Luis Manzano: From ‘Moron’ to ‘Maldita Man’

For Luis Manzano, basic men’s clothes look great with confidence

For Luis Manzano, basic men’s clothes look great with confidence

After playing his lovable moronic role in Wenn V. Derama’s Moron 5.2: The Transformation, actor Luis Manzano now bears the new title of “Maldita Man” after signing up with homegrown fashion brand Maldita to endorse its new male clothing line.


Asked to describe his fashion sense, the articulate celebrity replied, “I wear something simple and basic, and carry it with confidence. Kill them with confidence—that’s the way to go. That’s the way I see it, and that’s the way I dress.”

He is therefore not just an endorser but also a fan of the basic men’s line of Maldita Man, which runs the gamut of cotton shirts, denim jeans, and even knitwear for its Holiday Collection.

Maldita, in turn said in a press statement that the brand chose the actor as their “man” because of his innate wit and charm, which makes the ladies gush, swoon and giggle.

“His girlfriend is gorgeous. He is confident. He is sexy [or he thinks he’s sexy]. He is charming. He is born ‘lucky’! He has three TV shows. He’s got great genes. And he looks great in Maldita Man,” added the statement.

What ever else could they ask for, indeed.


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