• M. Roxas 2nd, politically: Dead man walking


    Manuel Roxas 2nd’s attempt to pressure the Iglesia ni Cristo to support him, by threatening, through “non-bailable” illegal detention cases, to put its entire leadership in jail, has not only obviously failed but also reaped dire consequences for him.

    President Aquino’s anointed to succeed him in 2016 has not just made a mortal enemy out of the INC.  Roxas 2nd  has  also alienated the Yellow Horde and Catholics that wanted the sect humbled. He was a wimp of a leader in the fight with the INC, and in the end, buckled with his boss Aquino to the sect’s demands.

    When the INC faithful in the provinces started to troop to EDSA last Monday, they panicked and surrendered to the INC’s demands. The only concession Aquino and Roxas got was to keep the future firing of justice department secretary Leila de Lima appear to be unrelated to the INC’s all-out campaign against her.

    It is the height of naiveté to think that it was the INC that surrendered because of “netizens” outrage over the traffic jam its EDSA rally had caused, or that it was running out of steam.

    An organization mostly of low to lower-middle working class Filipinos, the INC is hardly into cyberspace, with the “official website” of this 2-million strong organization just part of a blog. What INC understands are warm bodies, whether in its weekly services or on election days. In contrast, most “netizens” – an anti-authoritarian, we’re-global-citizens bunch – I suspect, don’t have voters’ IDs.

    Last Monday morning, still unaware of the INC’s call to end their protest, the househelp of my relative living in Cavite was asking for permission to leave her work to go to EDSA, saying the INC leadership had issued a call to all its “lokals” to ask their members to join the EDSA rally.

    Is this a picture of strength? Photo that Roxas released through his Twitter account on Aug. 30, with the caption, “In a meeting with the President to discuss the INC rally at EDSA.” The next morning, the INC declared its protest ended, that it had reached an agreement with the Palace. Some have noted how thin Aquino looks in the photo.

    Does this look like they won? Photo that Roxas released through his Twitter account on Aug. 30, with the caption, “In a meeting with the President to discuss the INC rally at EDSA.” The next morning, the INC declared its protest ended, that it had reached an agreement with the Palace. Some have noted how thin Aquino looks in the photo.

    Because of the INC’s ire at Roxas 2nd and Aquino for even thinking of jailing its leadership, next year would be its first time to not just endorse a national candidate, but also to work actively against one, and their targets certainly won’t be Vice President Jejomar Binay, Grace Poe, or even Rodrigo Duterte.

    While a few commentators claim that the INC can command only 1.4 million votes – “but we’re 50 million Catholic voters,” one moron posted in his Facebook – the sect could, as it has done in the case of senatorial candidates it wanted to win, leverage its command votes.

    It would tell, say, a candidate for the gubernatorial contest, that it would support him in exchange for his organization’s support for this presidential candidate. Or probably in the case of Roxas 2nd, it could simply propose an anyone-but-Roxas deal. The governor of course could renege on the agreement, but the INC would come back with a vengeance just three short years later.

    Note that except for Senator Aquilino Pimentel 3rd, all of Aquino’s senators, political leaders, and Cabinet members (except his spokesman) avoided the press like the plague since the INC demonstrators started, fearing that they’d be quoted supporting Roxas and De Lima.

    Nowhere to be found were the noisy Senator Antonio Trillanes 3rd, Senators Teofisto Guingona 3rd, the President’s nephew Bam Aquino, Sonny Angara – not even Senate President and Liberal Party pillar Franklin Drilon, nor House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte.

    Not one dared say anything about the INC revolt, nor defend De Lima. For all their tuwid-na-daan, self-righteous statements, they of course loved more their political futures, and worried how these could be damaged by the INC’s command votes if they opened their mouths.

    Aquino’s lieutenants were nowhere to be found in a very serious crisis situation that could have gotten out of hand and brought about a coup d’etat. Except for a single, short announcement by Roxas, no Cabinet member – not even MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino who could have talked about traffic, or Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin to ensure the stability of the state — dared appear before television or talk to reporters to express their support for the “rule of law.”

