• Luis J.L. Virata’s P7.83-billion wealth in Nickel Asia

    Emeterio Sd. Perez

    Emeterio Sd. Perez

    INSIDER trades. Two insiders unloaded some of their Nickel Asia Corp. shares earlier this month. Ma. Angela Go, vice president-internal audit, reduced her stake in the company by selling 30,000 shares in three trades: 10,000 shares at P22.20 each and 10,000 shares at P22.30 each on April 11, and 10,000 shares at P24 each on April 16.

    In a disclosure, Nickel Asia reported that Martin Antonio G. Zamora, a member of the board who is also senior vice president for marketing and strategy, made P3.786 million in gross proceeds from the sale of 164,600 shares at P23 each on April 14. In a previous ownership filing, Nickel Asia listed Zamora as owner of 329,502 shares, 127,000 of which he directly owned.

    Richest directors. As of March 31, the nine members of the board of Nickel Asia Corp. owned a total of 330.389 million shares, or 13.081 percent.

    Luis J.L. Virata, the biggest director stockholder, held 323.613 million shares, or 12.81 percent, according to a public ownership report as of March 31 and posted April 15 on the website of the Philippine Stock Exchange.

    Computed at P24.20, which was the stock’s last traded price on April 23, Virata’s holdings had a market value of P7.831 billion.

    The other millionaires in Nickel Asia’s board are Gerard Brimo, who owns 4.476 million shares valued at P108.32 million, and Manuel Zamora Jr., with 1.527 million shares worth P36.95 million.

    Highest-paid execs. It may be easy to guess who among the top five executives of A. Soriano Corp. gets the biggest share of the company’s executive compensation.

    If the “guessing game” would be based on titles and responsibilities, then 62-year-old Andres Soriano 3rd should be in the lead.

    A company posting listed Soriano as chairman and chief executive officer, and at the same time, president and chief operating officer of A. Soriano Corp. Eduardo Soriano, his younger brother aged 59, is vice chairman and treasurer, and like him, is a member of the board.

    The Soriano brothers head the list of Anscor’s five highest-paid executives. The three others are Ernest Cuyegkeng, executive vice president and chief financial officer; Narcisa  Villaflor, vice president and comptroller; and Joshua  Castro, assistant vice president and assistant corporate secretary.

    Executive compensation. Since listed companies are required to disclose only the total compensation for the top five executives, the public would not know their individual pays and perks.

    Here are the numbers that the public may use as basis for guessing who gets what and how much:

    In 2012, Anscor’s top five executives received combined compensation of P84.649 million, which dropped 8.185 percent to P77.673 million in 2013. This year, the company expects to pay them P94.288 million, or 21.391 percent more, probably to more than make up for the reduction in 2012.

    How about in 2015? Perhaps, the compensation for the Soriano brothers and the two other executives of their family-controlled holding company would top P100 million.

    Reduced bonuses. The compensation filing showed which, among the pays and perks, were cut by A. Soriano Corp. in 2012. It’s the bonuses. From P33.698 million in 2012, the amount dropped 29.37 percent to P23.80 million the following year, but which the company planned to raise in 2014 to P37.35 million.

    On the other hand, salaries rose 5.42 percent to P51.528 million in 2013 from P48.878 million in 2012. In 2014, Anscor estimated the group’s compensation at P52.980 million, up 2.82 percent from the 2013 level. “Other benefits” increased 15.92 percent to P2.344 million in 2013 from P2.022 million in 2012 and, hopefully would go up 68.84 percent to P3.958 million this year.

    In its filing, Anscor did not include the compensation for “other officers and directors unnamed” as listed companies usually do.

    Instead, it named only “other directors” who got P10.649 million in 2012; P10.702 million, up 0.49 percent in 2013; and estimated their compensation at P14.25 million, up 33.16 percent this year.

    Anscor did not identify the “other directors.” But by a process of elimination—meaning minus the two Sorianos and Cuyegkeng, your guess may be as good as mine as the group would include John L. Gokongwei Jr., Oscar  Hilado, Jose C. Ibazeta and Roberto R. Romulo.



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