‘LTO dupes car owners’


New license plates lack security features

THE Land Transportation Office (LTO) and the supplier of the supposedly “smart” license plates allegedly duped millions of vehicle owners into believing that the new plates contained security and safety features.

Eduard Fereira told the Senate that test results revealed that the new license plates lacked the security features that were promised by the joint venture of Power Plates Development Concepts Inc. and Dutch firm J. Knierem BV-Goes (JKG) when it joined bidding for the P3.8-billion license plate standardization program of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) in 2013.

These missing features are the reflective sheeting material, laser-engraved logo of the LTO and the supplier on the aluminum substrates, laser-etched barcode on the plates and plate locks.

The bar code enables authorities to check if the plates match vehicles they are assigned to while the plate locks or screws would render the license plate unusable if they were forcibly removed.

Fereira, a private bidder, submitted a technical evaluation and test report to the Senate public services sub-committee on transportation headed by Sen. Joseph Victor Ejercito.

In his report, he said the test conducted by a German-based company, MPA Hannover, cited four cost-relevant deviations on the new LTO plates that would show that Power Plates-JKG supplied cheaper materials than specified in bid documents it had presented.

Instead of using reflective graphic sheeting, the joint venture used simple white non-graphic sheeting. The reflective graphic sheeting is used in order to make digits on the license plates visible. Also, the supplier’s logo at the back of the plate was not engraved, but was merely stamped.

Power Plates-JKG said all the license plates shall be laser-etched with a barcode at a minimum depth of 0.025 mm with a height and width of 15 mm x 30 mm, but MPA Hannover found that the dimensions are 11 x 141 mm and therefore not according to tender conditions.

The supplier also did not follow the specified size of the screws as well as the feature that would make the plates difficult to remove.

While some of the findings in the test can be considered minor, these changes were done to reduce the cost of each plate so that the supplier would earn more, Fereira said.

Despite the supplier’s failure to deliver the security features that it promised, the LTO accepted the license plates and charged motorists P450 apiece.

Fereira noted that it was not clear if Power Plates-JKG complied with delivery schedules provided in the contract. LTO officials earlier admitted that it has run out of license plates, prompting the agency to lift its no-plate, no-travel policy.

Based on the license plates standardization program, the winning supplier should have delivered at least 4,085,335 license plates from July to December 2013 and another batch of 4,925,992 plates in 2015.

If Power Plates-JKG was able to comply with the delivery schedules, Fereira said, there would be no reason for the LTO to have a shortage of plates.

When asked during the Senate panel hearing last week about the delivery of the license plates, LTO chief Alfonso Tan could not say how many license plates have been received by the LTO. Ha said he was unaware of the issues raised by Fereira.

The private bidder questioned the validity of the contract awarded to Power Plates-JKG, saying the project was bidded out by the government even if there was no budget to cover it.

Ejercito;s committee will continue its inquiry into the license plate issue today.


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  1. What idiotic pretext these DOT officials have for replacing all the vehicle plates when there is benefits to car owners except to be Penalized for the fee and hustles in awaiting plates. The security screws for the plates is not a valid reason for whatever you use to affixed the plates whether you weld it a determined car appear can not be deterred. The only obvious reason is for the LTO officials to make or obtain illegal commissions/bribes in the award of contracts to plate manufacturer. Why change existing plates similar new plates can be used for new registration. Clearly higher LTO officials connived to come up with this policy. Secretary Abad is equally responsible for this debacle since he is the highest policy and decision maker in the hierarchy. Abad must either had been duped, fooled or an stupid idiot and a fool to approve this stupid policy.
    Pnoy should not change to vehicles plates BUT change the people in the LTO instead!
    Or Pnoy better still change himself by having his brain-twisted mechanism repaired and his nerd looks too!

  2. As always, racketeering us the name if the game; that’s we have the highest number of accudents and carnappings. It’s nit tge job of our police and other agencies when tgey are nit able to go after carnapoers and errant drivers. Chang shoukd start from LTO and within the entire LTO SYSTEM.


    Laking panloloko ito sa lahat ng Pilipino.

  4. Everyone loves bitching online, but that isn’t going to solve anything. The Philippines will never be fixed unless there’s blood on the streets.. Only a real revolution can save it now.

  5. The title should be “LTO ROBBED the car owners”

    Most intelligent car owners with existing plates already knows that it is not necessary to replace the plate and pay again (we already paid the old ones). We are not really duped, but ROBBED in broad daylight, using the “laws” like a knife on our throat.

    But we are forced to pay for the new plate, or else we will not be able to register. Their laws made the car owners as hostages and milking cows

    LTO is nothing but torture chamber for car owners, including those who use their vehicles for a living (PUV, taxi)


      ESTAFA BY LTO joint venture with PowerPlates JKG!

      Victims: Pinoy vehicle owners!

  6. The LTO License Plate standardization is just another money making scheme by the LP. Even without replacing the old plates if used with the security screws, the plate cannot be removed without damaging the plate itself.

  7. I missed something out in my answer & it was reading other answers that made me realise it. Yes it does seem like corruption is involved in this deal as there is not a single thing in it that will in anyway at all benefit the people of the philippines. I agree with many of you it seems the top guys here are looking for a payoff somewhere in this fiasco. Where im unsure but there are cleverer people than me who can figure that out. Catch these thieves & jail them.

  8. As is always the case it shows the incompetence of all involved. The powers that be didnt check anything. All these fools care about is making it look they are doing something important that will benefit the people. They think we are stupid, all this has done is put every single vehicle owner to unnecessary expense & time. I saw some of the investigation by the senate & the heads of the drpartment were made to look like the fools they are. When asked a tyechnical question, he coulndt ask it he said he would find out & cayetano said you are the ehad of the organisation you are supposed to know this. That line tells you the guy is incompetent as is most in positions of power. They just dont seem to have a clue.