    During President Gloria Arroyo’s term, the Palace would be a beehive of activity, as her supporters, especially the senators, would troop to the Palace in crisis situations to express their support for her. This happened during EDSA Tres and the Hyatt 10 power-grab attempts.

    At the height of the Hyatt 10 power-grab try, Arroyo’s officials had a televised press conference that lasted the whole day, with all Cabinet secretaries and political leaders within her camp expressing support for the President in front of the TV cameras.

    Deserted as a cemetery

    In sharp contrast, the Palace since the start of the INC siege was as deserted as a cemetery.

    I dare not use the metaphor of Aquino hiding under his bed since the INC started its siege, thinking of the libel suit his mother threw at journalism icon Louie Beltran. Still though, except for the “un-cancellable” state luncheon with the  Thai prime minister on August 28, Aquino was cooped in his residence during the entire episode and cancelled all other appointments. He emerged only for the Heroes Day rites, after the INC declared its protest actions ended.

    The Liberal Party during the INC crisis wasn’t exactly the picture of a solid fighting organization for the 2016 elections. Congressman Edgar Erice, the Liberal Party’s vice president for political affairs and whom you would see on TV for practically every issue, was nowhere to be found.

    Even Roxas seems to have vanished during the INC crisis, with the statements attributed to him merely written ones issued by his office or posted in his Facebook page, rather than actual media interviews.

    With INC so angry at Roxas, I’m not sure if any of Aquino’s senatorial candidates would want to appear on stage with his presidential candidate or be photographed with him. I’m not sure if anybody of consequence would now want to be his vice presidential running mate.

    Worse, Roxas in this episode miserably failed to portray himself as a strong, principled leader, as indeed he failed to do so in the Yolanda and Mamasapano episodes. If I were superstitious I would think:  INC is strike three for Roxas, and he’s out.

    If he had dared to threaten the INC for their support, he should have gone for broke to confront it. For example, he could have appeared in press conferences with justice secretary de Lima to defend her.

    He didn’t, and even appeared to have supported Aquino’s decision to buckle under the INC’s siege, and the Yellow Crowd and noisy Catholics who were practically ranting to have the entire INC arrested now feel betrayed.

    With INC against him, with Aquino’s allies fearing the sect’s electoral clout tiptoeing away from him, and failing as a strong, principled leader in a political crisis, Roxas 2nd is politically, a dead man walking, a month before the race even officially starts.

    Government lawyers for INC rebel

    The two lawyers representing the INC rebel Isaiah Samson, who filed the illegal-detention cases against the church’s leadership, feel they have been left twisting in the wind, and wrote an angry letter protesting the “agreement” with the INC that ended its protest.

    It is revealing though that the letter was addressed not to Aquino alone (or to Aquino and t justice secretary de Lima) but to Aquino and Roxas. Why would they address the letter to Roxas, if it wasn’t Roxas who asked them,  through an intermediary of course, to lawyer for Samson, or was the brains behind the operation against the INC? The lead lawyer Ms. Trixie Cruz -Angeles responded to my query on this to say that somebody whose identity she cannot disclose “referred” Samson to her.

    Angeles and her colleague George Ahmed Paglinawan are lawyers of the National Commission on Culture and the Arts, which is under the Office of the President. Angeles has been the NCCA’s lawyer in all cases related to the celebrated Torre de Manila controversy. The developer DMCI Homes in July sued the NCCA for P20 million in damages for the cease-and-decease order it issued authored by Angeles.

    Quite strangely, Paglinawan is the NCCA’s hearing officer for the Torre de Manila case. He even once warned the DMCI counsel: “What we do here is not a joke. If people defy us, then we must seek warrants of arrests against them.”

    Angeles claims they are just on a contractual employment with the NCCA. However, even the employment of a “legal consultant” requires the approval by the Office of the Solicitor General and the Commission on Audit. I was told Ms. Angeles and Paglinawan have not secured such clearance from these agencies.

    Angeles is also President and Publisher of a news site politiko.com.ph, which has posted items critical of Aquino but which, as far as I have monitored it, has published not a single article against Roxas.

