Lucho Ayala: Leading man in the making


It looks like the success of My Husband’s Lover, GMA Network’s gay-themed primetime series, has resulted in some of the studio’s actors welcoming the idea of playing gay roles. One of them is the very promising and good-looking Lucho Ayala.

Lucho Ayala is on his way up

Lucho Ayala is on his way up

“I want to do one. Actually, papayag ako,” the 21-year-old actor confessed.

He also described himself as an “actor who wants to try it all.” So far he has done rich man roles and kontrabida roles in his previous soap operas, namely First Time, One True Love and Indio. In his latest project, the mid-afternoon series Binoy Henyo, Lucho has been cast in a goody-two-shoes-character.

Would he also agree to do a kissing scene with a fellow actor if he is ever given a gay role?

“It’s being professional lang naman; you’re just doing your part. Mga Hollywood actors nga, tulad sa Tonight Show, hinalikan ni Johnny Depp si Jimmy Kimmel sa harap ng host na si Jay Leno, and they weren’t promoting anything then,” he pointed out.

Lucho attributes his open-mindedness to his experience in theater when he was still taking-up Theater Arts at the University of the Philippines. He stressed, however, that he doesn’t see himself going as far as doing nudity, nor would he consider a sexy magazine spread.

“Probably when I’m ready I will. Let’s see, but I’m still working out [in the gym],” he added.

Lately, Lucho can only squeeze in workouts a few times a week, because of his taping schedule for Binoy Henyo. He also believes that honing his acting skills is far more important than having a sexy body.

Another trade-off on being focused on his acting career is not having a girlfriend.
“The last time I had a girlfriend was more than a year ago,” he revealed.

“Mahirap matali because of my work and marketability-wise, mahirap ding matali,” he elaborated.

If and when he finds the time, Lucho would prefer to court a non-showbiz lady. He admits that showbiz has an abundance of beautiful women but he still prefers someone outside of his work.

“Personally, many actors, kaya lang nila gustong manligaw ng ibang showbiz personality is because of fame. Gusto mapag-usapan, may name recall and all that. Madaming magaganda talaga na showbiz personalities pero ako kasi I prefer dating non-showbiz personalities, kasi pag dalawa kayong showbiz ang hirap. May taping siya ng ganitong araw, may taping ka rin so you barely see each other. At least one of you is less busy naman,” he remarked.

Since Lucho inked a contract with GMA Network, he has three more years to better his career, and feels he has already been fortunate to one project after another. He is grateful to management for always entrusting him with good, albeit support, roles in their teleseryes.

Who knows with his dedication to his craft, Lucho Ayala may soon be a leading man as well.

Binoy Henyo stars Sheena Halili, Luis Alandy, Gwen Zamora, Nova Villa and David Remo. It is directed by Albert Alngitan and premieres on July 22 right before 24 Oras.


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