Luistro summoned over youth ignorance on Mabini


President Benigno Aquino 3rd on Tuesday weighed in on the youth’s apparent lack of knowledge about the country’s history, saying he would call the attention of Education Secretary Armin Luistro to address the issue.

The President said he was particularly bothered by remarks purportedly made by students who watched the epic film “Heneral Luna” as to why Apolinario Mabini was sitting throughout the movie.

The supposed remark, which was posted on Twitter, has gone viral on the Internet.

“There were comments from netizens that maybe Mabini was just tired at the time. I could just shake my head in disbelief when I heard this story,” the President said in a speech in Filipino during the 2015 Apolinario Mabini Awards in Malacañang Palace on Tuesday.

“Let’s say that was just coming from a few number of students but we can also say that it reflects the lack of knowledge in history among today’s youth. I will call Brother Armin [Luistro] to fix this,” he added.

Mabini–the country’s first prime minister who is known by his historical moniker as the “Brains of the Philippine Revolution” and the “Sublime Paralytic”–lost the use of both his legs to polio shortly before the 1896 Revolution started.

Reacting to the remark, actor Epy Quizon, who played Mabini’s character in the film, said, “What have we been teaching these kids in our history classes?”

The President, meanwhile, conferred the 2015 Apolinario Mabini Awards to outstanding persons with disabilities (PWDs) and advocates for their welfare.

The Apolinario Mabini Awards was launched in 1974 to give recognition to individuals with disabilities, and professionals and various groups that have rendered outstanding service to people with disabilities.

Receiving the presidential award was Darlito Palermo, an engineer recognized as one of the first PWD youth leaders in Agdao, Davao City.

The Hall of Fame award was given to Randy Weisser of the SM Cares Program on Disability Affairs.

Liwanag Caldito and Victor Francesco Chan was conferred the PWD Filipino of the Year, while Myrna Medina and UAP-Manila Archdiocese for Government Services was awarded the Media Advocate of the Year.


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  1. Sabi ni PNoy si Abad ang Mabini niya ! Si apolinario Mabini Hindi corrupt lumpo siya! Dapat Kay Abad lumpuhin!

  2. Rizal Bonifaciojacinto Mabini on

    I thought PHILIPPINE HISTORY is part of the curriculum of our college courses, apart from our high school subjects. In my college days, one cannot graduate in college, regardless of any course, without having taken and passed PHILIPPINE HISTORY, RIZAL, as well as NOLI ME TANGERE and EL FILIBUSTERISMO [separate subjects]. Di ko na alam kung paano na ngayon.

  3. Roldan Guerrero on

    Aquino has his own version of Apolinario Mabini. The Sublime DAP Engineer and BUB Architect. He takes charge of all Aquino`s Financial Planning and Expenditures. He is the Brain of Aquino`s hidden corruption. His quarrels with this man… ABAD who is a perennial BALIMBING, they are shouting to each other blaming each one for the mes in the DAP will soon come out and the Filipinos will learn how they mishandled governments money. Good luck to both of them!

  4. Frank A. Tucker on

    Makes one wonder how many public school teachers did NOT know that Apolinario Mabini had lost the use of both his legs to polio shortly before the 1896 Revolution started.

  5. Kasi ayon kay AbNoy kailan lng, na si Butch ‘DAP’ A-bad daw si Apolinario Mabini nya na biglang natanim sa utak ng nakararaming mga estudyante. Siguro nakita nila sa imahe na si A-bad un kc nga dahil sa pagagong komento ng panggulo nila na nasa Row 4 nung nagaaral pa siya kaya di rin niya kilala ang totoong si Mabini.

  6. The new generation was blind to the truth of our Philippine History. dont you have philippine history subject in high school??? The yellow regime of Pnoy doesnt want to reveal the true Philippine History. What books our new student is reading, and who are the authors of this book. The new authors of our Philippine History subject is BOBO..
    They dont know nothing after EDSA 1, has been the next government. Aquino government change everything including the educations system in our country. Kaya lalong naging bobo ang mga student. Spelling lang mali pa ang mga sagot, ganun din sa mathematics.. nadeteriorate ang ating education dahil sa Aquino regime..
    feed your mind people..

  7. The way i see, the problem in the present elementary education program is that Philippine history is not so important subject for children. My son graduated from a public school with a very very little knowledge in phil history. History should be thought in elementary stage for children to remember throuout their life. Not to be known only in film viewing.

  8. Our educational system is archaic. Some info in our books are also not accurate. It needs a revamp. Re: Mabini. its not Bro. Luistro’s fault coz most of the people I know didnt know that Mabini was disabled; its a mistake carried by generations of Pinoys. Our history books have to be scrutinized and corrected.

    • Dapat siguro ang mga historian natin tumutulong na din para itama na yang mga libro na ginagamit sa eskwelahan….at eto na naman ang presidente para sumakay sa usapang ito..,just work together