Macalintal to Pacquiao: Run for governor


“Manny should run for governor [of Sarangani province].”

This was the advice of boxing enthusiast Romulo Macalintal as he stressed that the Filipino boxing icon and Sarangani representative is too young and inexperienced to seek the presidency.

Macalintal, an election lawyer, said Pacquaio would be more effective if he will run for a position in the local government.

“Huwag muna siya tatakbo sa pagka-senador o presidente. Kung talagang gusto nya sa higher position pagbutihin nya muna sa local government,” Macalintal said at the Fernandina media forum at Club Filipino in Greenhillls, San Juan City on Wednesday.

But according to boxing analyst Ronnie Nathanielz, Pacquaio is serious about running for national office in 2016.

“Sinabi nya sa akin tatakbo siya (he told me he will run),” he said.

Though he admitted that the Filipino boxing champ lacks political experience, the charismatic and God-fearing prizefighter can be a good choice for president.

“We have a lot of brilliant men who are former president of this country, so what happened? The only honest president that we have is [Ramon] Magsaysay,” Nathanielz said, stressing that what the country needs is not just a competent leader but an honest person who will truly serve the interests of the Filipino people.

“He [Pacquaio] should run for an executive office. He should run for president,” the boxing analyst added.

But Macalintal noted that Pacquaio is not yet qualified to run for president next year for he will only be 37. The constitution requires presidential candidates to be at least 40 years old.


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  1. Rodolfo Julaton Bucsit on

    Kayo naman kabayan ko..binigyan niyo ng opportunity si lito why not manny..ha..ha..ganon naman ang level ng politics sa pinas..just anybody can pop up..and say I for run for President..

  2. Mario H. Casuga on

    Macalintal’s suggestion’s brilliant. Manny won’t be able to run for the presidency during the next election cycle because of his age; thus, he can be an executive of a province then translates this most valuable experience to running the whole Philippine society as President.

    • P.Akialamiro on

      Manny is best qualified in an executive position (Governor) rather than in law-making (Senator) where he has to have a good attendance to do his job properly and efectively.

  3. johnny lopez on

    a honest man doesnt necesarily mean he could be a good president….MP should first get rid of the leeches clinging to his entourage. he should be able to say NO…if he continue to have his old attitude in his presidency, it will be CHAOS….

  4. Lito trinidad on

    Nathaniel its better that you stick to boxing articles, stay away from politics. You are in no position to even comment on who Should run for president of our beloved country. I know where you stood during the martial law era, so please keep your mouth shut. What the nerve, yak.
    REPLY: But people can change, Boss.

  5. armando flores on

    Manny for President ! Good choice. Will vote for him rather than for any Liberals who are actually crocodiles plundering people’s money.

  6. P.Akialamiro on

    I agree. Governor Pacquiao is very approppriate for Manny, not a legislative position which requires presence in Congress. Philantrophic as he is, he can do a lot as an eexecutive, to make his province a first class one. Ideally, his wife should be out of politics to devote her time for herself, family,business and community service.