    Paglinawan was clearly upset over his boss Aquino’s agreement with the INC and wrote in his Facebook account: “There is simply neither legal nor political basis for the (agreement with INC). And that makes any ‘forced courtesy resignation’ (of De Lima) so busted for what it really is: “Tiklop na naman si Manoy.”

    FB: Bobi Tiglao


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    1. dinguguanpamore on

      mga iglesia naito salot sa lipunan. bumalik na naman tayo sa kabulukan na sistema ng lipunan na ang ang naghhari ay relihyon. sumakay na kayo sa spaceship nyo at kayo lang talaga ang maliligtas dahil sa bulok at baluktot na paniniwala.

    2. good morning po Mr. Tiglao.God bless you po……alam kong maraming haters sa mga hindi bias mong opinyon dahil akala nila nasa panig ka ng INC pero ang totoo galit sya sa yo dahil sa sobrang poot nila sa INC,

    3. Kahanga hanga ka Ginoong Tiglao matapang at totoo , kaya lang ang mga hater’s sa INC ay maaaring maging Hater’s mo rin. SALAMAT SA IYONG PANININDIGAN TUNAY KANG JOURNALIST.

    4. nanahimik na po ang tunay na pinag ugatan ng lahat.at naibaling na sa mga pulitiko partikular sa adminitrasyon ang sisi kung bakit humantong sila sa edsa.Tagumpay!

    5. Merlita S. Ramos on

      Sherice we don’t have to buy a state or heaven because we are already bound to heaven comes Judgement Day and I guess you don’t belong there because of your cursing. You know what, I encourage you to listen to our bible studies to know God’s teachings, to be a good Christian, and to be certain on how to get to heaven.

    6. Merlita S. Ramos on

      Many thanks to you Mr. Tiglao for your articles that enlightened not only the INC members but also non-members all over the world. More power to Manila Times particularly to you.

    7. joseluis hierbas on

      With the present situation on the INC internal disagreement the slogan of Mar Roxas and Noynoy still applicable. “Bahala na kayo sa buhay nyo.” at ” Ako na naman ang sisihin nyo.” respectively.

    8. napakamasalimuot po ng pulitika sa atin kaya di dapat basta basta nagpapaniwala.para sa iba unbiased to pero kung mas lalawakan po ating pagsusuri,bias pa rin po ang labas e….teka po kundi ako nagkakamali,si mr tiglao po yatay dating myembro ng gabinete ni gma na isa sa matinding bumatikos ay si pnoy at roxas?

    9. Tama lang na malaman ng mga taong bayan ang pinaggagagawa ng mga yellow tards at mongoloid tards na malapit na ang paghuhukom sa kanila at kahit saang lupalop sila magtago dapat maparusahan sila sa kanilang mga sala. Wake up philippines, di pa huli ang lahat…

    10. Salamat sa tunay na pagpapahayag. Malinaw pa po sa sikat ng araw. ‘Di kaila sa bawat departamento ng Gobyerno ay maraming pahirap sa mamamayan dahil sa pansariling kapakanan lamang. Kami sa INC ay hinuhubog ng Pamamahala ng Iglesia para sa mabuting sambahayan at mabuting mamamayan para sa mabuting komunidad at tumutulong sa mga nangangailangan tulad ng lingap para sa mamayan, Medical Mission, Yolanda victims at patuloy pa sa iba’t ibang actibidad na makatulong sa ating bansa. Salamat na lamang sa pang-unawa ng mga kababayan natin.

    11. stupid inc members.brainwashed by your leaders.used for their own agenda.do you even know what you are fighting for?I have friends who join your stupid rally, I pity them because I thought they are smart enough to know that you are wrong in this matter.separation of church and state?buy your own state or buy your heaven on earth so that you don’t have to abide by the law of this country.stupidity at its best.

      • we are not going DOWN to your level Sherice. you need to make sense before you take part in issues like this. just a piece of advise. don’t push you brain to do what is beyond it’s limit

      • At least give the definition you have of “Cult” and we, the readers, will judge. The readers are mostly fair and objective. We don’t want baseless anecdotes.

