LTO-Soccsksargen purges erring personnel


THE Land Transportation Office (LTO) in Region 12 has initiated the cleansing of its ranks of corrupt personnel after reports of LTO employees using the agency as their milking cow, tainting the image of the office in Koronadal City, South Cotabato.

LTO Assistant Regional Director Robert Kiunisala said they are continuing their campaign for a zero-corrupt personnel and employees under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Kiunisala is inviting the public, particularly the motorists who encounter LTO personnel on a daily basis to report or file complaints against wayward enforcers.

He said LTO Region 12 welcomes complaints not only against their traffic enforcers, but for the agency’s other services as well. Kiunisala added they created a team of investigators who will look into the complaints received by their office to be acted upon immediately.

Kiunisala told The Manila Times the job orders of more than 100 LTO personnel have not been renewed because of unsatisfactory performance and allegations of using their position for money making activities.

He added there were personnel who have gone absent without official leave (AWOL) after implicated in non-remittance of revenue collections while some were undergoing investigation over reports they are receiving monthly payola (pay off) from registered vehicle owners with traffic violations.

The LTO deputy director pointed out that employees allegedly involved in irregularities were under the previous officials. Their names are being held pending result of the investigation.

He said these officials connive with owners who register their vehicles for private use but ferry passengers to various routes in SoCCSKSarGen but once apprehended are not issued a Temporary Operating Permit (TOP) and the fine they pay goes to the LTO enforcers.

“The registered vehicle owners will have to pay about P200,000 per vehicle and the private trucking services P1-million per violation for non-renewal of franchise registration but the money is pocketed by the LTO head and other conniving employees. No audit was also done because some of the audit officials from the Manila head office are also in connivance with them,” Kiunisala added.

He said their office will start filling LTO job orders to replace the more than 100 plus contractual employees whose JOs were not renewed.

He added that applicants must have civil service eligibility and be graduates of criminology courses.


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