LTO asked to ban habitual violators from streets


THE Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has asked the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to ban drivers who are habitual violators of traffic regulations.

MMDA Assistant General Manager for Operations Emerson Carlos on Sunday said they have already written the LTO to ask for the revocation of licenses of drivers with more than 20 traffic violations.

Based on MMDA data, Carlos added, more than 200 drivers have already accumulated more than 20 traffic violations a year.

But despite these drivers’ frequent violations, they are still plying Metro Manila roads as their licenses have yet to be revoked by the LTO.

“Could you just imagine, they are violating our traffic rules for more than 20 times a year. They were already accustomed in violating our traffic regulations,” he said in MMDA’s weekly radio program.

The MMDA was authorized by the Metro Manila Council (MMC) to adopt a “No Physical Contact Program” in apprehending traffic violators in Metro Manila through the use of digital cameras.

Because of this, Carlos said the MMDA has asked the LTO not to renew the licenses of these habitual traffic violators.

“If it’s possible, the LTO should no longer renew the license of these kind of drivers,” he added.

He added that these habitual traffic violators are often involved in vehicular accidents.

Carlos issued the call after an accident in Bontoc town, Mountain Province involving a passenger bus operated by Florida Transport where 14 people were killed and 32 others were injured.

Among those who were killed include comedian Arvin “Tado” Jimenez, Solar News executive Bam Morillo, musician David Sicam, and visual artist Gerard Baja.

The bus, carrying 45 people, was travelling on a narrow road in Sitio Pagang, Barangay Talubin, when it fell about 120 meters into the ravine.


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