    12. Mr.Tiglao is one good example of a pure journalism fair and honest analysis an ethic rarely to be found on most of journalist now a days in the PH broadcasting network

    13. allan magtuloy on

      Thank you po mr Tiglao sana po may tagalog version medyo mahina po kc ako sa english;)
      Para mas maunawaan ng mas nakararaming pilipino

    14. Wow nakakatakot naman ang INC ang lakas lakas untouchable kaya pla iyak nung nasampahan ng kaso hahahahah. Kulto pa more, parang spoiled brat na inagawan ng candy mag rally agad sa edsa ni hindi umabot ng 100k hahaha, wag na kayo umasa mga iglesia ni kulto, bash om , rage on, bring it on mga uto uto

      • 100k? 4k nga lang nagngangawa na kayo dahil sa traffic gusto mo pa ng 100k. para sa kaalaman mo nung dumagsa na ung maraming kapatid nung Monday na humigit 20k at may parating pa, natakot na si Noynoy at sumuko na. Kala mo ba titiklop ang INC kay Noynoy at Roxas. wag kang hibang.

      • Wowsabaw, tama ka. Dapat ka ngang matakot dahil hindi kayo uurungan…kahit sino pa kayo. As what has you say bring it on mga uto uto ng Gobyernong mapanglinlang…ha ha ha…

    15. isidro c. valencia on

      MAR umi Roxas Ahas is now a zombie, a dead walking from the cemetery.
      Even the dead (ghost voters) who used to vote will not vote for MAR umi.

      Maybe, LP voters would place in the ballot PIGNOY instead of MAR umi, because he is the one campaigning for MAR umi. I would suggest MAR umi to use his alias as PIGNOY when he files his candidacy at COMELEC comes October 2015.

      In the same manner for disGrace, she should file her alias as FPJ, so that it will be counted for her votes.

    16. the silence of erice, drilon, belmonte and the yellow brigade led by leah and jim is so deafening…. the angaras all of a sudden declare they aren’t supporting any candidate. what now, mar 2nd? about time, panindigan mo ang tinanggap mo’ng hamon!

    17. Christopher S. Santos on

      Thank you for your unbiased view. You made my day today. Because of your article I may not even have to write a blog article on the issue. You said it all, better that I could have done it.

    18. I am an INC, but using slanted words like “moron” and “noisy” to refer to Catholics or anybody for that matter on a public news website is incredibly unprofessional and uncalled for. I only say so because this may garner for you a loss of credibility. Leave the name-calling to us, commentators.

    19. Salamat sa kaalaman na ibinahagi mo Mr. Tiglao
      Ang sulatin mong ito ay lalong nakapag bibigay kabatiran sa marami kung ano ang kayang gawin ng Iglesiang meroong tunay na Diyos. Sa pangyayaring ring ito ay lalong nahayag sa marami ang kaningningan ng INC. Nakita sa kanila ang kaayosan, pagkakaisa, pagmamahal sa kanilang leader at higit sa lahat ang pagpapahalaga sa pananampalataya na kanilang ipinaglalaban.

    20. edmund domingo on

      gusto ko lang sagutin ung sabi ni susan avelino na ang INC ay stupid people,huwag naman po ganun,kahit basahin mo sa mga naunang comment at sa kahulihuliang comment ay wala kang mababasang panlalait at pagalipusta ng INC kundi kahit kami ay ganun ang pagsasalita sa amin ay magalang pa rin kami sa inyo.GBU madam……….

    21. Hindi ako INC, katoliko ako, pero i switch my TV news to NET 25 . because I feel they .were the true network for the people.
      congrats brod mr. roberto tiglao. The people of the Philippines should know the gimmick of this lunatic physopath government. They will do whatever is necessary even by crooks , just to win their Mar Roxas for Presidency. But it will never succeed. Ang akala ng mga noytard, maloloko nilang muli ang mga mamayan. Pati mga nanahimik na religous groups (INC) dinadamay sa kalokohan nitong mga abnormal na administrasyon dilawan..

