LTO records show Aquino never bought or sold a Porsche



Was it a ‘gift’ like Duterte’s Mercedes, which he kept?
REMEMBER the Porsche 911 Carrera that former President Benigno Aquino III, just months into his presidency, claimed he bought for P5 million, and that he used the money he got when he sold his BMW?

Remember how because of the furor over such display of opulence, he claimed to have sold it six months later for exactly the same price, that I had asked in my columns that Aquino and the Land Transportation Office (headed by his old Tarlac friend the late Virginia Torres) release the car’s deed of sale and registration to prove that it was not a gift from a Chinese-Filipino tycoon?

Remember how I had bet in my column of March 18, 2014 that Aquino would never let a Freedom of Information Act pass—even if it was one of his campaign promises in 2010—as long as he was President, or the press would demand that he disclose the deeds of sale and LTO registrations for his purchase and sale of his BMW?

Six years in power, and different versions of FOI bills filed, the Congress which Aquino controlled—so tightly he ordered the removal of Chief Justice Renato Corona, and it was done in just five months— never did pass such a bill.

His successor, President Duterte, simply signed an executive order requiring government agencies to release any information they have, subject to certain restrictions such as national security and people’s right to privacy under the Constitution.

So, I thought I would invoke Duterte’s order to find out how serious it was. I went straight to, that is, wrote LTO head Edgar Galvante—a former police general known for his integrity and efficiency—and asked for the deeds of sale and registration papers of the Porsche Aquino had bought and sold.

Galvante’s reply and that of his staff: LTO records, which are in a computerized database, do not show Aquino having a Porsche 911, nor a BMW he said he sold to buy the new sports car.

LTO records show that the only cars under his name are a 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser he registered in June 30, 2003 and a 2016 Ford Explorer registered June 15, 2016, two weeks before he stepped down as President.

One of the many internet memes in 2011 on Aquino’s “purchase” of a luxury car.

I wondered, maybe the LTO data base would no longer report somebody as an owner of a car if he had sold it later. The LTO staff replied: “It will be recorded on our database if Mr. Aquino transferred the ownership of vehicles under his name.”

The only possible conclusions from these are obviously as follows:

First, the LTO staff is misinformed, and its data base would not be able to report information on a person buying a car and then selling it later.

Second, Aquino was lying. He never bought a Porsche nor did he sell it. It was a gift from a Chinese-Filipino tycoon, as had been the rumors during that time.

If that were the case, Aquino violated the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices law, which deems criminal the acceptance by a government official of such an expensive gift. The law defines such a gift as those from a person “other than a member of the public officer’s immediate family, in behalf of himself or of any member of his family or relative within the fourth civil degree, either by consanguinity or affinity, even on the occasion of a family celebration or national festivity like Christmas, if the value of the gift is under the circumstances manifestly excessive.”

Aquino of course could easily prove that he did buy and sell a Porsche: He can just release to the public copies of the LTO registrations of his Porsche, and, please, the deeds of sale. I’m still suspicious that it was a gift to him by a Chinese-Filipino tycoon whose business boomed during his regime.

That tycoons would be so bold as to give a President such expensive gifts was of course demonstrated by Duterte’s disclosure he was recently given a Mercedes-Benz, which he ordered impounded at the Presidential Security Group headquarters until it could be disposed of.

He could have just kept it secret, and when discovered by the press—as was the case with Aquino and his Porsche in 2011—he could have said he bought it with funds raised by selling his old car. Duterte didn’t and even publicly announced the gift.

Duterte said he is happy with the 1988 pickup he has been using ever since he became mayor of Davao City.

What a different President this is, although I’ve heard rumors that while he definitely is not into cars, he likes watches.

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  1. PDU30 definitely not into cars but watches? Neither he likes watches nor cars. WOMEN is the correct answer and the Bishops are his competitors.

    • Juliet of yellows on

      Everybody was subject to that law except the aquino’s, His father gave his life to save from dictatorship ang her mother keep the hacienda opps ,forget that..and even during 2016 election campaign taht kris used the govt chpper, piniy didn’t anything wrong.. For Him being an aquino is like a royal blood and the people should always put to their brain,that w/o them, Marcos still around.

  2. So Tiglao, what do you think then of Duterte’s admission that he received cars, properties and cash from Pastor Quiboloy? That’s a clearer day admission. Will you then spearhead an impeachment movement or are you just simply a biased hypocrite?

