• Lumad women keep tradition alive


    A Bagobo-Tagabawa community in Lubogan, Toril District has kept the culture and the skill of beadworking alive.

    It’s a tribal treasure that keeps the tradition and the identity of the group alive, while providing livelihood to members of their tribes.

    “We get inspiration from Mother Nature,” Bae Arlyne Desabilla Salazar said in the vernacular when asked how they come up with the unique designs of their beadwork and textiles.

    The Bagobo-Tagabawa is just one of the eleven tribes that has made Davao City’s culture more interesting.

    Each tribe boasts of having its own textile with a unique ethnic design that reflects their identity, culture, beliefs and character. Salazar said every woven or beaded clothing they produce has a pattern meticulously designed by its weaver.

    The community started their beadworking project in 1990, when they became members of the Philippine Textile Art. Since then, many in their community have relied on beadworking for their livelihood.

    They have completed several beadworking masterpieces, including the garment used by the Davao-based designers for the Mindanao Tapestry Fashion Show at the side event of the Ms. Universe in the city.

    The designs of the Dabawenyo designers took the world by storm, not knowing that some of the beaded textiles that enhanced the designs were works of art of this tribal community. They also supply individuals and businesses that require unique clothing designs inspired by the tribe.

    While the Bagobo-Tagabawa community are happy with the increasing demand for their beaded clothing materials, they are bent on promoting their works of art and designs, with the hope that their culture will live on even among the next generations.


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