    22. Napakadali lang po na manghusga, napakadali lang po na magalit…
      Sana lang po maisip natin na ang ipinaglalaban ng mga inc ay hindi lang para sa kanila… Totoo na parang mas binigyan ng pansin ng DOJ ang mga naalis na kasapi nila kahit na wala namang bakas na sila ay pinahirapan or sinaktan man lamang. Kung napanood nyo po ang kalunos lunos na larawan ng mga namatay sa MAMASAPANO, baka po dapat ay magpasalamat pa tayo sa kanila. Maam De Lima, umayos po tayo. Malayo layo pa naman po ang eleksyon… Trabaho muna po sana bago pamumulitika.

    23. caught off guard, the whole play backfired at them ( Aquino and all those who conspired with him ). lesson learned – DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE YOUR OPPONENT!. and now that your end is near, I suggest that you make the most of what you have left cos you’ll be in for a big surprise if you won’t win the major sit in the palace. time is running out for you sir and so as your options. thank you for revealing the facts Mr. Tiglao

    24. you are correct Mr. Tiglao. The INC will never bow to Aquino or Roxas, Its funny how some people in the social media keep on saying the opposite. Mas credible kayo kasi may inside info kayo, sir.

    25. I commend Mr. Tiglao for his unbiased and on-point analysis. Manila Times mabuhay po kayo dahil sa inyong patas na pamamahayag.

    26. Thank you sir. Actually po hindi naman lahat kaming catholics ay nagagalit. Natami kaming mga sumusuporta. Nagtataka nga kame bakit may mga catholics na bumabatikos ng ganun ganun nlang. Yun pala strategy paka ng netizens conspiracy yun. Kasama na ang isang network po. Salamat po at kaisa din kame ng INC

    27. Lorna M.Antonio on

      thank you Sir sa mga pahayag mo saludo po ako wala kayong pinapaboran dito sa colum nyo,sana marami pang maka pagbasa sa mga pahayag nyo para maintindihan ang mga nangyayari sa bansa natin,hindi yung basta nalang sasawsaw.bakit nga nila deny to death ang gobyerno di nila ihayag kung ano ang totoo.thank you po ulit and God bless….

    28. Very interesting column Mr Tiglao. It proves that tough times never last but tough people do and you are tough. More power to you Sir.

    29. Bakit laging si MAR ROXAS ang nagsasalita tungkol sa isyu? NAGPAPABANGO na naman sa taong bayan! tsk! tsk!

    30. I think there is something with Mar Roxas’s hairdo. He looks like a wannabe, a trying hard please all politician. Better change the hairdo and always smile and maybe the people will change the way they perceive mar roxas.

    31. Third, another source of funds for Roxas can be taken from illegal gambling game jueteng. Did I tell you before on my past column that in Pangasinan alone Meridiane (played like the illegal game jueteng) earns P5 million a day
      With 81 provinces and the 17 cities and towns that composed Metro Manila in the entire country that host jueteng, Meridian, Last-2, massiao, and other illegal betting games, and each of these provinces and those in Metro Manila contributes say P500 thousand a day or P49 million for all of them, that would be a staggering P1.47 billion campaign funds a month to spike the pathetic poll stocks of Roxas in his march to the May 2016 presidential election. READ ENTIRE STORY: http://mortzortigoza.blogspot.com/2015/08/where-did-roxas-get-his-huge-media.html

    32. Mar roxas can kiss his campaign to inc leadership good bye. a-bias- cbn can only target their cam to garbages and unneccesary opinions while reporting together with c’rappler. Tnx mr. Tiglao

    33. Dati na po kaming 6M nung dalhin namin si Pnoy..tanong nyo kay erap…last month general accounting at registration namin uli…mahirap na magsalita kung ilan uli ang nagpatala pero ang kapurihan ay nasa Amang Diyos sa pag yabong at pag bubunga ng Iglesia..mas marami pa rin kayo sa amin pero kailangan natin ang bawat isa para sa pag bangon ng bayan na kailangan at ika bubuti ng Sangbayanan…kadiwa nyo po kami…sanay subukan nyo kaming unawain…

      • alam na po namin yan.alam na rin po namin na bago kayo mag endorso aalamin nyo muna kung sino talaga ang nangunguna sa survey.kahit itanong nyo kay erap,gloria at pnoy.ewan ko lng this coming election dahil marami na nakapuna sa style nyong yan.hmmmmmnnn?wala nga bang “vested interest”?