    • Juliet of yellows on

      Pnoy accusation are more blatant .. take a staright bribery from a businessman no record from LTO

    • Could it have been Kris Aquino’s gift to his brother then which the family just wanted to keep the gift-giving as low-key as possible?

      If I am not mistaken, Kris gifted his brother a luxurious car after the latter’s term ended.

    • To put a closure to the issue once and for all, it would be best for Mr. Tiglao to request an interview with the former president, to get it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

      From there, we can fact-check the veracity of info the former president would have given.

  3. julio madiaga on

    text mo lang 2600 nalaman mo na dapat detalye ng vehicle na sinusulat mo eh.
    trip mo pa kasi pahabain ang istroya.
    ayun buking ikaw na hindi mo alam sinasabi mo.
    gay-on parati. gay-on pa din.
    tsk tsk tsk. yellow tard ka kasi. mr tiglao.
    yellowtard = tubol

  4. Again, good job Mr. Tiglao. Why? “Bulag, Pipi at Bingi” ang mga Pinoy during Pnoy Aquino’s term.

  5. Not an Aquino apologist but buy and sell people will give you an open deed of sale coz the buy cars with the intention of selling it later. So if PNOY used an open deed of sale definitely no trace of his name. What we can do is to get the plate number and ask LTO for the registration and insurance history. Definitely it will point to someone who owned it that media can ask.

    • Elpidio Salvador on

      Hindi kailangan lumabas ang pangalan kung kamag anak o kaibigan ang bumili para kay Pnoy ng sasakyan.

      Napakahina o paninira lang ang ginagawa mo Tiglao-tuklao.

  6. I won’t be surprised if the Mercedes Benz President Duterte spoke about has a No.1 plate number. Just a wild guess knowing how Duterte enjoys making jokes.

  7. jack reacher on

    “.. gift to him by a Chinese-Filipino tycoon whose business boomed during his regime.”
    is this the one with supermarket / groceries, banking, oil exploration and a new building at ayala ave.

  8. Not surprising at all but does it matter.

    If records show PNoy’s signatures clearly as the accountable principal in the crime of plunder, approving malversation of P140+ Billion in DAP-PDAF scam that can’t be fully explained to this day, and yet those irrefutable charges slide off like he is made of teflon.

    What more the absence of mere documents or deeds of sale on his luxury cars. In his defense abnoy will merely claim he did not lie intentionally but was confused about the facts of the sale on account of his autism.


    ano pa kayang kasinungalingan ?

    mabuhay Mr. Tiglao!

    mabuhay Mr. President!

  10. Bobby Tiglao’s column is the main reason I open Manila times online. He is well read and well-researched that separates him from the rest. Keep it up!

  11. This is what investigative journalism and true journalism. Never mind those other so-called media whose only purpose is gaining millions while selling their integrity each time.

  12. The dates on the registration though is quite confusing. A 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser registered 3 years BEFORE it was released? Kindly clarify with LTO, sir.

    • a 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser he registered in June 30, 2003 . . . . tama lang naman…

      and a 2016 Ford Explorer registered June 15, 2016

    • marco labrador on

      Paki basa ulit ang isinulat ni Mr. Tiglao. Tama naman siya. A 2003 Toyota registered in 2003.

      “LTO records show that the only cars under his name are a 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser he registered in June 30, 2003 and a 2016 Ford Explorer registered June 15, 2016, two weeks before he stepped down as President.”

  13. The Great Defiant on

    LTO has been the most corrupt government agency.
    But in fairness, lately the services has improved.

    abnOy is fond of lying.
    Pasagasa daw cya at Abaya sa train, hindi naman.
    FOI wala din atbp.

    in other words “the Filipino is worth lying for”..
    tokhang na yan…

    • So as Duterte! King of all liars. Lord of deception. What would you expect from Tiglao? A former appointee of Gloria Arroyo. Lol istupido.

  14. julio madiaga on

    wow, the power of the fourth estate.
    just go ahead and write the head of the agency and demand information of a citizen (perhaps under pain of a negative). head of agency immediately answers with the information. write 1 sentence of praise about the head of the agency.

    who needs the freedom of information act?

  15. Pres. Duterte loves big bikes. In fact when PGMA once visited Davao City she rode in tandem with then mayor Duterte in his big bike.

  16. BSaquino can claim that he didn’t own it but simply borrowed it. With his wealth, army of lawyers, the support of the catholic church and all the people that he bribed, he can ignore the law and do whatever he wants – which he did and continue to do. ha ha ha. you Filipino are stupid. we, the aquinos, can do whatever we want. and we don’t care about you, the so-called people.