• LTO warns anew vs use of unauthorized sirens


    The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has issued a memorandum that reiterates enforcement of a ban on unauthorized sirens, as well as un light-emitting diode (LED).

    “In the interest of road safety and pursuant to Joint Administrative Order 2014-01, the undersigned reiterates the drive against unauthorized wang-wang [sirens], LED lights and all other modifications,” the memorandum read.

    The order came from the LTO, the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

    The memorandum was signed by newly appointed LTO chief Roberto Cabrera 3rd.

    In the DOTC-LTO-LTFRB joint order, unauthorized motor vehicle modification was described as the “change in color and other unauthorized modifications of the standard manufacturer’s specification.”

    The unauthorized modifications pertain to unauthorized accessories, devices, equipment and parts including “bells/horns/sirens/whistles, blinkers, brakes, lights, early warning device, mirrors, mufflers, metallic tires/spare tire, speedometer, windshield, wipers or any other accessory, device, equipment or part that is manifestly prejudicial to road safety.”

    The LTO is yet to release an official statement on implementation of the memorandum but automobile groups are already asking the agency to give a clearer standard as to what is unauthorized.

    “While we welcome this ‘reminder,’ the memorandum is another clear proof that this country has so many laws and regulations in place, but no one is bothering to implement and enforce them. Which explains why people routinely violate and make a mockery of said rules,” Top Gear said in its post.

    Early in the administration of President Benigno Aquino 3rd, he called attention to the unauthorized use of sirens especially by politicians.

    His move was seen as an attempt to endear himself to the masses, who see the political use of sirens as another entitlement enjoyed by people in the government.


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    1. Alvin S. Paterno on

      I for one am a motorcycle rider and yet I am a law abiding citizen but there are times when we must question those who enforce that law, are they really competent to enforce the said law or are they acting upon personal sentiments? the law clearly states that we are allowed to carry additional lights for the purpose of safety while driving the law did specify that white or yellowish white are allowed with the exemption of red colored lights. I for one would not buy or have an LED BAR installed on my motorcycle if the stock/standard headlight on my motorcycle was bright enough to give me a clear coverage of the road I’m travelling on how many times I almost had an accident because of big potholes on the road I can’t recall anymore. How many times I almost got sideswiped by cars, buses even jeepneys because they don’t see the lights of my motorcycle on their side/rear view mirrors. How many people did I Almost run over because they did not see me coming, I can’t remember? I’m not only doing this for my own safety but as well as for the other drivers out there where they would need to react to prevent an accident should we reach the same point on the road. Also as a responsible rider I have equipped my LED BAR with a switch so I can turn it off anytime when the streets are well lighted enough for me to travel without having to use the said LED BAR and I have it tilted to an angle that only illuminates the road ahead and not blind the cars moving on the other side of the road. And now this JOKER of an official suddenly issues a memorandum ordering illegal what is for a fact allowed by law that has been passed and signed through congress, senate and finally signed by the president himself. So I say to you Sir, before you issue some memorandum or ordinance kindly REVIEW THE LAW FIRST BEFORE ISSUING SOME STUPID MEMORANDUM AND BE REMINDED AS PUBLIC OFFICIAL,YOU SIR ARE APPOINTED TO SERVE THE PUBLIC AND NOT GO AGAINST IT. YOUR MEMORANDUM IS ILLEGAL IF NO VIOLATION OF THE LAW IS PRESENT, THEN WHAT YOU’RE DOING IS JUST PLAIN AND OPEN HARASSMENT! BECAUSE YOU CAN NOT GO AGAINST WHAT IS STATED IN THE LAW FOR NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. IF YOU WANT YOUR MEMORANDUM REALIZED THEN HAVE THE LAW REVISED. UNTIL THEN RESPECT THE PEOPLE WHO TRULY ABIDE BY THE LAW.

    2. I have a USB charger and Voltmeter in scoot… does it compromise safety.. is it worse than a lighter in a car and analog voltmeter in a jeepney

      Unless you clearly define every bit of definition in the rules you have, you should not enforce it right away…

      na ticketan ang barkada ko sa led light ng soul I 125 nya (stock lights nya ay LED)
      so pag cinonvert nya sa bulb ung ilaw, unspecificied modification na yun, pde nyo na hulihin ulet…

    3. It is understandable. Against the Law. For a 4-wheel vehicle having a LED headlight. Because even a 4-wheel vehicle’s headlight is still bright enough even without a LED light. However, for a motorcycle? Just using a regular motorcycle headlight is not bright enough to see what is infront of him compared to a car.. Until it is already too late and to close to be able to avoid it. Specially wearing a helmet with a cover covering a rider’s eyes. Also, really hard for a motorcycle rider to be seen by bigger vehicles infront of the rider like a bus, dump trucks and 18-wheeler trucks. If your driving a car. How many times can you see a motorcycle behind you when you are making a turn?? Until you already hit the motorcyle rider…

      • Roel i agree with you. I have both a car and a scooter. Led lights in my scooter provide me with added safety. Usually at night. i for one when im going to work i usually drive my scooter. Recto – pasig. And vice versa. Imagine the hazards that the other cars cant see us in a motorcycle. Especially on rainy days