• Macaroni, fish down 12 in Maguindanao


    COTABATO CITY, Maguindanao: At least 12 persons exhibited symptoms of food poisoning after eating macaroni salad and inihaw na isda (grilled fish) on Sunday afternoon in the town of Sultan Kudarat in Maguindanao, according to a local physician on Monday.

    Dr. Halima Mokamad Roman-cap of the Cotabato Sanitarium, said the patients all complained of the same illness and initial findings showed signs that “they were victims of food poisoning.”

    She confirmed that 12 persons were admitted in their hospital that is located in Barangay Bulalo, Sultan Kudarat.

    Shukra Adam was in tears when she told reporters six of the victims were her children, three of whom have developed fever after the incident.

    Adam could not say whether the grilled fish or the macaroni salad caused them abdominal pain.

    “We quickly disposed of the food as we were all rushed to the hospital,” she added.

    Romancap said there was no food samples available for testing.

    Alice Upi, one of the victims said everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves when, suddenly, everyone simultaneously complained of stomach ache, others vomited while many rushed to the comfort rooms.

    Upi said other family members also complained of abdominal pain but were not hospitalized.

    Sultan Kudarat Mayor Sha-meem Mastura has reminded his constituents to be extra careful in eating any food preparation especially served on parties and other occasions since food poisoning have become very rampant nowadays in Mindanao.



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