Luy to correct wrong ‘pork’ report – lawyer


Benhur Luy will set things right when he submits the authenticated copy of his database to the Senate today, his lawyer, Raji Mendoza, said on Tuesday.

Mendoza said some reports published by a newspaper (not The Manila Times) about the pork barrel scam were wrong.

While a particular news agency was able to get a copy of Luy’s records, Mendoza said only his client can decipher the data.

“It is only him who could understand many of its contents because those are usually coded,” the lawyer explained.

He said the published reports on the supposed Luy files showed inconsistencies or errors.

“They got some information wrong. Once the real files are released, and we are talking here of at least 20,000 pages, then Benhur can do the explaining himself,” Mendoza said

The Senate issued a subpoena duces tecum last week, directing Luy to submit his records today.

But Mendoza said they will follow a process in the submission of the database.

“We will first have it sent to the NBI Cybercrime laboratory and authenticate the entire thing. We will write the Senate to inform them of certain protocols we have to follow,” the lawyer pointed out.

Former Sen. Panfilo “Ping” Lacson last week submitted to the Senate a list of the alleged government officials and lawmakers involved in the pork barrel scam.

The Times paid Luy a visit at the Special Task Force office of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in Manila but was not permitted to do a long interview.

“He can’t grant interviews because it is prohibited by Witness Protection Program WPP rules,” Mendoza said.

Meanwhile, opposition lawmakers at the House of Representatives said Napoles is blackmailing the government with piecemeal releases of supposed lists of lawmakers involved in the pork mess.

The minority bloc led by Rep. Ferdinand Martin Romualdez of Leyte made the warning a day after President Benigno Aquino 3rd rejected Napoles as a state witness.

“We are challenging Mrs. Napoles to come out with the added names right now which her lawyer says will be included in her second affidavit. We find this latest pronouncement of the Napoles camp of announcing more names by next week as nothing less than their continued attempt to blackmail people into helping her get what she wants: immunity from prosecution,” Romualdez said in a press conference.

“Why did they [Napoles’ camp] release the first affidavit and the names on it to a lot of people? If they’re not trying to blackmail certain individuals, why did they not fully substantiate the first affidavit first before giving out copies of it?” he asked.

“We are in total agreement with the President that it was next to impossible for Napoles to say she’s not the most guilty in the scam since she was the link to all those allegedly involved in the scam,” Romualdez said.


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  1. Again i say about the incompetance of the people here. Why wasnt these files given to the justice system long ago. When he made his affidavidt thats when he should have also give these files over. If he is to be a state witness isnt he supposed to have told everything. Well if he still has things hidden & not showed them to the officials to use in court then surely he cant be a state witness.
    The more i see this case unfold the more i see incompetance raising its head higher & higher, soon it will be in the clouds & wont be able to see anything. I dont see anything in this country that works properly. Its like an episode of the keystone cops. But this is real & not a comedy, well it is a comedy but it shouldnt be funny.