


For simply trying to solve the traffic congestion problem in the metropolis, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) caused friction with two other government agencies.

The problem started last week when the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) allowed provincial buses along EDSA and approved 26,000 green plate utility trucks to go commercial without consulting MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino and his men first.

A few days later, Tolentino reportedly threatened to handcuff the district engineer of the Department of Public Work and Highways (DPWH) if the public works official will start the road project in Parañaque without coordinating with the MMDA. Tolentino apologized for his remarks right away.

In a radio interview Monday, the traffic czar admitted both the LTFRB and the DPWH did not inform his agency in advance about their plans, thereby leaving the MMDA in the dark. The result was more traffic congestion.

Tolentino explained that had he been informed earlier, the MMDA could have made a plan and taken measures, like rerouting, and coordinated with the local government officials to ease the road congestion.

Aside from the LTFRB circulars allowing several thousands of trucks, both for passengers and cargoes, in Metro Manila roads, the excavation and road repairs of the DPWH also make up another factor in the never ending traffic snarl in the major highways of the national capital region (NCR).

Excavations and road repairs, particularly in Manila, have been a common sight for nearly a year, yet the completion of these works is unknown since the workers only work during daytime and leave the unfinished projects at night and on weekends.

Efforts to reach DPWH Sec. Rogelio Singson for a comment about the delays in their project have proved futile. Meanwhile, the projects are left for completion but without specific dates yet.

I really do not understand what’s gotten into the heads of LTFRB Chairman Winston Ginez and Sec. Singson for not coordinating with the MMDA about their projects? How hard is it to call Tolentino and tell him about your plans, sirs?

Kindly use your brains, Singson and Ginez, if you have any, to help the MMDA solve our daily traffic woes!!!

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Bulacan cockfighting arena, a gamblers’ paradise?

They may not have a casino in Sta. Maria, Bulacan but gamblers reportedly troupe to the said town everyday to splurge their money either on cockfighting, bingo, and other forms of gambling inside the Sta. Maria Cockfighting Arena in that town.

A resident of Sta. Maria sent me an e-mail complaining of the daily cockfights in the arena, claiming it is illegal since under the law cockfighting is allowed only three days in a week but cockfighting is allowed in the arena every day.

The complainant said what makes it worse is the presence of other gambling activity inside the arena, such as the bingo and color games, that run everyday and it’s minors who patronize it.

Mayor Bartolome Ramos denied the daily cockfights in his town. He also denied owning the said cockpit arena though sources said a certain “Andy,” reportedly his nephew, manages the place.

The cockfighting may not be everyday but the other gambling activities inside the arena go on and most of the bettors are minors, according to my informant who lives in that area.

Mayor Ramos…aren’t those kids supposedly in school, and the adults in their farms or businesses and not in a cockpit arena?


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  1. How many times have i said with my comments that incompetence in this country is everywhere. They truly couldnt organise a booze up in a brewery. & you must notice also its none of their faults. No its not my fault is what everyone of them will say. How these people get these postions is beyond me. It seems this country needs to be invaded & let them put in competent people & your lives would be better.