    34. This is a POLITICAL NIGHTMARE for Roxas. With the election fast approaching and a meager survey at that, he could only wish for some divine intervention.tsk3

    35. If I were PNOY and ROXAS, I should have come to the aid of our beleaguered colleague DOJ Secretary De Lima and put to rest the protest of INC because it has nothing to do with “Religious Freedom” which only paralyzed the metropolis for issues which could have been better threshed out by the Courts. Instead they wanted to protect the Liberal Party from the antagonism of the INC populace which is only a minority. PNOY and ROXAS may have won the battle here, but to my last analysis they will lose the WAR…

    36. This certainly is a political nightmare for Mr. Roxas. With the election fast approaching and a meager survey at that, he could only wish a miracle to happen.

      • The problem is if COMELEC will pursue Smartmatic’s PCOS machines, the can control election results

    37. isabella mannel torres on

      spoiled brat mar roxas and the whole aquino administration..
      gudluck on 2016 elections..
      wrong move…tsk tsk

    38. edmund domingo on

      thank you mr Tiglao sa hindi pagiging bayas sa mgq totoong mga nangyayari sa ating bansa lalong lalo na ang ginagawa ng gobyerno sa mga kumakalaban sa kanila at ung hidden agenda nila sa INC,kailangan malaman ng mga tao ang totoong rason kung bakit lumabas sa kalye ang INC.Karapatan ng INC na protektahan ang kanya kung nararamdaman nya na ginigipit ng gobyerno ang pamunuan nito.uli salamat sir at sanay dadami ang iyong angkan na susunod sa iyong mga yapak GBU po…..

    39. Santiago-Duterte o Duterte-Santiago, Duterte-Lacson o Lacson-Duterte, Duterte-BBM o BBM-Duterte, Poe-BBM o BBM-Poe at iba pang mga tandem-tandemngmga pangalan na nasa itaas HUWAG LANG ANG MGA HINAYUPAKK NA Mar Roxas o Binay na mga iyan.

      Sa Roxas o Binay kayo sasandig ng inyong kamangmangan at isusuko o iveventa ang inyong mga prinsipyo sa dalawang TRAPO – na obyus naman na ginagawa kayo’ng mga votante na animo ay mga sandamakmak na Bobo. HUWAG KAYO’NG MAGPA BOBO SA MGA OPORTUNISTA NA DALAWANG IYAN.

      This Nation has suffered enough for this Yellow Govt, Do Not put another Incompetent Mar or a makaMasakuno na Binay nasisikwatin dinang inyong mgapinaghirapan na fondo’ng Bayan. Gusto ba ninyo nasa lahat ng gated community ninyo eh biglangdadaan ang isang Junjun Binay? At kapag hindi pinadaan eh sasabuninka at ipangangalandakan na “Kilala mo ba kung sino ako?”

      Wag ninyo iluluklok ang mga naghahari harian ditto.
      Elect a leader with a true vision for this nation, in the mold of Singapore’s Lee Kwan Yew, South African Nelson Mandela, and American presidential icon Abraham Lincoln

    40. Loren McIntyre on

      Thank you for a subtantial fact that people of the Philppines need to know, it’s a great point for the next government to consider and perceive to stay legally serving the country. They can’t deceive people especially the influential religion that gives their honest votes.

    41. Hayyyy, Huwag kayo’ng mag pa Mangmang sa walang gulugod at walang pinanghahawakan na prinisipyo na Mar na iyan. Hanggang ngayon walang habas at walang kapararakan na kino quote ang walang SAYSAY na “Daang Matuwid” Daw. Up to this very moment as we speak, ay hindi ko mawari kung ano ang laman mensahe ng mantra nang Dliawang kulto sa mga slogan na iyan…

      Mar, bumaluktot na ang iyong gulugod sa kasisipsip sa iyong padrino politikong Mongolioid Penoy…maawa kayo sa bayan na ito! Huwag kayong mamayagpag at ipangalandakan na Kayo lang, at wala nang iba pa dito sa Lupain ng mga Magnanakaws na Pilipaynz ang mga Self-righteous na kaisipan – para lokohin at linlangin nanaman nag kawawang masang bayan naina alispusta ninyo, aswe speak, sa Baluktot at batbat ng katiwalian, kabulastugan na pulitika plataforma ng Amo mo na psycho-whacho Noynoy.