  9. Another problem is the sticker… it says in OR sticker fee, pero may malaking stamp NO STICKER AVAILABLE.

  10. Kung sinong malaki magbigay ng LAGAY, sya ang winning bidder lagi! Ganyan naman ang kalakalan sa gobyerno at bahala ng ang mamamayan kung ano ang kanilang kahihinatnan!

  11. dapat palitan lahat ng namumuno sa gobyerno ngayon… sa kikita ko, lahat ng ahensya sa pamumuno ni Aquino ay may malalking katiwalian… walang mapili.. lahat, lahat may anomalyang kurapsyon… isa rin ako sa biktima ng kawalang kakayahan ng LTO… plaka ng sasakyan ko’y dapat makuha ay sa January pa… June na next week. anong nagawa nila?.. .WALA!..

  12. chthonic monster on

    pretty obvious they haven’t heard; “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

  13. Only 2 guys must bear the responsibility – the dotc secretary and his boss (being the direct superior). The problem is the spokesmen of the boss will again say “the dotc secretary still have the trust and confidence of his boss…”.

  14. Cipriano Balbuena on

    To LTO and DOTC Heads and enforcers.. Refund your penalties to all car owners and car dealers you had apprehended last Holy week and days beyond.. At bayaran nyo lahat na perwisyo at sama ng loob at takot na pinairal nyo that Holy Days na pinadama nyo sa mg New car owner na di nagamit ang mga pinaghirapang bilhin na sasakayan.(I am one of them) Sabi nyo napakarami plates at di lang kinakuha ng mga Car dealers. Pinagsabong nyo lang ang buyer at dealer para mapagtakpan ang kalokohan nyo. Galit lahat ang umiral that Days. Kahit Holy thursday na at madaling araw ng GOOD Friday. Nasa LTO ang representative ng car dealer para makuha ang PLAKA na di naman ma accomodate ng LTO .Today it is very clear. Magresign na kayo sa pwesto nyo dahil kahit anong paliwanag nyo sa media walang kwenta at di kayang mapagtakpan ang kasamaan at ganid nyo.. Gawin nyo ng personal na paliwanag sa lahat ng penerwisyo nyong tao. Invite nyo sila sa bakanteng lote ng Quirino grandstand. Pag uwi nyo pirmado nyo tyak ang resignation nyo LTO at DOTC head.

  15. julio madiaga on

    did somebody get a commission? perhaps that is why the plates delivered by the winning bidder patently lacks the terms of reference.

  16. Corruption ang dahilan ng lahat na Ito. Balita pati luma na plate dapat palitan eh maayos panaman . Eh para makapera at wala silang pakialam kung mahirapan ang karamihan. Kung sila gumawa ng pera ligal yan pero kung oposisyon corruption yan. Double standard ang pinaiiral. Sino ang mga kumita dito dapat panagutin. Nakupo…..

  17. Cres Malifier on

    Will this example of corruption in BS Aquno’s regime again be completely ignored by the law enforcement and Justice department and Aquino himself–as they did the scam perpetrated by the Smartmatic-TIM?

    Will the Yellow Army and the Filipinos fooled by the Yellow Army, BS Aquino and Kris Aquino into believing the Tuwid na Daan now become honest and moral people and admit that the Aquino government is more corrupt than any other previous government including that of the dictator Marcos?

    May the Pentecostal Spirit of Truth finally seize them all.

  18. LTO and the entire DTO is full of corrupt activities that the Secretary should fully investigate and prosecute the corrupt DTO officials involved. LTR And MTR are both milking cows of the corrupt. How could Abaya tolerate the mismanagement ocurring in this Agency. First it was the Security Guard contracts that were questionable. Nothing happened. Then the maintenance contracts on these two metro rails and followed by obligation question or purchase of train coaches which involve Bitangol and the sister of Pnoy incriminated by the Czech ambassador on kickbacks. Roxas, now Abaya have done nothing to improve the transportation sector, be it land, air or water, these two secretaries were just incompetent to manage this sector and straighten its corrupt officials. The “tuwid na daan” NI Pnoy policy on anti corruption is a dismal failure and even worsen the corruption activities in the Agency. No more Pnoy successor to the Presidency! They will be just as corrupt as BINAY. Himself!
    I would rather elevate Senator Osmena to the Presidency. Osmena has talent, experience and honest and full of integrity as a person and politician. OSMENA is the MAN!

  19. Ngayon ninyo lang na laman na niloloko nila ang taong bayan?hindi lang LTo,military,dotc,at halos lahat ng sangay ng gobyerno!
    Kitang-Kita naman sa pangulo kung paano niya, kamkamin ang pondo ng bawat ahensya,upang gamitin niya sa personal niyang interest..
    Ewan ko ba Parang ok lang ito sa lahat! Kung ang mga sumasakay sa mrt at lrt ay sama-samang mag-rally baka wala na sa puesto si Aquino!

  20. can’t the people in government do something for the people with corruption set aside or taken out of the equation all together? why is it that corruption has to play a major role in every transaction the government gets into? why?

    And it’s worse now than ever before! And yet, thanks to the media (except The Manila Times), many Filipinos still don’t want to accept the truth–that Aquino is a LIAR, is CORRUPT and is working to destroy the Philippines!

  21. Tita Boluso-Rimando on

    And so, under this Daang Matuwid administration, what sanctions await the wrong-doers? If friend, maybe none. If non-friend, may be sacked. Meanwhile, car-owners will continue to abide by this non-value adding ordinance.