• LTFRB to revoke franchise of PUVs parked on public roads


    THE Quezon City Council has passed a resolution urging the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to revoke the franchise issued to public utility vehicles (PUVs) that use public roads, streets or highways as parking area. City Resolution 6957-2016 cited the need for the LTFRB to “exercise its authority over public conveyances engaged in the obstructing practice so as to improve traffic flow and ensure public safety.” Authored by Coun. Ranulfo Ludovica (District 2), it said that public roads, streets and highways are designed for motorists, especially in Quezon City. “It has been observed that many public utility vehicles are using these areas as their parking spaces, terminal or garage, not only during daytime but also during nighttime,” Ludovica said. He also sought LTFRB’s assistance to prevent such practices and cited that one of the board’s rules is to issue franchise only to PUVs with proper garage spaces.


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