Luis takes on the ‘Feud’ that keeps coming back

Luis Manzano

Luis Manzano

Fifteen years and four hosts later, another Philippine franchise of one of the world’s longest running game shows, Family Feud, begins today on ABS-CBN with Luis Manzano as game master.

A first for both the station and the 34-year-old host (Family Feud first aired locally on TV5 in 2001; and then on GMA Network in 2008, 2010 and 2011), Manzano has a sort of roundabout connection with the program since his father Edu hosted the show the last time it ran a season.

As if already expecting to be asked whether he thinks he can do a better job than dad, Manzano was quick to say at a special press preview of Family Feud this week, “I’ll always bow down to him any time of the day, no matter what award I win [for hosting].”

Ever proud of his father’s reputation as one of the best hosts in Philippine showbiz, Manzano nonetheless, has always held his own since joining the “family business.” From 2003 onward, he had repeatedly won Best Host for different programs across several award-giving bodies. He is also considered by his home network as a “prime brand in the hosting genre.”

Inheriting not just his father’s gift of gab, but also the former’s effortless humor, Manzano is always ready to quip, however, that he beats the old man in the looks department. After all, his mom is the one and only “Star for All Seasons” Vilma Santos, and as such makes a compelling argument.

“Wouldn’t it be great to have them on Family Feud?” the showbiz scion wondered out loud on the set of his newest endeavor. “It would be very difficult to work out schedules but I’m sure and I know they’ll all be up for it—the Manzanos versus the Santos-Rectos, maybe on my birthday episode.”

(Batangas governor Vilma Santos is married to Sen. Ralph Recto; while Edu is currently single. Manzano has half siblings on both sides).

Going back to the show, Manzano related that he has long been a fan of the original American family feud, as well as the local versions of the game show.

“It’s a classic,” he acknowledged, “and I’m overwhelmed to be chosen to handle it this time around.”

Asked what attracts him to the format besides its television legacy, Manzano cited the endless opportunity for banter—and comedy—among contestants.”

“As you know there is no right or wrong answer in Family Feud,” he continued. “The answers are based on surveys, and mag-e-enjoy lang talaga yung contestants and audience sa mga tanong.

“And also, in my past game shows like Game Ka Na Ba or Minute to Win It, repetitive yung mga format nila, pero dito, dahil iba-iba ang puwedeng isagot sa isang tanong, mas madaling mangulit, and every answer can be a new punch line for me.”

According to Family Feud’s production team, this latest franchise will make sure to be as “fun as possible,” based on observations from the last local franchises.

“Yung questions, simple lang talaga—walang mga trivia—para mas masaya,” Manzano spoke on behalf of the show’s writers.

Expect anything from, “What do you do when you’re stuck in a traffic jam?” to “What’s the first thing you read in a newspaper”—asked in the vernacular of course–and the funniest answers are sure to crop up, like “retouching my make-up” to “the obituaries.”

“Watching the show is bound to be the Pinoy family’s newest bonding activity evert weekend,” predicted Manzano. More than aware that a huge chunk of the show will depend on the entertainment value he will bring, he promised to bring his game on for this feud that keeps on coming back.

Family Feud premieres on ABS-CBN tonight (after SOCO), and will air every Saturday and Sunday at the same time.


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