Luis Manzano’s ‘genuine good guy’ style


There’s no denying that there are legions of genuine good guys around, but it’s not easy to tell who they are at a glance.

But according to funny man and multi-awarded TV host Luis Manzano, “It’s possible by looking at what they wear.”

With a smile and a wink, the celebrity shared his “genuine good guy style” with The Manila Times, using pieces from casual men’s brand Dockers.

“I always make sure that my chosen outfit is appropriate for whatever I have in store for the day,” Manzano began.

Luis Manzano

Luis Manzano

“The first tip I’ll give is stop dressing like boys!” he laughed. “Seriously, I’d like to think that genuine good guys aim for maturity. If they want to look like ‘real men,’ they have to lose the graphic tees and statement shirts with distracting prints.”

He expounded, “Maturity in fashion means choosing an outfit that fits the occasion—casual jeans for everyday wear, chinos or khakis for the workplace or semi-casual occasions, and top-shelf pants for more formal affairs or special events.”

Next, he advised genuine good guys to “rock jeans that make you look good.” He stressed that genuine good guys must rid their wardrobes of both oversized jeans and jeans that are too tight for their figure.

The Jean Cut – which is designed for both comfort and style and features five-pocket styling, sturdy rivets, double seams, and various finishes and fabrics – Manzano revealed, is the pair of choice for a casual and rugged look.

An option that makes a lot of fashion sense is to try alternating jeans with chinos or khakis.

“Instead of wearing casual jeans every day, opt for vintage, washed-out chinos,” he pointed out, adding that guys can refresh their wardrobe by trading their everyday pair of jeans for the brand’s Broken-In, which has a touch of stretch and a strong double needle.

He has also tips for men who want to appear smart and competent in the office, but still project a fun and stylish image – the line’s Clean Khaki.

Another tip for genuine good guys from a genuine good guy: “Always look your best when the event calls for it. Don’t be afraid to dress up.”

He spurs, “You should have at least one pair of top-shelf pants for special occasions.”

For such events, Best Pressed, with its marked center crease and different fits, is the best bet.

As a last tip, the ever-happy and ever-smiling TV host stressed that confidence completes the look.


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