LTO starts issuing new license plates


The Land Transportation Office (LTO) will begin issuing today license plates that contain multiple security features in line with government’s license plate standardization program.

“It’s time to change old license plates with new ones. Tomorrow, we begin phasing out the 9 various designs currently in use with modern, standardized, and security feature-packed license plates,” Transportation Secretary Emilio Joseph Abaya said on Sunday.

“We advise the public to order the new license plates upon renewing their motor vehicle registrations beginning this year. The new plates will be available 45 days after ordering them,” LTO chief Alfonso Tan Jr. said.

The new license plates for private motor vehicles sport a black-and-white design, similar to those in other countries. They have tamper-resistant locks and screws, preventing their removal and transfer. They also feature reflectorized sheeting to make them visible from afar and from any angle.

The permanent “third plate” windshield sticker replaces the current yearly sticker, and will indicate the vehicle’s license plate number and other relevant registration information. It cannot be peeled off without leaving these pieces of information on the windshield.

“These new plates will help improve road safety by curbing illegal practices such as tanggal-plaka or plate removal and switching, which is prevalent in carnapping and colorum operations. They will help enforcers catch criminals, and enhance safety for the public,” Abaya said.

“The new plates will not change your alphanumeric combination. Your existing plate numbers will be retained. Only vehicles registered for the first-time will be issued the new 3-letter 4-number combination,” Tan said.

The entire standardization or replacement program will last until 2017. New plates will cost the same as the old plates, which is P450 for 4-wheeled motor vehicles. Once replaced, the old license plates will no longer be valid for any purpose, but may be kept by their owners.


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  1. Bakit 45 days ang lead time di ba dapat pagnagrehistro ka automatic ang issuance. Anong kalokohan naman ito.

    • apolonio reyes on

      Tama ka pogipoint, papaano kung gaya ng driver’s license kapag kininkuha na ay sinusulatan lang OR ng extenended to ____2015 pero sinasabihan ka kapag nag expire ang extention date at di mo kinuha ang driver’s license mo, pwede ka ma charge ng ” DRIVING WITH EXPIRED LICENSE” kahit nabayaran mo na at LTO ang may kasalanan. Di Ba POGI?