    42. George Nepomuceno on

      Saludo ako sa iyong fair at walang takot na pag ulat tunkol sa issue ng INC at DOJ. Iniulat mo ang tutoong pangyayari na walang bias. More power po sa inyo. God bless you and keep you healthy.

    43. Tatak na nina the noy at (mura)mar ang panggigipit sa mga ayaw pumanig sa kanila. Laglag si (mura)mar, yari si the noy pagbaba sa pwesto.

    44. Why does everybody is estimating that there are only 2 million members of the INC. Lets do some math:
      – According to Wikipedia there are 1490 municipalities in the Philippines
      – Let’s say each municipality have at least 5 Church Buildings (very conservative)
      – Let’s also say that there are an average of 500 registered voters that is a member of each Church building

      1490 x 5 x 500 = 3,725,000

      – What if the average member/voter is 1000 per church building

      1490 x 5 x 1000 = 7,450,000

      This is just a very very conservative estimate. That’s just me…

      • Thank you, Sir. Marami lang yata talaga ang mahina sa Math o hindi lang talaga nila matanggap kung gaano na kalaki ang INC. Nakakatuwa nga, yung rally sa Davao, 200,000 daw ang nag-attend pero ung sa Edsa-Shaw, 15,000 lang ang nabasa kong pinakamalaking estimate nila. Lumalabas na mas marami palang INC sa Davao kesa sa Luzon.

      • OMG so that is the number of stupid people in the country. Oh well what else do you call those people who follow what their ministers told them on who to vote in exchange for their faith in their occult society. What a pity.

      • elisa s evangelista on

        very well said po, sana po maitama ni GNG. JESSICA SOJO yung report niya kagbi na dalawang milyon lang ang kaanib sa INC, sayang isa pa naman kayung pillar sa GMA, sana lang panindigan niyo ang pagiging matuwid at walang kinikilingan na paguulat niyo, eversince nanonood kami sa u at patungkol sa INC ang report mo, nakakalungkot pero iniiba ko ang channel ng TV namin dahil halatang bias ka sa pag uulat,

      • I remember that there was a campaign convert people and have an Iglesia member per barangay.

        Number of barangays: 40,029 (as of 2015)
        Population PI : 101,802,706 (as of 2015)
        Average population per barangay is: 2543

        Lets say that each barangay has at least 10% of its population is a voter registered Iglesia (254 very conservative)

        Then: 40,029 x 254 = 10,167,366

    45. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Amb. Tiglao’s incisive analysis of issues and events should be taken by Mar as omens of an impending disaster not only brought about by the writer but by two others, being a mama’s boy and korina’s boy. God bless the Philippines.

    46. Salamat Sir at Tiyak ko na marami sa mga kababayan natin ang maliiwanagan ang isip dahil ang karamihan sa mga comments ng ating kababayan ay baseless at mostly from hearsays without really knowing about the issue, ang payo ko po sa mga kababayan natin bago natin bitawan ang isang salita pakaisipin po ito ng makapitong beses at aralin nang maigi ang punot dulo ng mga pangyayari bago tayo magpaliwanag or magbigay nang ating sariling kuro kuro, Mabuhay po Kayo Ginoong Tiglao

    47. Anti Yellow Tard on

      Thank you sir, for opening our eyes to the INC’s issue. Once i got so mad since im also a victim of traffic in Edsa last Sunday. However, i got so curious coz i know INC’s were working silently and i think in their 101 years in existence this is the first time that they staged that rally? So i made my own research out of curiosity, then i saw one of their page – Access the TRUTH and found the article they shared written by you…for once i am not convinced, not after the two article shared also on that page. It’s just getting clearer and clearer to me, why our brothers and sisters in the INC need to bring it to EDSA to hear their ere.. Again thank you sir, for a substantial articles!

      • hi, you are one of the few, who at least do some research and have the courage to know the truth. i’d like to say thank you for your positive reaction and for your silent observation to INC. May God bless you with more wisdom and knowledge.

      • salamat po sa inyo, kami pong mga INC ay mahinahon ngunit handang ilabas ang aming saloobin para sa tama at matuwid, ang nangyari sa edsa ay isang hakbang pagkontra laban sa DOJ, may hidden agenda po sila bakit sobra special po ang treatment sa kaso ni MR. SAMSON. hindi dumaan sa fiscal sa prosecutor’s office agad agad da DOJ, eh di sana lahat ng kaso ganun ang gawin nila para masabing patas talaga cla.

    48. God’s will be done. God reigns! Praises be to God! Thank you Mr. Tiglao for enlightening MANY people with the truth you shared through facts and research! More power to you po!

    49. Alberto Carlos on

      Salamat po sa napakagandang pahayag at balanse, kahit po nandito kami sa Australiaay patuloy po namin sinusubaybayan ang aming mga kapatid (INC) kung ano po ang totoong nangyari, isi share ko po ito sa aking fb acct para malaman ng aking mga kaibigan at kamag anak na nag ko comment against sa aming kapatiran.
      Saludo po ako sa inyo!??

    50. Mr. Tiglao, Sir,,
      you are the face of a true and honest journalism,, “No holds barred”
      They thought that I.N.C. will bow their knees by the dirty tactics of LP,,,they failed and now they have to face the consequences of their own circus.

    51. Halata na, iiwanan si Roxas sa ere ng mga kapartido nya. Siguro yung iba tatawid na papunta ky Duterte kasi nagpahayag na ito sa pagtakbo. Yung iba siguro manahimik muna.

    52. Hi sir,
      i really admired your article regarding the issue of INC.when i saw your other article and read it,i shinare ko po iyon sa FB ko.natuwa po ako.very fair po ang pagsusulat nyo.kaya po i started follow you po in facebook.andito po ako sa abu dhabi.
      Congratulations to you sir!God bless ang Good health.

    53. Now this is what you call an article with a substance. Details are based on facts and clever research. If only netizens could be more open-minded & vigilant in their search for truth, they will not be easily misled by “hearsays” and “gossips” circulating the social media now. Looking forward for more intellectual articles from this site, the country needs this now.

      • Unfortunately for Mr. Tiglao, the facts do not support the absurdity of his conclusions. INC blinked and had to retreat with its tail between its legs….

      • Benigno Kuha-Ko, Akin-Na on

        @True Orient (a.k.a. yellow zombie)… gusto mo bumalik ang INC sa kalye? At sasamahan sila ng SILENT MAJORITY. Sana mangyari ito, tiyak tatakbo palabas ng Pilipinas si Abnoy at MAR’ia mura-MAR mo. Welcome na welcome sila sa Syria at Iraq.

      • “True Orient says:
        September 2, 2015 at 7:53 am

        Unfortunately for Mr. Tiglao, the facts do not support the absurdity of his conclusions. INC blinked and had to retreat with its tail between its legs….”

        Kelly Ong and company….Ito ang sagot namin sa inyo:
        Sa kanilang lumalaban, sila ay mapapahiya at malilito.-.Ipinahiya na kayo ng Diyos ng Iglesia….

      • Nothing has changed, incompetents and thieves still running the government, smartmatic still running the next election.

        INC sold out, got what they wanted and it’s still business as usual for the Aquino government.

      • Makatulong sana ang mga articles ni Mr. Tiglao sa pagpapakulong kay PNoy pagkatapos ng kanyang termino as president.

      • “True Orient says:
        September 2, 2015 at 7:53 am

        Unfortunately for Mr. Tiglao, the facts do not support the absurdity of his conclusions. INC blinked and had to retreat with its tail between its legs….”

        Kelly Ong and company, ito ang sagot namin sa inyo:

        Sila ay mapapahiya at malilito – Ipinahiya na kayo ng Diyos ng Iglesia.

      • @True Orient…nong binabasa mo ba ang kay Mr. Tiglao..siguro yung sarili mong TAIL ang nagtago at blink ng blink ang eyes mo habang binabasa ang column nya ..masakit b tanggapin he he